Remember that 2 is together and one is by one self... 2 is not separate but the same for we are whole. Don't mess around dude... your playing with your self with this... find the truth and stop playing.

Video is a description of how nature takes certain forms in divine structure which is ultimately a reflection of our consciousness.

Art video. Music and clips are not mine but arranged to fit together in this fashion

Music Video. Art

Video for fun. Music is mine for once

A music entertainment video about the evolutionary complexity gain in all things and how its involved with us as well. Some clips may be reused

Music video about evolution, reality, consciousness and the universe.

This is a video about the technological singularity and how it may lead to super intelligent ai or ASI for short which could create a global syntellect.

Clips are not mine but made to fit with the music.

Technological progression, quantum computation, robotics, law of accelerating returns, reality & neural networks

Music & clips are not mine but arranged to fit together

Time lapse of stars with nice paino music. clips & music are not mine but arranged to fit together

An entertainment video based on.

Technology, Neural Networks, Artificial intelligence, and the human machine symbiotic relatonship.

Clips & music are not mine but I arranged them in the order you see.

This is an Idea of how a causality universe evolves with more complexity the more time passes by. The footage and the music is not mine. but I did create the order of the clips to fit the music.

A little song with an animation

This song is not mine but I made a little animation to go with it so enjoy

A pretty cool song reminds me of the 80s


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Hey this is my channel. I post music and cool videos here for entertainment ill be doing more soon.