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Daniel Vitalis joined us today for his first interview on our show in 2 years. He was on fire and had us on the edge of our seats for 2 hours. He talked about how marriage has made him a better man and how his views about the perfect diet has evolved and changed over the years since he became a hunter/gatherer. He talked aging and longevity in a celebratory sense as something not to fight, but something to enjoy by being the healthiest and strongest version of yourself. This is a totally uplifting show and one to share. Enjoy!

In 1930 The natural sound frequency of 432Hz was manipulated to 440 Hz

440Hz is more difficult for the body to absorb naturally

The ether, Spirit, Chi has all the frequencies

Ancient cultures has energy the gathered from the ether

These cultures also used sound to carve stones and move them without mechanical means

Everything on the news/TV is a simulation… Nothing is as it seems

If you don’t know where you live how do you know Where You are going?

All the “players” – Zuckerberg, Musk, Bezos are trained paid actors

All rockets can not leave earths atmosphere and end up in the ocean

The International Space Station, Hubble, James Webb Telescopes are fictions

During an Occult (hiding) of Jupiter behind the moon is a time when the King is killed

The moon is not solid

Her advice on amount of water is to start at 1/2 body weight in ounces.

General advice from others is urine wants to be a light straw color… dark.. more water.. clear = cut back on water

We dig into the prostate issue for many men, the cause = the cure

E Coli, the alleged super dangerous bug, is in all of us all the time

Medical doctors are taught to give names to various imbalances so they can prescribe drugs to cure some “disease.”

What causes bags under the eyes?

High blood pressure is discussed.

Some of the many, many email questions:

Hi Patrick please ask Dr. Jennifer Daniels about eating beef brain and this info I received from Chat GPT open AI Artificial Intelligence site>> from a health perspective

How can I rid myself of the daily chronic migraines, joint and muscle pain, overall inflammation and sensitive stomach?

What would Dr Daniels recommend to help an elderly woman who is experiencing Stage 4 kidney disease reverse the condition and avoid dialysis?

I have an 77 yr old Uncle who was put onto a ventilator following a bout of pneumonia, three weeks ago, blood thinners were prescribed after clots in the heart were found

My Mom is 75 years old with various health issues. She been pretty dismissive of anything natural until recently.The bad – Type 2 diabetes – for the last 25 years. Morning sugar is approx 200-250 on bad days she says. – Gallbladder removed – 30 years ago – Regular migraines – occurring at least once a month. – Non-malignant ocular tumor removed – in 2015 – Swallowing problem – intermittent only when eating. She decibels it as a lump or muscle spasm. It passes in a few

1 – Why is diarrhea bad for you? Why do people freak out when they get it & want to do something to stop it?

I am 40 years old and have 3 children and would like another, but cycles are irregular. What should I focus on to become pregnant again?

Could you tell me what a possible cause might be of a problem holding urine, especially at night?

Hi Patrick. I have a concern and questions for Dr. Daniels. I started having rectal bleeding a year ago (once every month or two) so had a colonoscopy which showed 2 small hemorrhoids.

2 questions for Dr Daniels please: 1. What can one do with a stage 4 prolapsed bladder? Is surgery advisable? 2. I have a lump in one breast. Don’t think it is cancerous and I have no symptoms. Could it be a benign tumor? It isn’t getting any smaller. Is it diet related?

1. What would you recommend for lumps on the body? Castor oil or turpentine? 2. What is sickle cell anemia and how to manage it? 3. How should one do sauna therapy properly and most beneficially to the body? 4. Why are there reports of Vitamin A toxicity and avoiding liver, eggs as well as nightshades because of it?

After open heart surgery ten years ago and then six and a half years on a starch based vegan diet I really enjoy eating rib eye steaks and bacon again, and often. On a Dr. Daniels recent show she said that because of my extremely low weight (5 foot 4 and 100 pounds) I could start her Candida cleanse before using turpentine eating animal foods such as cow foot soup instead of vegan foods.

What is the root cause of bad Breath? Is it not enough BM’s, lack of exercise, meat?

Hi Patrick. I’ve just spent a week in hospital for a diabetic foot ulcer in my left heel that had become infected. The hospital found me to be a diabetic and my blood sugar levels were sky high

Love you and Dr Daniels shows. My son is 4 and is not talking not pottery trained. All western medicine has to say is Autism! My son has never been vaccinated or had any pharmaceuticals. I had a natural birth with midwives. He is very happy and loving. I don’t believe he is Autistic. I also don’t care about labels.

