We all enjoy the wilderness and wish for our children to have experiences society seems to be making antiquated. The problem is, I'm finding more and more that scouting parents aren't even as prepared as their scouts and it's a shame. In this video, let's talk about being more know, being actual responsible guardians of our children!

Budget Hammock But Decent Quality | AnorTrek Double Wide Camping Hammock


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Bob Wayne Jaeger created One Foot in the Wild quite a few years ago and realized many platforms will not allow him to speak of certain Self-Reliance topics or load videos about hunting and trapping. Therefore, we decided to create this channel to uncensor content any outdoorsman should know without chains.

Self-Reliance is about more than survival, bushcraft, prepping and self-defense. It's about an inner confidence and preparedness that other Self-Reliance Channels don't discuss. Join Bob Wayne Jaeger as he shows and teaches you how to be more Self-Reliant in your life and join a growing community of passion driven, self-sufficient men and women from around the world...all while keeping One Foot in the Wild at all times!