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She is prime minister of Denmark and we know that she, like all other like her in government in Eu and the rest of the world works for the elite who wants a NWO.
In Denmark from 1973. 4 deals have been signed to make a mess of Denmark. I know other countries since WW-II have signed such deals. So what to do with all these traitor´s??? We know this corona and other´s are a trick from the elite to make us all submissive like slaves and imbrace the new world order like sheeps.

Chasing The White Rabbit

Trump is a genius at distraction. In this clip, (recorded on August 6 in Ohio,) he says that he's going into hiding and gives an inefficient excuse.

But, if he does go into hiding, WHAT IS THE REAL REASON?

Does Trump know something is coming? Does he know about the "supposed" asteroids and NEO's that are approaching?

This clip is weird folks! His stated excuse for going into hiding makes no sense. He has the most efficient and tactical bodyguards in the world.

Something is up!

brace yourselves!!

With what we now know about ADRENOCHROME,
Think about what the media is now trying to normalize.
Think about what has been exposed and who.


#EnemyOfThePeople #SaveTheChildren #WWG1WGA #QAnon

From the documentary "Anonymous - The Hacker Wars"

RAW VIDEO Beirut blast caught on camera

A must watch if you love your kids....

Dont get them vaccinated....

Old video but stil importent today.

This is not in the news???

Doctor exposes the REAL reason why the media, left HATE hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

This is scary shit if you see what i see. But as usual, they always show what they are doing aren´t they....

Old but gold

WE HAVE BEEN LIED TO - American doctors address COVID19 misinformation at SCOTUS press conference.


THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING 2025 is when the whole procedure finishes

Jew content LULZ...

Why do they lie about our earth when the facts are there and was there before 1958.
Why did some countries go together and banned this for the average human who wanted to go visit and see what was up.... We are being lied to over and over.

I never eat there anyway. But i know for a fact in my country of Denmark.
You eat halal meat at MC D´s and thereby you support islam. So no thanks....

“Dr Carrie Madej, an Internal Medicine Specialist.

3 short clips found on facebook.

Read the comments and watch the beginning of this Justin Timberlake video.

It is happening all over again....

Joe Imbriano warned us in 2018-60GHz blocks Oxygen uptake=fake virus=kill grid= forced vaccinations.
This video went out on 10th Feb 2018!!!! And he predicted everything that is happening now🔥
There is a reason why Bill Gates is having secret survival bunkers made.

Respect to this lady....

Fall Cabal Part 1 of 10

This is in german language but i do find the stuff disturbing and sick....

I hope everyone will dissociate from this and #disney


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