I have developed tendonosis (not tendinitis) in both hamstring muscles due to repetitive, static muscle stress related to my work. Can Dr. Daniels recommend a protocol on how to stretch and rebuild these major tendons?

Been having issues with weight gain , primarily due to stress, I have gained weight in the past , IM pretty petite 4’11 91lbs What do you recommend for weight gain, including parasite cleanse ( which I do ) but is there better including your capsules which I have (but haven’t taken consistently)
Question: I understand the great benefits of cow organs ( feet, liver, etc.), pigs and chickens, and use them for my family as needed, but I have never heard you speak about anything beneficial from a sheep or goat. Are there any benefits to any of the organs, feet or other parts of a sheep or goat? And if not, why?

The difference between knowing a thing by experience and a belief in something is like the proverbial apples and oranges.

When ever there is pain anywhere the body is healing.

We dig in further on the idea of sea salt and water for detoxification and hydration

Saunas have been proven to lower our risk of cardiovascular issues and strokes – the more the better

Pay Attention, pay attention and pay attention are the three most important things in life.

Patrick gives some simple things one can do to keep the prostate clean, safe and healthy


Hi Patrick, love listening to your wisdom and ideas this afternoon it has helped me a lot over the last 10 years or so of tuning in everyday! God knows what would have happened to me if I hadn’t found this station, probably would have fell for that vaccine thing!

Patrick, Hope you don’t mind the compliment…you look sexier every week! What’s the oldest age you’d date? I have a sister.

Hi there Patrick, Thank you for opening my eyes to the fraud of virology. I would’ve never explored this idea had it not been for the coronavirus fiasco. What a blessing in disguise!

I would love to know if Dr. Brownstein really thinks Viruses exist too or if he feels he just has to say that.

I often donate to dog rescues across the country. Would love to hear more about your animal foundation to come that is so desperately needed.

Hi Patrick, Love Tom Luongo but I think he’s mistaken. The people at the top are ALL in the club. I’d highly recommend looking into the work of Miles Mathis, who has been featured on the fakeologist website.

Hi Patrick., I received from Chat GPT open AI Artificial Intelligence site>> from a health perspective, it is important to note that consuming beef brain may pose health risks due to the potential presence of prions, which are abnormal proteins that can cause neurological diseases in humans, such as Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease

David discovered how to use low voltage electricity to super charge vegetables

Electricity from the grid or through antennas can be used

the soil gets energized and juices up the plants in size, color and nutrition

He’s transferring AC to DC then into the earth or potted vegetable.

David has used the grounding energy of earth into container gardening.

Atom says what we know of Jefferson and JFK are mostly fairy tales

We talk about World War One and Two – the rest of the story

The New World Order kicked into high gear with Truman in 1945

Modern medicine delivered perfectly is the number one killer in the United States

What are the most acid forming foods?

Acid condition is need to build muscle

What are muscle building foods?

What did the body builders of the 60’s to 80’s eat?

Hydrogen represents desire

Atom gives the recipe to save oneself from a snake bit using Niacin and Vitamin C

Who and what are controlling the “Woke” Cities

Are Russian and China enemies of the U.S. or protectors from globalism?

Animals are Souls too – Patrick weaves the lovely tale of his cat reincarnating back to him

How Jon’s Vegan Diet Came to An End and How Eating Meat Changed His Life

Problems with Jon’s baby’s health catapulted him into exploring a diet other than veganism

Jon’s health and that of his child improved quickly with the addition of animal foods

The Vegan “Community” attacked him fearlessly and his income evaporated

Jon believes his mindset and beliefs play a major role in his health…

He has been eating wild meats and muscles

Doctor Massey talks on health as a whole: mind, body and spirit with a focus on resolving past traumas. He answers a plethora of health questions sent in from listeners.

Dogs have the unconditional love thing going full on.

What does unconditional love truly feels like?

When it comes to finding true love, when you build it they will come works best.

How much of the Matrix does it benefit us to understand and be aware of?

All traumas and programming from the womb onward can be dissolved

Many science types focus on the brain, yet our opinion this is just the symptom of the mind and Soul

the body changes in direct proportion to what we think and we can age like fine wine, not get “younger” as advertised

How long can we keep these bodies operating at top level?

Hear a five year old kid tell his Mom that he can do what ever he wants to do

Many Souls coming in now are quite evolved.

