Topics Covered This Episode: Space Force Absorbs USAF Command, Starbase Trespass, Elon Musk Jurassic Park?, Neuralink Monkey Pong, U.S./Iran Stalemate, Philippines welcomes U.S. backing, Merkel/China friendship, Russian Military buildup in Arctic, Egypt's Lost Gold City, Muons - New Force of Nature, Methane eating bacteria, Japan Orbital Trashmaster, Hypersonic Weapon Failure, Earth 300 Gigayacht, UFO Sightings Surge, UFO images leaked from Pentagon, Drone Swarms,

Topics Covered This Episode: Captain Star Eagle, SpaceX Texas Exodus, Opposition to Space Command HQ, SF Broadband Russia/Ukraine escalation, NATO intercepts Russian planes, China/Iran pact, Iran nuclear limit talks, Europa clipper, direct manipulation of "anti-matter", Cancer vaccine, BrainGate tech, Synthetic living machines, Mississippi UFO incident, Moon Size UFO w/ Portal, Lakes Charles UFO

Philippines/China Update, Free trip to the Moon, Failed Starlink Launch, Russia Space Plane, Commercial Space Stations, North Korea/China Team Up, Cliff Dwelling Martian Metropolis, Dark Matter Substructure?, Brain Abnormalities in American Children, AI Dream World, Monkey Mind Reading, Facebook Augmented Reality, Military & Spy Agencies Blocking Disclosure? Michigan UFO Incident, Dover UFO and much more..


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