having fun again with this mashup by Raheem D. Artists like him are worth remembering, hence why I made this!

This was my first time playing HALO CE, and so I decided to record some 'highlights' of the 3rd mission. Hope you enjoy it!

Full Song title: Sevyn Streeter Ft. Chris Brown - It Won't Stop (Manila Killa & Hunt for the Breeze Remix)
Found this on soundcloud.

This is Koi No Disco Queen, a pretend 1980s japan song from Yakuza 0 game.

This is Madeon - You're on (Davcher Remix)!

found on soundcloud

Round 2 of anime dances! always loving it!

Funk music from an underrated game, Lethal League!

Another Chinese song that I found!

Name: 《春夏秋冬》| Four Seasons by SNH48

With Music and Weights!

Don't Count What You Don't Have!

A short session I had at the courtyard.

More Hololive! This girl (Minato Aqua) is one of the first one's I ran across, in what was the start of this long rabbit hole of Youtube Content.

At least the fanboys can give me some good reactions.

Sticks fights are cool, as I will demonstrate!

If you've never heard of Hololive and enjoy anime, your missing out! This song was produced a few weeks ago, and I had fun making this!

You can only find them on YouTube though!

The combination of hard beats and Vocaloid Miku makes this a Pop song in my book!

Follow Koruru here:

This one is an older Korean song from a group called Brown Eyed Girls. It has a nice funky tune to it.

Talkbox music is always underrated!

I made this out of boredom!

More old footage that I had lying around. This song absolutely rocks!

Nightcore: take a song, speed it up, and then raise the pitch of the vocals.

This happened back in March 2020. The spot was in Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, and I hope to visit the city again.

Enjoy the French House Music! Hope to show more in 2021!

Enjoy this weird Japanese mix song!


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