In many cases we choose our parents

Our dream life is a personal experience that only you and I can analyze


I am a young man with skinny fingers and feet, even though I workout in the gym

Hey Patrick, you are one of kind, even the fact that you remember me says a lot about your character and also that you have been through some health to truly understand. Thank you. When I get some each money I’ll give you call for a consult.

Patrick replies that you do not need money for a coaching session. Donation, if you have it.. only

Hey Patrick, you are one of kind, even the fact that you remember me says a lot about your character and also that you have been through some health to truly understand. Thank you. When I get some each money I’ll give you call for a consult.

Patrick, What is your opinion of Jesus?

We invite you to let us know what and who you would like to hear more from

The sea salt and even more water each day is an experiment we are doing

The sea salt and water can be used to ease and cure constipation

A show coming soon on how to copyright all of our body parts including DNA

All things that we put our attention on affects our body

We recommend one study “Farewell to Virology” from and become free of fearing anything can hurt you

We believe that tension, stress etc. dehydrates the body as well.

We do coaching sessions for no charge and if you want to donates something after that’s fine


Can you tell me what the different result is in putting salt on the tongue and then drinking water vs. salting the water?

Thank you so for your show and sharing with all of us , I tuned In on Monday and Loved your show , it was the flavor of the month for me ! All of my past issues had to do with Dehydration , Since then I had gotten lots of Iv’s, they all went right thru me. Much later I realized all of my symptoms were due to dehydration , Then I saw a video of salt water. and yes, Now I will stay consistent and can’t wait to see results!! you are Such blessing to us all THANK YOU

Do you think STD’s are transmitted, so the idea that we don’t catch anything is not true

Teresa is a long time practitioner of TM meditation spiritual path

An effortless meditation practice without controlling things

What is primordial medicine?

Kidney issues healed with Primordial Medicine

Kidney is the holder and creator of Jing Energy

Daily practice is critical regardless of what meditation practice one employs

The importance of visualization in healing with Soul/mind/body

An IRS mandate years ago brought Tim AKA Ab into the world of digging into the “truth” of things

His model to support himself is value for value, asking people to exchange their dollars for his content

Was/is the COVID story a military operation?

What is this Great Reset coming going to look like?

Were there no deaths in the 911 operation?

Is it possible that the entire JFK assassination story was a psychological operation?

Ab believes the plan is to have one Central bank with a one world digital currency

He suggests checking out Mr. E on cosmology truths

What is elite gender inversion?

Many Hollywood actors sell their Soul to become big

Check out Simon Shack on 911

Is it possible the entire nuclear weapon and energy story is false?

Tim likes Epic Cash as a private way to transfer money

Some emails:

Can you ask your guest if David icke is controlled opposition?

Does your guest think Donald Marshall and the clone story is true? What about vrills and draconians?

What does your guest think about the ‘International Fake Station’?

Satellites real or on balloons? Does he think Dinosaurs were made up?

Can you please ask your guest what he thinks about gematria? Does he believe that the cabal might actually be communing with interdemensional beings and/or serving these entities? Also how can we the people benefit through gematria…like through sports bets?

Does your guest think Sandy Hook was real or a drill?

Is your guest familiar with Jim Fetzer’s work?

The study of impotence in men let Darko into the the cause of disease

Blood flow is inhibited by toxic blood

Blood plasma = water and sea salt and cleans the blood

Blood is thicker with toxicity and causes all sorts of issues

Pain in the joints, or anywhere is a sign of toxic blood

Can sound waves be used to clear out poor circulation in the penis

Darko explains what a toroidal field in the body is and how it functions

The importance of saunas

When is it necessary to use coffee enemas

constipation is dehydration

Doubt with out absolute faith in ones belief is the fly in the ointment of healing

Raw meat, eggs and and dairy is the most potent food for humans

Sugar in any form is simply not needed

The ocean’s minerals are in exact proportion of those in the human blood

salt from the ground is not the best salt

I use distilled water and had sea salt to a glass liter jug. I just asked about the liquid minerals I can buy. Are these necessary?

Can using honey benefit cell or body or brain other than potential allergy relief? Not sure if I have heard any opinions on refined sugars also

Diet.What your guest diet is? And what exactly Seasalt he would recommend to order

I’ve had diarrhea..lots of water out the bum..for 2 years. I’ve tried everything. Do you have a suggestion for me?

Does Darko have an opinion about bamboo salt?

What’s the difference between an aneurysm and a stroke . And what causes them

Why is it that many people will fight to the death to argue that things are out there that can hurt us?

