4/10/2021 Upward Journey

Activation into a working relationship with: The Spirit of God, The Son of God, Father God & LORD God.

2/8/2021 Tribe of Judah Bench dialog / encounter

1/25/2021 Tribe of Judah Bench gathering / encounter

We were led to sit on one nation throne as so key to future of our world and to stop United Nations plan for world dominance arising

I (Jane) saw flags behind me on this throne saying we are the rulers of one nation !!!

1/23/2021 Upward Journey Bench gathering

Notes for UJ Bench 1-23-21:
Dialouge regarding veils we can move beyond by Faith. We desire to learn how to bring our bodies into heavenly realms.
* We step beyond a veil. HS & Enoch are there
* Enoch takes a realm(sphere) out of his belly
* We take it from him & place inside of us
* See creating w/ our hands & sphere is growing
* " Call those things that are not as though they are"
* There is mystery in the sphere.
* "Bring darkness to light"
* We ask HS for manifestation by faith
* Our selfish ego & self identity other than our God ego/identity must become formless. It creates boundaries.
* Sensing the Spirit consumed Enoch & his only identity was HS

1/20/2021 Face Book Live with Jane Johnson & Bill Brady

This was recorded on the evening of The Joe Biden inauguration.

Includes how to relate the building of the Temple to today's affairs / current events.


Includes how to repent from Dead Works

1/18/2021 Tribe of Judah Bench gathering & encounter

Upward Journey Bench gathering 1/16/2021
Notes for UJ Bench 1-16-21:
* Micah 3:10
* We step into the windows of Heaven
* "Step thru the Door"
* " The green, green grass of Home"
* In a park setting
* Angels are standing by & want to speak to us
* " Be still & know I AM God"
* " I will be exalted in the nations"
* Lady Wisdom is present
* Zach 4:6
* We are in a place of rest & Joy
* We release the Whirlwind of His Glory, Rest & Joy to all creation
* We are stewards of His Glory

Tribe of Judah Bench 1/11/2021

1/9/2021 gathering of Upward Journey Bench

Notes for UJ Bench 1-9-21:
* We enter in as Kings & trade out of the political, military, religious spirits into Peace, Love, His Goodness
* We go thru a door & see 2 spheres of light. The brighter of the 2 is Yasod, where the Godhead dwells
* "Taste & see that the Lord is good"
* When we are 1 w/ the Godhead there is a fuller understanding/discernment
* See scales of Justice
* We trade into the Godhead's view
* Looking thru a magnifying glass that is also a mirror. He is magnified
* As He is so are we
* We are drawn/pulled into His Light

1/2/2021 Upward Journey Bench

Notes UJ Bench 1-2-21:
Dialouge b4 encounter re Great Awakening
* Mushroom cloud, view of mostly left side, possibly indicating the heart/relationship
* Orange color is highlighted= Spirit of Wisdom
* There is a "flow" in the cloud
* We enter the cloud, feel the current
* "Go w/ the flow"
* Hand of the Lord is painting the background in liquid gold
* " Golden Age"
* In the cloud we are light & there are gold stars
* There is NO chance for darkness to remain, it will be overtaken in GA
* GA= peace, love, harmony, abundance, understanding, justice, oneness
* Seeing Adam & Abraham together in Eden
* A returning to innocence, no sin consciousness

The 12 Laws of Zion are Laws of Responsibility.

This video will help with understanding The Law of Resonance:

Since recording this I see that Resonance is likely the 1st of the 12 Laws. And Harmony is likely the 12th and final of the 12 Laws. The 12 Laws are a Journey. This Journey has a beginning which is Resonance. The Journey has an End. The End of The Journey is The Goal of The Journey. The End / Goal is likely Harmony. Harmony is us functioning fully in all 12 Laws. This us in Resonance with all 12 Laws. This 12-fold Resonance is Harmony.

12/19/2020 Upward Journey Bench

Notes for UJ Bench 12-19-20:
* Dialouge regarding: our souls & testimonies of overcoming, 12 strands of our DNA, individual vs corporate body, working together as One, stumbling blocks that hinder us from being One
* Encounter: We step into John 17 as corporate body
* See a red heart❤️= a heart expansion is necessary
* Huge robotic body that cannot easily move= flow & oil are needed
* A "Monarch" butterfly emerges from its cocoon= Kingship
* Wearing clothes that are too large= a season of maturing/growing
* We go thru the Door of Prosperity
* It is tall & wide
* Squeaks as we open it= mindsets
* Golden lite inside this realm
* "HE desires we prosper in all things"
* We are going in a new direction

12/16/2020 Tribe of Judah Bench Gathering

We saw lake of gold and angels distributing gold to we the people , told via lion of tribe of Judah we had overcome enemies

Saw mandates to rule over jubilee release and governmental assemblies of we the people

Saw we become a golden rod in golden age ( or rule with it ) and 12 gold pillars of the temple

Building both the temple in the golden age and possessing lower ages for the Ecclesia by being the pillars and the rod

Gold gives us power to rule and purity to ensure ruling is holy

We became gold Fibonacci to wrap the earth / our galaxy in a foil ( 3 d version ) to keep high frequency to allow enemies and false trading to not triumph and bring in the golden age ( signaled by stars on dec 21 )

We are then on logarithmic tangent leveraging way more than tree of life branches multiplying into branches type growth

We worked with the gold being and earth became like a gold bauble

Golden age pillars are humility and gratitude

Golden age will allow more spirituality to stop corruption again

Rods combine to form a ladder to get us to a higher age I saw after

We have to build the corporate temple as well as function in it

Addition to Summary: We became One with The Great Cloud of Witnesses as The Temple.


