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When are people going to wake up and realize that the Kazarian Jewish Mafia that calls itself "our government" is trying to KILL ALL OF US? Babies are the best sacrifices to Satan after all since it blasphemes God the most. Quit letting them inject these POISONS into your children, yourself, your pets and farm animals. To see my years of information about the "vaccine" bioweapon, see: To raise your body's frequency physically and heal yourself, see: To see the rest of my videos, go to Rumble under Kim Paddock or Bitchute under Oracle News or Kim Paddock. Please like and subscribe to my channel.

In March of 2023 Victor's father contacted me and asked if I could help his son with low functioning autism? It was caused by vaccines. I said "yes" of course. He had seen my website and decided that I may be able to help.
I began studying nutrition and natural healing in 1976. In 2016 I extracted a formula from the hemp plant and found out that it is the pure frequency of the plant and can heal a multitude of diseases and pain including arthritis, tendonitis, cancer, C.O.P.D. and many other diseases that doctors can't heal. I put this high frequency extract into many of my products (NO THC). See the testimonies and pictures on the site.
We recently had a breakthrough. Victor couldn't speak, and now he said "mommy" and "daddy" twice.
If you want to see the years of research that I did on the COVID "vaccine" bioweapon, see:
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Anna Von Reitz is the Fiduciary of the REAL United States government (NOT INCORPORATED). In this battle with the Kazarian Jewish Mafia who is running this FAKE government that they call "yours", a real battle is happening. I like reading Anna's newsletters to keep up on all of the actual rights that have been stolen from us and current events that are not reported in ANY news sources. The ley lines are an important power grid that was partly destroyed and taken over by the Kazarian Jewish Mafia when they took over this world. See: If you wish to support me and my efforts, please visit My business has been banned from Ebay, Amazon, Etsy and every major platform. I use a high frequency extract of the hemp plant in many of my products. These products can be used on your skin or internally for arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, C.O.P.D., CANCER, eczema, neuropathy, acne, PAIN and swelling, fungal infections, sleep disorders and much more. See the testimonies and pictures on the site. Raise your frequency and heal yourself!

Anything that is spoken of like the QFS and is not censored or banned is suspect. They use the same old tricks on us over and over again, and many people fall for it. If you wish to support my work, it's a two-way street. I don't ask for money; I propose an exchange. You can buy products that will heal you of many diseases and pain, and I get money to continue my research into healing such problems as low functioning autism, ridding us of the parasites that have been given to us in vaccines, food, water, chemtrails etc. that cause nearly every disease and pain, and giving my products to the needy. Miracle Products contain a high frequency extract of the hemp plant, CBD hemp bud, all-natural high frequency oils and other natural ingredients. There are products to use on your skin over problem areas that heal arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, cancers, COPD, eczema, kills parasites and more. Also available are products that are taken internally such as Holy Oil, Victory Oil, and Frequency Tea that heal from the inside and are antiparasitic. See: For information on the "vaccine" bioweapon that I have compiled for years including the spiritual connections and gematria decodes, see:

I thank the following contributors: Anna Von Reitz, Paul Stramer, and Benjamin Fulford. See their websites for further information.
If you wish to support my efforts and heal yourself in the process, please visit In 2016 I extracted the pure frequency of the hemp plant and discovered that, when used on the skin, it healed arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel syndrome, COPD, eczema, skin diseases, swollen joints, severe pain and much more. Raise your frequency and heal yourself! You may also visit to see the years of research that I have done on the "vaccine" bioweapon including the spiritual connections and gematria decodes.

Anna Von Reitz recently wrote some excellent articles on how the Kazarian Jewish Mafia is planning to collapse their banking system on December 14-15 and gives some tips on how to prepare for it.
Anna is part of the REAL government, not the fake "government" that is operating under the pretense of being "our" government. For more information on the authentic government, see:
To support my channel and get great high frequency products that actually heal diseases and pain, see:
To see the years of research that I did on the COVID "vaccine" bioweapon including gematria decodes and the spiritual aspects, see:

This is my third video that covers the dangerous chemical waste given to people in the form of synthetic "vitamins" and medications. One form of lithium is given to manic depressive and bipolar patients and it's deadly. The most toxic medications and fake "vitamins" are given to the most gravely ill. That's so the Kazarian Jewish Mafia make the most money and can cause us the most pain while killing us as a sacrifice to Satan.
Watch my first two videos and you'll see the depth of the deception given to the public under synthetic "vitamins" and Pharmaceuticals. You will be shocked at how long this genocide has been actually going on.
To support my work and to get yourself some of God's natural healing agents, see:
To see my years of research on the COVID-DIVOC "vaccine" bioweapon including the spiritual aspects and gematria decodes, see:

This is my second video on chemical toxic waste that is being made into "vitamins" and pharmaceutical drugs.
I began by looking up the Safety Data Sheet on "vitamin B3". The Kazarian Jews are name stealers and name changers. In 1928 the owners of factories didn't want to pay for the proper disposal of the chemical waste from their factories, so they began marketing these poisons as "vitamins" and convinced an unsuspecting public that they needed these toxic "vitamins". So, when you get sick because they made you sick, the doctors will tell you that you need more poisons (vitamins) to get you well. If they can write a prescription for it, it is a chemical drug.
The Vitamin D3 test actually tests you to see if you have enough "vitamin D3" poison in your body. If your D3 poison levels are too low, then you can take MORE vitamin D3 and get back on the genocide schedule.
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To see my years of research into the COVID vaccine bioweapon, including the spiritual aspects and gematria decodes, see:
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I looked into vitamin D3 after I heard that it was used for rat poison only to find out that all synthetic vitamins are chemical toxic waste. Flintstones Vitamins has "vitamin" B12 which is CYANIDE. To find a list of toxic chemicals made into vitamins I only had to look at a cereal box.

I've been doing researching ingredients for a new toothpaste for my company Miracle Products. If any ingredient has negative side effects, I don't use it in my products.
I received an advertisement from someone who many people trust, and who sells a lot of products based on this trust. He is selling a toothcare product that contains neem oil.
So I did some research on neem oil and was shocked at what I found. I will never use neem oil in any products. The powers that be are feigning ignorance about the side effects in humans. Where is the FDA on this? (Nowhere considering who owns them and that this entire government is fake.)

To help support my work and to get products that are truly good for you, see Miracle Products at

To order the best and most natural body deodorant products around from Only Goodness Inside,

To see my years of research into the "vaccine" bioweapon, see:

I've been telling a young man that Big Pharma was using medications and vaccines to genocide us , and I don't think he believed me until he looked up the side effects of a recent prescription that his doctor gave him.
Many prescriptions have the same effects on fertility and sperm count for men. Check everything that your doctor prescribes for you for the side effects. Look for natural treatments for your own good.
Raise your body's frequency to above that of your pain and disease and heal yourself! The lower your body's frequency gets, the more diseases can plague you. Cancer happens at the lowest frequency before death, so it is very important to physically raise your frequency and heal or prevent cancer and many serious diseases and pain. Miracle Products all have the high frequency extract of the hemp plant plus other important ingredients to help you get well and stay well. See:
For the best natural body deodorants around, see Only Goodness Inside
For my years of research on the "vaccine" bioweapon, see:

This "government" has NO AUTHORITY. None of them, including the fake Kazarian Jew, Donald J. Trump, has taken a legal oath of office. Therefore, any "draft" to get our children into their staged war crimes, including war crimes against the Palestinian CHILDREN, cannot be enforced.
DO NOT listen to them. They will try to shame you, threaten to lock you up, and get you to be a mercenary in any way that they can. SAY NO. They cannot start WW3 if we don't cooperate. They cannot GENOCIDE Palestine as easily, even though Israel has SHUT OFF THEIR WATER supply and the only exit from Gaza strip. They are trapped in there.
The average age of a Palestinian is SEVENTEEN. This is another mass genocide, and Lahaina, Maui was a warmup ritual. Now the Kazarian Jews, backed by Trump, will slaughter the remaining Palestinians in a mass ritual sacrifice to Satan and steal their remaining land.
Donald J. Trump became a Kazarian fake Jew in 2017 when he visited Israel. It's in the Israeli newspapers. These are the Jews that the Bible warned us about. "Beware of those who say that they are jews and are not; for they are the SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN". The 9th circle child sacrifice cult in other words. The fake Jews call him "messiah". He is the antichrist. He blasphemes God at every chance. "I am the chosen one" he said. Trump told the sold-out news not to report the fact that he joined the 9th circle child sacrifice cult because he didn't want to lose his Christian base. He wants that Christian base so that he can behead them. I'll make a video about that later.
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To see Anna Von Reitz website,
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These products use a high frequency extract that raises your body's frequency to above that of your pain and disease and heals you. Miracle Products have worked on arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, C.O.P.D., cancers above and below the skin, eczema and much more. Read the testimonials on the website.
To see my other videos on Bitchute, type in "Kim Paddock" in the search bar and then "newest videos". To find me on Rumble, type in "Kim Paddock".