More evidence up close and personal that each negative thought is in the body

Patrick’s pinpoint burning thing in the stomach was his personal canary in the coal mine that there’s work to be done

Patrick demonstrates Pandiculation, made easy

Is the new hydrogen machine the reason your thyroid healed?

low dose magic mushrooms are the new drug and also low dose MDMA

Also at my church group on Tuesday they asked the question, who is the Holy Spirit? They didn’t like my answer so I thought I’d ask you who you think the Holy Spirit is?

Barbara Eden celebrates her 90th. Birthday, article with picture… she looks great. What is her diet?

Patrick’s carnivore diet has expanded quite a bit in the last few months.

Email re: Christine Massey show -Two extraordinary, generous, and seasoned men are here with us on this extraordinary mystical journey. Much gratitude and love.

Christine Massey has filed over 200 FOIA requests to government agencies across earth and not request yielded a legitimate proof

of some alleged virus called COVID.

A virus has never been isolated that one government agency can prove

The “Ender’s Paper” proving viruses exist did not prove anything and Enders admitted as much in the paper.

Polio, Spanish Flu alleged virus, same story no virus proven to exist.

Some agencies responded with computer generated pictures of virus

Some agencies simply sent Christine to studies that alleged to prove a virus existed.

Robert F, Kennedy’s Children Health Defense will not admit there are no viruses even though no evidence exists.

The top rated “alternative” talk show hosts: Jones, Rogan, Bigtree won’t talk to virus truthers.

We are not what we eat, we are what our state of consciousness

The animals are in a fear mode prior to being killed. They know what is going on.

Are complex carbohydrates necessary?

Can one build muscles without flesh foods?

The classic concept of prayer as advertised alludes that there is a God outside of yourself giving us stuff.

Knowing is a step up from believing

Are thoughts a state of consciousness?

What is the subconsciousness?

Dr. Lando talks about adrenal health

Is caffeine from an organic natural source helpful to the body?

We ask Dr. Lando what exactly goes on with the liver with coffee enemas?

Dr. Lando is a big fan of strengthening the neck and he likes the “Iron Neck”

email : what a person needs to do or take for their thyroid, when their thyroid had been radiated years ago

Importance of being grounded in our physical body, stronger brings in more light.

Muscles are what propels us through space

Looking at what we call “Sleep” in a new and fascinating way

How to discern our ego from who we truly are

Atom and Patrick take the idea of “Now” to a whole other level of understanding

I am that I am – knowing the significance of this is the mother load for happiness and success

the vortexes in Sedona, Arizona are real as Atom experienced them

Patrick and Atom muse about Patrick’s experiment with hair moving to its original color

The ego is the Legal Who, not the authentic one

The duo muse about influences from Alan Watts and Ram Dass

Atom believes the globalist are not going to pull off their New World Order

The magic of yawning and stretching

Olive oil and lemon juice for gallbladder and liver cleansing

The issues in the tissues are most profound in the neck

Email from Mark: I’ve been trying to do more stretching and breath work and I get very emotional when I do. Old feelings of nostalgia and regret start popping up like crazy after some good stretching. Whats up with that?

Email from Mike: Does Atom have any suggestions for getting rid of the abdominal fluids from ascites caused by heart and liver damage. What time of day and what foods?

From Cindy: What do I do to relief arthritis in fingers and hands? My hands are swollen and hand strength has been less. I did buy the infrared sauna and X3 from your links.

Email from Juan: What can be done to reverse cataracts and restore eye health?

Carol writes in: Could Atom give the niacin/vitamin C recipe for poisonous bug/snake bites? How often if a person was snake bitten? It’s hard to find non buffered vit c

Email from Robert: I just wondered if you and Atom Bergstrom could cover (maybe just some) of these topics in a podcast sometime: Cigar and pipe smoking – can it be a healthy habit without all the bad stuff there’s in cigarettes? Desiccated (freeze dried) thyroid gland – what are the uses, when to take and any care to take when doing it? Should it only be used as a medicine? Same question with ox bile (I have taken 500 mg 2 times a day for a few months and I feel like it helps digestion, any risks to consider?

Donna asks: I’d like to learn invisibility to use occasionally. Is it learnable?

There’s a story out there from a UK Virologist that says he proved to Fauci that the virus was a lab leak. I asked Mark Bailey to comment on the article.

His response:

These guys are only “seeing” genetic sequences that they claim are “viral” – as always, where is the step that shows they come from a virus particle?

