A satire of today's (yesterday's) politicians.

Communism By The Back Door, part 2
What you are not told about history and what is going on now.

Communism by the Back Door. So, you think that Communism is dead - think again!

What to find an alternative to fighting cancer? Try banking soda (the kind that does not have aluminium).
Check out: Since you know that the medical profession is telling lies and the government is, too, ask yourself, what other lies are they telling us? There are many, and this is just the start of your journey to discovering the truth. Brought to you by "Only the Facts"

Bible Law vs Public Schools by Pastor Ted Weiland. A Christian Identity message - where you'll learn real Bible truths that the churches do not teach.

Every cancer can be cured, but you won't be told that in the media. Why? Because billions of dollars is made from people who have cancer. Listen to Dr Leonard Coldwell, tell what they say in the medical field.

Dave, is a trucker who was over weight and had many health problems until he met a vegan who showed him how he can lose weight and over come his health conditions. This is the vegan trucker being interviewed by another vegan, Markus Rothkranz The medical industry do not want you to know this but lets present the facts to a candid world.


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Truths about the Bible, health, government, history and other topics of interest. What you will not hear in mainstream media.