12/14/2020 Jane Johnson & Bill Brady Face Book Live.

We were speaking from this page on The OUB Website:

12/14/2020 Jane Johnson & Bill Brady Face Book Live

Upward Journey Bench gathering on 12/12/2020

"He restores my Soul..." Psalm 23

At the end of our time together Bill functioned as a Melchizedek Priest.

12/9/2020 Tribe of Judah Bench encounter / dialog

Tribe of Judah bench
Mandate Journey INTO Pillar of Provision
Reviewed 4 types of mandates; discovery, journey, overcoming function, and fathering.
Each age contains two pillars. Becoming a pillar is one of the promises for the permanent dweller in place of God.
We received the name, entered into pillar. Saw selves in communion with one another in a circle. Sensed it's time for wealth of the wicked to be given to God's children, season for provision to be given to the body of Christ, (after it is received individually).
Pillar in: Church Age- deacon, elder
Kingdom Age- doctrine, teaching of elders
Age of Melchizadek- maturity, authority
Age of Peace- provision, rest
Name Pillar was added to us. Provision flows between heaven and earth through pillar/us/pathway. When provision returns to heaven it becomes Glory to Him. Our hands were outstretched. Pillars appeared golden white. Ones on bench and on call were chosen for this. Abundance is administered to a King.
Provision is entrusted to ones that are mature and wise with seedtime and harvest. By act of will, we choose provision by faith. Sensed now is the time to reap harvest.
As act, saw ourselves in a field with large scythe in our right hand to harvest very ripe heads of grain. Sprinkled gold dust as we went. Joseph, Jacob were excellent examples. We walked in complete agreement, knowing we were provision, As sons, as one. Felt to leave the corners of the field to be harvested at a later time. We are gold and silver as part of our original identity. Riches is one of 5 names of peace that WE ARE. Felt we were receiving new names here. After harvest saw pillar as larger and solid gold with gold liquid on top and fire and smoke on bottom. Saw generosity flowing- honor to receive and honor to give.
See...receive......enter into, functioning as overcomer, trading out of poverty into wealth as a King, resulting as part of each ones walk. Recognized provision as a gift. Pillars of creation- as long as we operate out of our position as rulers without our own agenda-falls in Church Age. Kingdom Age involves operating without poverty or having needs. Requires trading out, moving into provision/abundance. Important to receive Crown of Riches. Christ was crowned with Glory, Honor and Riches. We received our crown if we didn't have it already- Age of Melchizadek.
Pillar of provision comes at end of Age of Peace. Saw molten gold (inside pillar) purified and purged us to become solid pillar. Abraham acknowledge only those riches that came from the Lord, not those from Babylon. As One we traded our former trusted sources and acknowledged our provision comes from the Lord. As we walked into pillar, we left carnal and entered spiritual. Saw Yeshua sitting in middle of pillar as Light of The World. Like Soloman administered wealth by his focus fully on Yeshua- when we sit with Yeshua we attain higher identity. Truly operating as sons, becoming gold, melding together flowing through fields, possibly the river of gold as source. He is in us, how much more valuable are we because of that. Truly, as Yeshua's sons we lingered in that place for a time then saw ourselves creating in New Jerusalem. Important to maintain and stay anchored in this place not revert back old ways of doing. This is our authentic self.
Heard,"Blessed are my sons who honor Me".
Also, 3 John Beloved I pray you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers.

12/5/2020 Upward Journey Bench

Dialog about How to Find a Mandate & the importance of a flow of Emotions.
Discovery of The Promised Land (Age of Rest).

Notes for UJ 12-5-20:
* Discovery Mandate for realm of the Promised Land in the Age of Rest
* See a circular rainbow at the top of a mountain
*Mountain is both corporate & individual influence
* Promise a handmaidens of Wisdom
* We are the Promised Land, it flows from us
* Bands of color flow from us as a sphere of influence, creating His echo
* We ask what are the Promises Father has for Himself?..."My House will be full"
* There is find out, we must spend time w/ Him & ask
* We find Peace, Rest, Joy, Hope, Justice & Righteousness in this realm

12/2/2020 Tribe of Judah Bench encounter & dialog


I realised we threw beast in lake of fire in another encounter but meant to distinguish that anti christ spirit is different and much wider
but I think we did that by becoming a living stone plugging any hole to stop it returning

Like doing multiple court cases

We could have done it at ancient of days

It affects trying to be gods being immortal controlling people

Plugging Cracks in the truth

We became a living stone plugging the anti christ spirit returning

I saw after that the mountain bare is many not getting big picture

Governing in the provision is the tidal wave I just saw

We became the flower of life as the expanding lake of fire

Upward Journey Bench 11/28/2020

Notes For UJ Bench 11-28-20:
* We sit on our Dominion thrones to activate Dominion
* "We are Thrones of Dominion"
* We walk thru realms of Dominion
* See Dominion voting machines
* Dominoes falling
* Lava flowing, newness
* A perspective transfer
* "Accelleration"

A Bill Brady Activation on 11/24/2020

A Jane Johnson Activation on 11/23/2020


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The Journey begins with responding to the Call to “Come and see”.

We are a spiritual family.

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