They start their analysis with the false premise that the sequences come from “coronaviruses” and put together their simulated “genomes.” Then say “this sequence looks a bit funny, etc” – I document the trail back to the 1980s in ‘A Farewell to Virology’ – none of the sequences were ever shown to come from viruses – they are chasing the dragon. RNA or DNA does not = virus.

We had lots and lots of comments on our show on Wednesday with Dr.’s Mark and Sam Bailey

Here are a few of them:

Some past guests on Patrick’s show have opined the there is no virus story is not relevant to what they are interested in.

Like The Baileys, I’m also coming to the conclusion that symptoms that haveve been attributed to viruses are actually the body’s response to malnutrition, toxicity, emotional pain, and abuse.


Patrick, do you think that bacteria don’t exist?

Thanks Patrick, Dr. Mark, and Dr. Samantha for that excellent interview!!!! Please bring them on again soon!!!

The fact that they don’t culture lung fluid sample directly proves that there is no virus that is replication competent. Why? Because the lung fluid sample would have millions and millions of virus particles replicating.

Illnesses and diseases are caused by toxemia and the body being out of homeostasis, nothing else! So called germs are not the causes of illnesses and diseases……………..period end of story!

Germ theory isn’t even a theory, it’s a hypothesis that has never been proven to become a theory. And a theory is not fact! So germs theory has been BS from the , deceiver, Louis Pasteur!

We are indeed at a tipping point on the Germ Theory being flushed down the toilet.

Out of all the anti-virus proponents Dr. Mark Bailey is by far the most logical, consistent and knowledgeable. Its really a pleasure to listen to him and his wife speak.

Given that virology is turning out to be fraudulent as well as what we base allopathic medicine on, have the Bailey’s given thought to how different economies could be remodeled if we dropped the allopathic war on the body model?

How to use Borax as a Boron supplement

Why did Patrick move to promoting The Holy Hydrogen machine?

Lots of interesting conversations on how the issues in the tissues can be used for spiritual healing

Wars, money printing and borrowing appear to be in our future

What is the minimum amount of currency silver U.S. Coin Capital will Deliver?

What is the difference between currency silver, numismatics and bullion

The history of gold confiscation and taking the dollar off of the gold standard in 1933

What does Fred Dashevsky see a potential top for mortgage rates?

Bankruptcies are blossoming at the highest rate since 2009

The amount of short term, revolving credit Americans have is astonishing

Are more sanctions on Russia there to pull U.S. into war?

The politicians latest gambit is to promote they have proven COVID came from a lab leak in China.

It is simply not possible to put a virus in the air that is contagious.

We ask Mark and Sam Baily if there are parasites trying to kill us?

The Spanish flu, Polio and HIV were all manufactured events with no contagion

There are no heavy metals, there are some toxic metals we do ingest.

We ask about the safety of Ivermectin

How does fear and angst affect the body?

What is accurate about the genetics theories

Is cancer a genetic mutation or a lifestyle cause

Check out “Dissenting Illusions” by Kevin Corbett

Read: A Farewell to Virology by Dr. Mark Bailey here

Do we have an immune system as advertised?

Watch Dr. Samantha Bailey’s videos here:

Mark Bailey presented a 230 page document to the courts to prove viruses don’t exist and they denied a hearing.

The only thing we have control over is what we think.

When we give 110% toward our goals, Spirit kicks in the rest.

Hold on to what we want, what we expect and nothing else can get in

Making a list of goals and going over these regularly is powerful.

Surfing the internet is a drug

Perhaps the cautionary tales on ivermectin is because people are overdosing.

A listener asks about The China Study, we interviewed the author in 2008

Could tingly toes be tied with Patrick”s father who had Gout?

What are trigger points and how to eliminate them.

How the dollar and markets relate to Russia and Ukraine

The FED doesn’t want to do a digital CBDC

The FED has the dollar, unlimited printing and power, why would they change?

All new Russian sanctions are aimed at pulling Russia and China into a big hot war

In our movie, we the people are the hero’s – who are the villains?

The Wall Street bankers, (the FED) are in a duel with European Central Banks for survival


Can Tom recommend, in general, what a young person should do in this climate? Also what history and investment books would he recommend?

If he had $50,000 to invest, what would Tom Luongo do with it?

Is it safe to have ones money in the bank today?

Does Tom think Donald Trump is one of the good guys or deep state?

Does Tom have an opinion on ChatGPT?

Tom recommended we watch Tom Rowe on Ted Talks


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