I spent quite a lot of time on this video. I found connections to September 23rd, 2023 that are encoded in videos, article, comic books and more. If something is this important to the Satanic Mafia, then I look closer.
I attempted to decode a lengthy message from CERN dated September 25th, 2023 after their ritual was over. It is an article that caught my attention because it made so little sense unless you know about their coding. CERN seems very pleased about the ritual that they performed on September 23rd that opened portals. That date is also a Satanic Holliday and more.
To see my video, "CERN at the Molecular Level-Opening Portals In People-DEMONS":
To see my high frequency healing products:

This is a continuation of the videos that I have made concerning the deadly parasite eggs that were found in the COVID "vaccine" bioweapon.
Lyme Disease-Heavy Metal Parasites-Copper Protects Us From EMF's
ALL Diseases Caused By Parasites, Prions, Funguses & Poisons?
Miracle Products for Holy Oil and Victory Oil:

I believe that I found God's Holy Mountain when I was decoding Black Rock. Black Rock has had so much meaning attached to it by the Satanic Luciferians that I had to dig deeper.
I thank EnterTheStars on YouTube for this fantastic decodes concerning the link between Black Rock, the Burning Man Festival and the Lahaina, Maui Satanic human sacrifice ritual that was carried out with Directed Energy Weapons. Look up his videos under "live" on his channel.
I carried out my research from a different approach. There was too much gematria and importance placed on Black Rock. It had to be bigger. And it was. Watch to the end and you decide.
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To see the Federation of States and learn what your actual rights are and now your "person" was stolen from you by the Luciferian Satanists and the Holy See:
To see the products that can heal you from many diseases and pain using a high frequency extract of the hemp plant and more, see:
Please take your time reading the content of the Federation of States. There is a lot of content and some of it will amaze you. Use the search engine on the site for specific content.
The State Assemblies are formed under the Federation of States which is the legitimate government. A parallel system is being formed under the Federation of States with it's own banking system backed by gold and silver and its own Common Law Courts. We will be operating under Land Law (The Law of the Land) and not the Luciferian Satanic Maritime Law (Law of the sea).
We are at war. Learn your actual rights and how to deal with these frauds who place themselves in "authority" over us. We need to have Common Law Courts and prosecute these parasites, these pretenders who have no actual legal power over us.
EVERY police officer, sheriff, governor, Masonic judge, senators, three and four letter agencies and others who not only didn't stop the COVID plandemic and the "vaccines" are guilty of TREASON, SEDITION, and GENOCIDE, including the "father of the vaccines" Donald Trump.

I thank Attorney Todd Calendar for some of the information used to make this video. According to Mr. Calendar, an 18 GHz pulse will be released 3 times (to mock the Trinity). 18 is 6+6+6 = 666 the mark of the Beast. This will shut down the frontal cortex of the "vaccinated" and make them into zombies with no fight or flight responses.
I must be over the target. BitChute and Rumble have DEMONitized me even though I don't ask for cash donations. I prefer that you like and subscribe, and to further support my efforts and get yourself healthy, go to:
I extracted the pure frequency of the hemp plant and use it in my skin care products and in Victory Oil which is an immune system builder and parasite detox. Raise your physical frequency to above that of your disease and pain and heal yourself! Read the Testimonies on the website. Go to the SHOP section, click on any product, and read the description of what it helps with.
Miracle Products have healed terminal cancer, arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, COPD, eczema, cracked feet, fungal infections, age spots, wrinkles and more.

ORANGE =33 in simple gematria. Thanks to Attorney Todd Calendar and other contributors to this video.
Someone commented on my first video about Lahaiana, Maui that they would like to see Lahaina before it was hit by DEW to see what the color of the roofs were, so I made this follow-up video. Colors have frequencies, and specific colors have specific frequencies.
Bitchute DEMONitized me even though I don't ask for cash donations. If you wish to support my work and get yourself healthy as well, see:
Raise your physical frequency and heal yourself! Miracle skin care products contain the high frequency extract of the hemp plant, When put on your skin, the high frequency penetrates your body and heals many diseases including arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, COPD, cancers, eczema, wrinkles, age spots and much more. See the TESTIMONIALS on the website.
Find out why Victory Oil immune system builder is called the "apocalypse buster." Take as little as 1/2 teaspoon a day and see how it works. It also contains the pure frequency extract of hemp, CBD bud, chaga, chlorella, zeolite, pumpkin seed oil, ginger, glycerol monostearate. It helps with pain, cancers, increases bone density, heals epilepsy, heart disease, obesity, and KILLS THE DEADLY PARASITES whose eggs were found in the "vaccine" bioweapon. None of us are safe as these parasites are highly contagious and we can catch them from the "vaccinated". Your pets should have some too as they carry parasites as well. Read the description under the SHOP section of the website for more information.
For more information on the "vaccine" bioweapon, see:

