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A look at November 2 - 8 - the last days of Jupiter in Scorpio.
Photo by Wise Owl Dave

Lots happening today...
"Peruvian Amazon" photo by wise owl Helen

A larger look at the remainder of this year and into 2019 using the Sabian symbols of astrology and the Medicine Wheel
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by wise owl Neslin
Laura mentioned "Exposing Earth's Covert Controllers: The Archons" at
Andrew mentioned "Who Needs Democracy When You Have Data" at

Laura Walker
Photograph taken by wise owl Randy in North Carolina and sent by wise owl Sara
Black Moon Days:
Aug 10-12
Aug 23-25
Sep 6-8
Sep 19-22
Oct 3-5
Oct 17-19
Oct 30- Nov 1
Nov 13 - 15
Nov 27-29
Dec 10-13
Dec 24-26
Jan 7-9
Jan 20-22
Feb 3-5
Feb 17-19
Mar 2-5 (Venus enters Aquarius)
Mar 17-19 (Venus conjunct Black Moon Mar 22)
Mar 29-31
Apr 13-15
Apr 26-28
Black Moon enters Pisces May 3, 2019 3:13 pm ET

We take it back to the beginning of the new astrological year (April 15, 2018) and bring it forward to what's happening at this point in the current cycle - the Cancer cycle.
Laura Walker
Photograph by Wise Owl Barb
Referenced: Leak Project - "clif high: Massive Pyramids Built By Giants in Antarctica & Is Planet 9 Ripping the Earth Apart:

Overview and themes for this astrological month of the Sabian symbol "a prima donna singing." Highlighted days of note listed at
Laura Walker
Painting "The Alchemist's Pursuit" by Wise Owl Christine Vincent

It's 7 Serpent - the Day of the Seven Chakras" with double Crescent Moon phase energy...
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Wise Owl Stewart

June 13, 2018
An overview of the themes in effect this solar-lunar month.
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Wise Owl James

Three themes on this eve of the New Moon in Gemini.
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Wise Owl Kahlil

It's 13 Mirror in the tzolkin, the day of highest reflection. Here's what the astrology reflects.
Laura Walker
Photograph by Wise Owl Jan

The energetic of the Wounded Healer and Teacher that transports us to the Age of Aquarius on December 22, 2020 is upon us. Chiron brings great pain and "rules" suicide, but it also heals us of that pain and gives us the blessing of Wisdom if we release our suffering.
Laura Walker
Rainbow in Waterfall Photograph taken by Wise Owl Jeanine

It's 7 Road and the way is shown.
Laura Walker
Photograph taken in Costa Rica by Wise Owl Tabby

Uranus moves to 02 Taurus, "an electrical storm." Get ready to get electrified.
Laura Walker
Photograph of Mt Shasta taken by Wise Owl Matt
Son Volt: "Back Against the Wall":

June 2, 2018
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Randy in North Carolina

It's a Super Black Moon Day, one of three special days in 2,000 years.
Laura Walker
"River Ducklings on the Merrimack" photo taken by Wise Owl Christine

Much to uncover today...
Laura Walker
Photograph taken in Denmark by wise owl Chalotte who reports spectacular weather for weeks!

A Mystical Mirror type of day.
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Wise Owl Neslin

An overview of the strong astrology and Mayan calendrics in effect this week, leading to 13 Serpent.
Laura Walker
Photo of Amaunet taken by Wise Owl Debra

Taurus 2018 Cycle - May 15 - June 13, 2018
Laura Walker
Rare photograph of owl nictitating eyelid (3rd eyelid) taken by wise owl Steve on May 14, 2018
Apologies for audio quality in this one.

Google Doodle May 3, 2018:
Tracy Twyman (see 29 minutes in):

Tracy Twyman on TheHigherSideChats:

A day for revelations and going with the flow...
Laura Walker
Photo taken by Wise Owl Bruce

Are you ready for a Full Jupiter?
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Wise Owl Anna

Path. Gate. Pilgrimage. Race. Promenade. These words are featured by the planets today...
Laura Walker

A big weekend with the Moon making conjunction with so many planets in Capricorn!
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Wise Owl Steve and sent by Wise Owl Karen. This little friend was two weeks old yesterday.

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An unconventional, freestyle report today. It's long and very disorganized. Just keeping it real.
Laura Walker
Photograph taken by Wise Owl Steffie

Tzolkin - 13 Rainstorm at
ELO - Telephone Line, Glastonbury 2016


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