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June 11th, 2024
Greg Reese visits Moscow to ask random Russians about the current state of affairs.


Arlington, Virginia, December 4th & 5th, 2023
Short version: https://x.com/rawsalerts/status/1732132518696980559

The Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States, or CFIUS, is an official US government interagency committee created in 1975, that reviews certain mergers, acquisitions, or other foreign investments in the United States to determine whether they may threaten national security.

Former Head of Global Security at said agency, James Yoo (56), was served a search warrant by the Virginia State Police after reports of "possible shots fired":
He fired a flare gun out the window over 40 times, barricaded himself inside, and refused to make contact with the cops.
As a result, they obtained a search warrant.
While attempting to execute it, Yoo fired multiple shots at the officers from inside the home.
A short duration later, he blew up the entire house, with himself inside. (The official story anyway.)
He was later found dead under the rubble.

He has been described as "conspiracy theorist" and a "lawfare wielding far leftist" familiar to the FBI, and a political article hints at paranoia related to Biden, China, a certain laptop, and Ukraine - something seldom mentioned anywhere.

Sending a definite Signal indeed - What did he truly know?

Political analysis:

https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-67621679 | https://archive.ph/EQS31
https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/crime/man-blew-up-arlington-house-on-purpose-new-video-released-by-police/65-c380750b-a93c-41bf-a774-b204d23be056 | https://archive.ph/Or4gI
https://pjmedia.com/paula-bolyard/2023/12/05/were-learning-more-about-the-owner-of-the-house-that-exploded-near-dcand-its-disturbing-n4924474 | https://archive.ph/tbCn1

https://www.americanactionforum.org/insight/cfius-a-primer/ | https://archive.ph/h2OCo
https://home.treasury.gov/policy-issues/international/the-committee-on-foreign-investment-in-the-united-states-cfius | https://archive.ph/nUMdR

June 7th, 2024
"Prostute Leaves Job In Progress"

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June 4th, 2024
"These Former Fucking People Will Hang Their Own Kids To Defend Their Narrative Programming"
Edit: his channel name was changed after this video:

Recommended contexts - before or after:
April 19th, 2024
"Trump is considered the jewish Messiah - Helped kill Amalek through the jab"
May 14th, 2024
Trump still praising the jab in 2024, after all the evidence is out

Optional: Trump's jewish ties:

Feb. 11th, 2024

Today is the 20th anniversary for Mr. Heemeyer's retribution against unjust officials in Granby, Colorado.
The story in his own words.



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Dr. Cloud - 00:26
Dr. Joyce - 06:19
Ms. Greene - 12:07
Dr. Jackson - 20:47
Dr. McKormick - 26:54
Mr. Jordan - 33:15

Full (3h 47m 25s):


The Real Anthony Fauci Movie (2022 - 1h 50m):

Part 2

Geopolitical Analysis and Overview, May 28th, 2024.


Several topics discussed, covering the basics from 9/11 up till today, the plandemic - it's planned successor and the war on Palestinians.

The slaughter in Rafah is not stopping soon - players behind this war threaten to take down the stock-market unless their effort is supported.

A video has leaked where it is stated the attacks will continue on Rafah, regardless of what anyone says - and only responds to Netanyahu himself.

Zionists are invited to come over for the slaughter, as it is seen as the chance of a lifetime to finally take over the territory once and for all.

Thumbnail timestamp / Double Down News Video - 40:10, and in article above (clean version)

"WHO, Cenk, 9/11, Rafah and That Fake IDF Reservist's Treason Video"

Can't believe it's been 9 years already.

Jan 29th, 2015

Context and credit (must watch):
May 23rd, 2024
"The doctors are stumped and so is he? Arms and legs had to be removed. What could it be?"


He does not seem to clue in to what caused the sepsis to begin with.
Just, you know... NOT connecting the clots...

He is now on his way back into House of Commons, where he previously advocated ardently for the jab before his limbs 'fell off'.
He ironically thanks Rishi Sunak, and now advocates for "recognition of early signs of sepsis" so others don't end up like him...

I think I see Rishi Sunak laughing deep inside (2:07) - and at this point, I think I would too.

May 22nd, 2024

May 26th, 2024 update:
Compilation by World Orders Review:

00:00 - Chemtrails & American History
17:43 - Hookers
19:52 - The situation we find ourselves in
23:55 - A.I. as Remote Killing Overlord

May 23rd, 2024
Title: Net-Centric Warfare & The Gettysburg Address

OBA testimony:
I've had several episodes for more than a decade of vibrating in the heart and skipped heart beats due to EMF. I'm a Canary in the coal mine - Juxtaposition explains it well.
He has missed the ELF aspect - which alters the nervous system, consciousness, heart rhythm, and spans continents. 5G is local for specific targeting & killing. The largest ELF array I know, is 5x the area size of New York, and located in China.
People have died in my neighborhood when I've experienced severe radiation to the point of losing consciousness. Being fried alive like this in a "white, modern Western State" is not fun.
Radars are in between and are also used to alter the weather among other things.
Detox. Detox. Detox.

Fun fact: this video had 2 views before it got published. Gee, I wonder if someone at Bitchute is snooping.

(If you're on a computer, press period and comma to skip fame-by-frame)
As of writing this, he is in a hospital, undergoing surgery.
Shot 5 times by Juraj Cintula (71) with a revolver.
The situation is life-threatening: hit in stomach, chest and head.
Cintula was a former security guard at a shopping mall.

Another angle (aftermath):

Fico was on a trip to a government meeting in Handlova (Slovakia), about 150 kilometers (93 miles) northeast of Bratislava.
He was shot in front of the local "House of Culture" where he had been meeting supporters just three weeks ahead of crucial European Parliament elections.

Fico's political leanings: Against immigration, WHO & helping Ukraine. Focused on ties with Putin.
Before his election in 2023, he promised to bring an end to Slovakia providing Ukraine with military support as it battled Russia’s full-scale invasion. He also has argued that NATO and the United States provoked Moscow into war.
Political Party: "Direction – Social Democracy" – also known as 'Smer'.
He also aims to investigate the jab: https://www.bitchute.com/video/w7f4S8x6wF2t

Various political puppets have condemned the attack, including Zelensky (https://twitter.com/ZelenskyyUa/status/1790749897022472677), Biden, Ursula von der Leyen (https://twitter.com/vonderleyen/status/1790739100665774584), Putin Stoltenberg & German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (https://twitter.com/Bundeskanzler/status/1790746295507821026).

2024-05-15: https://archive.ph/0lWo2

Fico's official FB account:

Live updates (Serbian):

June 5th update:
Robert Fico delivers statement after the assassination attempt:

Predictive Anniversary (2024).
Sue me.


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Poster referencing this movie was included in "The Book of Eli" (2010)


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