My favorite green, is the first green of spring in ndakina our land New EnglandEngland.
A little look around camp

I apologize for the wrong uploaded video, a duplicate. I am only on a smart phone off grid, with a terrible connection. Also I can't edit or delete anything.
I will start to do videos that will certainly upset people. I will talk about the hypocrisy. I will talk about how many indigenous leaders are misleading and sold out to the colonial dominate culture. I will talk about the ways we are dumped into fighting against the very things we portend to stand for.
I encourage you to Decolonize, I encourage you to disobey, to resit and.defy.. Get tattooed get pierced, do not wear the clothing of the colonizers, do not eat the poisoned food,, don't listen to anything they say, do not follow them.
You are the refugee of your pre contact ancestors. Take back what is our broth right our inheritance.. All this land of turtle island is ours.

Religion can be used as anaesthesia to calm the lambs while you slit their necks. Your minds have been poisoned just as much as the earth air and waiters have been.. Waking in truth means destroying the hypocrisy within in. Un,-fork your tongue.

A look around outside, lots of snow. I'm snowbound.


N'wikwagama mozkas wakasanol wl8gwagisgatol I called moose, several the other days ago,, nabiwi pegiagama now he approaches!
I made this call, years ago.

The Red Fox came in, posed right in line with the statute to the grate mother, then turned and walked away.

The oldest story my grandmother told me.
I'm having trouble uploading as I live off grid, in the north woods and have a poor conectio

Please go to western Abenaki radio to get lessons videos stories in western Abenaki..

You have the power to change the world. The power rest in your individual actions. The power is in the moment. Every moment you can choose to act in a way that brings balance back to the world.. Cast out the dominate culture, the white devil. Do not conform, disobey, reject the colonial forces. In that way we will return our people to mental and physical health.. We will once again be the asset and allied forces with all of nature. It's on the individual to take personal action, not to force others but be an example.

Praying in western Abenaki, I've been doing this prayer for over 30 years, I've done this prayer frequently, and not just all over my lands, but nearly all the lower 48 states.

I was taught this story, and about the spirits and caricatures in this story,, I work with the birds of fire, I listen to the songs of the stars. I have walked the starry road

This mornings blessing
Turkeys ibn the move,, I see them a few times a week

Eating is sacred, how we prepare food, How we eat and what we eat. Taking food into ourselves is communion with the life around us. You are the refuge, the sanctuary of your ancestors, you are holy.

Just back from our second mush in the snow on the sled we just assembled.

Drive down our little road to our wigw8m
Aw8disis little path or road

Small prayers in Abenaki, with interpretation, talk about living with only one fire to do all your needs

Liwaldamena anhaldamawi wji pilowi klozow8gon please forgive me for my spoiled speech...
We should walk in poverty until all our relations are free from the poverty stricken state placed on all life by the dominate culture,,, w8bigen madah8do,,


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Our pre-contact ancestors knew the way to live with all our relations, in the way that most benefited life in totality.
To walk any other path is to gamble with the lives of others and our own.
Return to the original instructions, decolonize, reject the poisonous ways of the dominate culture,,
You are the refuge.