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Redpiil vs Bluepill, Incels vs Femcels, MGTOW vs Feminists, Day vs Night.


It's normal ratchet, but with autism


EXTRA THICC (EARRAPE): https://youtu.be/lMUjVSTK1fY

Gatebox - Promotion Movie "OKAERI"_english: https://youtu.be/nkcKaNqfykg

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Battle Tendency OST - Avalon: https://youtu.be/hBQ2fiCg_B8

Thor Ragnarok Music | "Sakaar Chase" | Full Official Soundtrack OST: https://youtu.be/t-MUkIYMmsY?list=PLohYzz4btpaQYP8cIQh3VSURixMyLD20E

One Punch Man OP - THE HERO !! 【Furious Metal Cover】: https://youtu.be/6otOFq3T0iM


On youtube it is unlisted, here: https://youtu.be/wdGW3X8mY7c

The kid is just big boned



I Just Shit my pants: https://youtu.be/yhEefkn2TPo

BUMBLEBEE International Trailer (2018) John Cena Transformers Movie HD: https://youtu.be/-VNtqJX5nWY

This was my rant I posted on youtube on September the 27th



Welcome guys!

This glorious masterpeice does not belong to me. Jojo is not made by mortal men.


FeedBuzz article: http://f.eed.bz/4-reasons-anime-girls-are-better-than-real-girls/

Man killed after aguing with his girlfreind: https://6abc.com/man-killed-after-argument-near-drexel-university-campus/2710761/

Music used:

NieR: Automata - A Beautiful Song [Electronic Rock Cover/Remix by Rayden]: https://youtu.be/Ggx-vQQILh8?list=PLXH9wL6Uhzgn1UT1h8AvieVOETUrMRbRV

Mick Gordon - Inferno (Cinder's Theme): https://youtu.be/cRmwFBK0cyk?list=PLXH9wL6Uhzgn1UT1h8AvieVOETUrMRbRV

Halo 2/Halo 2 Anniversary OST - "Flawed Legacy" and "Cracked Legend" remix: https://youtu.be/n9w8QVhbIc0?list=PLXH9wL6Uhzgn1UT1h8AvieVOETUrMRbRV

I won't be riding the bus anymore as of today.

Nekopara is a good game.

Fuckin hate em.

Yes, I am a MGTOW. No, I don't hate women. No, I am not an Incel. Understand?

Original: https://youtu.be/XP-zqBsvxno

This video belongs to Mumkey Jones, it is NOT mine.

I am reuploading this in case of deletion.

Video(not by me) Elliot Rodger Vlog - Complete: https://youtu.be/q23g0cJ9cCQ

This was deleted by youtube. Fucking scumbags. Luckly, I have this on both of my youtube channels, so it survived.

Nekopara OVA unboxing (by Tactical Bacon Patches): https://youtu.be/iNkl5eTy7t8?list=PLXH9wL6UhzgnQoqf7lDV7wybFmxElvx7T

I don't feel so good.


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Welcome to my bitchute channel! I reupload old videos and upload new ones from Youtube. I decided to make this channel because Youtube is copyrighting and slowly deleting my videos, one by one. I also reupload videos from other people that may end up getting taken off youtube. I give them credit in the description. I have a gab, twitter, instagram, steam, and origin account.