I used Google Earth to see the DEW destruction and genocide done in Lahina, Maui. Of course the fake Jews and Masons were more than happy to put the destruction in front of our faces right away. And they laugh and laugh at us for being ignorant of their devices. This "government" is the Satanic Luciferian MAFIA and they have no authority unless we allow them to have it. While people are distracted with the Burning Man event being rained out, these DEW attacks will continue. While a bunch of fools and Satanists cry about a day of rain and mud, children are being kidnapped, tortured and sacrificed to their demon-gods and worse. They did it in Haiti. They did it in New Orleans. They will do it again and again unless we stop cooperating with this fake government that has no legal authority. NONE of the selected-elected officials has a legal oath of office. It's a Satanic puppet show. Quit paying taxes, they were legally optional, and you have been fooled. Quit paying tickets. If the police want to pull you over and you have not committed a crime, tell them that you don't answer questions. Say nothing further except if you want to ask them a question. Show them nothing, tell them nothing. Do not cooperate.
If you wish to see my years of work concerning the "vaccine" bioweapon, see
If you want to support my work and get products made from the high frequency extract of the hemp plant, see:
Raise your body's physical frequency and heal yourself of arthritis, tendonitis, carpel tunnel, COPD, cancers, wrinkles, age spots, skin tags, and more. See the testimonies on the site. Check out the products in the shop section and see what will work for you.
Look at some of my other videos as well.

The Burning Man Festival 2023 was washed out. Literally. I made a video about the Burning Man Festival a few months back and discussed the Satanic symbolism, the gematria, and them mocking the rainbow of course. Now 70,000 of these fools are stuck in the mud under a double rainbow and are locked in and can't leave. They had better have enough water. The nearest town is 5 miles away, and that town is called BLACK ROCK. More symbolism.
To support my channel, like and subscribe. To see my products that can physically raise your body's frequency to above that of your pain and disease and heal you, see:

I've had a number of people with Lyme Disease saying that they tried to do a parasite cleanse and had no results. Parasites cleanses work on other parasites, so why do these cleanses not work for Lyme Disease? Which parasite are we looking for and why is this parasite so different? If you've watched my previous videos, including "ALL Diseases Caused By Parasites, Prions, Funguses And Poisons" it will give a background for this video. What I found can change the way that illnesses and diseases are analyzed and treated. A careful detox is required, and mold must be removed from your home, clothes, food and anywhere else possible to defeat this parasite. Watch this video for some tips. To see my years of research on the COVID "vaccine" bioweapon, see: To see my products, including Holy Oil and Victory Oil, see:

If I am correct about parasites, prions, funguses and actual poisons being the basis for nearly every disease, then we can diagnose ourselves effectively from this small category of causes and heal ourselves with natural antiparasitics, antifungals and CBD from the hemp bud. None of my products are allowed to be sold on Ebay, Amazon, Etsy or any big platform. They don't want CBD to destroy their genocide by killing the parasites whose eggs are in the vaccine bioweapon. Everybody is at risk because these deadly parasites are highly contagious and the unvaxed are getting them from the vaxed. CBD also unfolds the deadly PRIONS that cause enormous damage to the body and brain. The "spike protein" is the prion bioweapon since prions are misfolded proteins in your cells.
For more information about the vaccine bioweapon, see:
To order Miracle Products to help with these deadly bioweapons, see:
To see "Parasites, Proteins, Prions..Gain-of-Function Causes Deadly Diseases"
To see "REAL Organic Poisons in the Vax?"

This is information that the Satanic Mafia has kept from us intentionally. Electric cars were COMMON between 1895 and 1925. There were many models available, but you're never taught that in the brainwashing centers called "public schools" or any other schools for that matter. [They] control them ALL. Never mind the MSM mockingbird media whom [they] own as well.

Videos about the Burningman Festival are being removed from the internet. I made this video to point out the more obvious Satanic symbolism in pictures that I found. There are many more, but this is a good start. "Symbolism will be their downfall". Q
Raise your body's frequency and heal yourself with Miracle Products. Many diseases and pain are caused by your body's frequency being too low. Miracle Products are made with a high frequency extract of the hemp plant, and when used on the skin can reduce pain and swelling immediately on contact. Please check out the products on the site to find the ones for you. Purchases help to
support my channel.
To see the CERN video that I made, watch "CERN at The Molecular Level-Electronics Forming In People-Demons"
To see my years of research on the "vaccine" bioweapon, see:

"You are watching a movie"-Q. None of this is real. We live in the Truman Show.
To help support my work and to get yourself well using a high frequency extract of the hemp plant and other natural ingredients, please see:
If you wish to see years of research about the "vaccine" bioweapon, see:
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For the latest news on the "vaccine" agenda, the Kazarian Jewish Mafia and their fake governments including the one in the USA, spiritual decodes of the symbolism that the "elites" use in pictures, colors, movies and music, and the Satanic Mafia's constant blasphemy against the Holy Bible.