Angel Orb Celestial Activity November 3 & 5, 2020 (North NJ). I have not angel Orb Celestial Activity November 3 & 5, 2020 (North NJ). I have another clip that goes with this, see my talking video. Within this video, there is an angel who, although tiny, is aware of the "lines in the sky".her clip that goes with this, will upload separately. Within this video, there is an angel who, although tiny, is aware of the "lines in the sky".

Our spiritual Great Awakening is still ongoing. This is the "Dark before the Dawn", keep calm, deep breath. November 2020 update plus some video of angelic activity that ties into my previous video. Love & Light.

Three Quick Night Orb Clips (11/8/2020 North NJ). I've been backlogged with photos and videos. Trying to clean out my hard drive now and get caught up. L&L to all.

October Celestial Orb Activity (2020), Semi-quick clip, photos at the end. There is one photo of a leaf for size comparison. They don't feel the chilly air or are bothered by the wind. Never ceases to amaze me. The air is full of magic, life.

I am hoping for a blue sky with clouds soon, they like to dart behind clouds. But it has to not be hazy, any kind of haze will blur them out. NOTE: Sometimes they have wings, other times they don't, sometimes they will smoothly glide but always the same bright white. Ones with wings, I call them the fairies.

Somehow this never made it up on BitChute. Video from April of this year.
Orb Energy Celestial Activity. Life exists in more ways than we ever imagined, and these light beings don't mind giving us a glimpse into their realm. Videos were taken around 11 AM. I never took any photography lessons, so when something like this happens, I chalk it up to luck.

Unedited video taken on 5/31/19 showing orb celestial activity. Shot in 4K. No titles added here that is, no slow motion, etc.

September Celestial Activity 2020, Finally uploading the video I mentioned last Saturday. ** Please watch in a darkened room ** Works best in dim light since they are tiny in the sky. Love & Light to all. God is listening, he hears our prayers. Extra Note: Twitter & YouTube mess up the quality of my videos. I am truly sorry! I just noticed if I send out a short clip on Twitter it looks awful. In-person orbs are stunning! They are brilliant spark of light.

Fairy / Angels Ground Activity July-August 2020 North NJ ** These are NOT insects, I dislike repeating myself but it has to be said. I've seen them up close, two legs, they are human. I had to earn their trust over the past two and a half years. It is the way they move that sets them apart, always a bright white. Angelic. Photos & video do not do them justice, in person they are stunning. The second you see them in your yard or in a field, you will know, you will sense they are otherwordly.

Rainy nights are the best for otherworldly activity. They are observing us, we are observing them. Some of this is freaky, but they mean no harm, this is all the angelic realm.

Night Soul & Angel Orbs, Twin Souls, Soulmates, Orb Strands, Jul-Aug 2020.

Sky Celestial Activity, May 30-31 & July 1, 2020 (orbs, angels). ** Please watch in a darkened room, works better. ** Our celestial helpers are still here. Some days there is quite a lot of activity, they are fast, they are small, hide behind clouds a lot. I hope everyone is doing the best they can, the light is working hard to overcome the dark.

Fairy Angel Orb Rod Activity May 2020 Just remember, you thumb this down, I'm just the messenger, and not even getting paid under the table. :)

Sky Activity May 2020. Watch in a darkened room, works better.

Hi everyone, this is a quick clip I put together of ghost orbs. Souls visit us all the time, sometimes they float by other times they blip in & out as seen here. Outside, daytime, daylight they also do the same (blip in& out), teleportation comes to mind. Very interesting...

April 2020 Night Orbs, North NJ, taken with security cameras (infrared). April weather in NJ is around 50 degrees. This is not snow. You can confirm this by going online and looking up our weather for the dates this video was recorded. Most of this video was taken during the rain only because that's when the very mysterious activity occurs.

March 2020 Night Orbs and a Ghost? Some kind of apparition and another orb pops up in front of the camera with that same unique shape as my February video. ** Screenshots are NOT the greatest, though. **

A new video of the angel, soul orbs, taken March 24, 2020. We had a bright blue sky, sweater-weather. Right after I recorded, my husband and I both fell ill and took days to recover. I took the advice given, sat in the sunlight, which did help, and was pleasantly surprised to see our friends back in the same pine trees. Orbs, angels, fairies came floating down into our yard, a bit early in the year for their appearance. Then again, these are very trying times. They know this and want us to know we are not alone in dark times. They are the light…

Angels, Orbs Reappear & Disappear, solid walls (March 2, 2020) Extraordinary appearance, because I usually cannot see them in dimmer sunlight. Angels, orbs reappear & disappear through the siding of my house! Amazing! (Date: March, 2020) And yes! I’m still the crazy lady standing in her backyard talking to tiny beings, and my neighbors probably think I’m nuts, ha! ** FIXED some of the Sun-glare. Sunlight = Infrared, which makes it easier to see orbs, ghosts, angels, etc.

P.S. If you have trouble seeing this, skip ahead to the slow motion part! Thanks!

Most Incredible footage of the Orbs, February 2020. Orbs, angels, angel lightning, and so much more that it's mind-blowing!

Orbs & More! Featuring quotes from: Dr. Vineet Aggarwal: Decode Mythology
Moe at GnosticWarrior.com "Pythagoras: ‘The whole air is filled with souls which are called geni or heroes’", Daniel Tarr's write up on Trevor James Constable, SacredTexts.com for: "The Life and Philosophy of Pythagoras"

Larger Night Orbs, Angel Lightning, and One in Angel Fairy Form (Dec 2019 - Feb 2020). Recordings took over the winter using our security cameras. I had a dream a few days ago where I saw an angel appear in front of the ledge camera, subtle nudge. :) (Note: Security cameras quality is not as crisp or clear as regular cameras.)

Night Orbs Comparison to Daytime Orbs. January 31, 2020, North NJ. Orbs at night, inside the house, outside in the daylight, etc.

A new video for a new year. January 2020, winter and it's cold. We feel it; they do not. Watch this video in a darker room. Pause & rewind as they are sometimes difficult to see. In-person, they're breathtaking and I am hoping to buy one of Sony's new G lenses this spring to capture more detail. Well, that's if they let me because I often have to remind myself, "They make the rules, I just follow."

Sky and Ground Angel Orb Activity, Autumn 2019. ** Best to watch in a darkened room ** Video and photos of the angels, fairies, light beings, rods, and orbs from this autumn. Roof, sky level, and ground to tree level activity. Side note: I kept wanting confirmation of who / what they were and at that split second, I captured one as a cross. This angel wasn't flying around like a cross but for that one moment, appeared as one. So incredible Wishing everyone a blessed holiday festive season. L&L! (Love & Light)

Colder weather is here, and like last winter, our angelic friends are ever so watchful from high up. While the details may not be in this clip, the movement is. A bit of coaxing may have helped.


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I see paranormal ghost orbs along with angels. They're always around us but now can be seen in the daytime. Fairly certain this is tied to our "Great Awakening". I also receive telepathic messages in dreams.

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