Quick video of the angel spirit orbs in the sky, among the clouds. Taken November 2, 2019. They don't feel the chilly air as we do.

August-October 2019 Orb Activity, Angels, Souls, Etc. This video also includes a lot of talking points as well as the continuation of orb activity carries on here in North NJ. So much happening, that is, as our global awakening continues. Thank you so much for watching! Love & Light!!

A follow up video on the Angel Fairy Celestial activity in Northern NJ.

Angel Orb Ground Activity, June-July 2019. I've been busy writing a book which is now nearly finished, yay! Finally took time to compile video & photos from the past month or so. All of these are taken in North, NJ.

My photo album can be found here: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipM8Ck08WlWHce4EvAZecx6bpOqpRxtfId5TmzLuygv2dDgfEV876cK2rNxm1RPK1A?key=VWNqbFdja1IwSnRSeEs3Yi1YX1Uzd3l3d2NvUTFn

June 2019 update: Celestial activity is ramping up with summer arriving! Mentions of: Angels, Fairies, LightBeings, "Great Awakening " and so on. It's truly amazing and grateful they are here helping us!

Fairy Angels Orbs caught on Night Camera. End of August - Early September 2019. We recently upgraded one of our cameras to the new Arlo HD version, been testing it out. Very excited to be sharing a special clip in this towards the end.

Incredible footage of a Light Being along with some other clips. June 15 & 26, 2019

Original video showing an angel coming out of the clouds and flying downward. I record in 4K and been losing some quality when I use video editing software until I can figure it out.

Combination of sky and ground video of orbs, light beings, and mystery objects. May 2019

Short clip on what I've been seeing in our skies. Light beings by whatever name you want to assign to them. Assisting in our "Great Awakening". (5/27/19)

"Rods", "Orby2", and other mysterious orb related celestial objects flying about. Captured on infrared camera. (P.S. I plan on upgrading this camera to the new Arlo HD version sometime in the future).

A few night videos of orbs and a special visit not once but twice.

A new update about the orbs and light beings we see here. Fairies, angels, guardian angels, and so on.

Orbs inside and outside our house has now become every-day normal but on this day, they were unusually active above the roof of our house. Tiny angels can be seen, screenshots and photos included.

Meet the Fairy Angel Orb Beings (June-Nov 2018)

How this all began. Please watch in a darkened room, pause, rewind, and so on. I started off using my LUMIX camera before upgrading to a new mirrorless camera over the summer. So initially quality is so-so. I also wasn't even sure what I was first witnessing but now I do. Spring has started here and I'm ready! :)

P.S. Nail file trick is what I learned from Dahboo77, please check out his video from around 2-3 years ago on YouTube.

Orbs and that same peculiar orb energy which they seem to travel in or exist in (infrared spectrum). Also added in some photos of these angel fairy beings in our yard. Very tiny sizes though, gnat size. As usual try to watch in a darkened room. ** P.S. Also added in another clip of what I call a "sun blip".

Day after we had a snowstorm, my children and I were playing outside and it seems we're not the only ones who love a good snow day.

Stay tuned to the end because a few days later we had a very special visitor who came down lower from the roof. Then just this past Sunday, March 17th, similar happened. Out of focus they look like orbs, in focus you can see that they are tiny beings with wings. I think angels and fairies are all related. Thanks for watching!

Tiny angels and orbs on my roof in winter. Angels can be any size they want and here they're as small as drop of water or even a dust particle. February 9, 2019

When we first saw this object in the sky, which is how this all began, we thought it was a UFO. It stayed in one place while continually cloaking and then disappearing all together.

October 19, 2019 Orb Sightings in Hazy Skies with screenshots. Same angelic beings are the orbs.

Caught this amazing orb type energy above the roof of my house. Along with plenty of orbs zipping.
** Please watch this in the dark to see it better.**

Orb activity & Sun "Blips", which is orb related. August 22, 2018 & September 15, 2018. NJ.

Caught a lot of activity on October 12, 2018. Same phenomenon I see every day when it's sunny and the sky is clear. This one has one dropping down and going behind my roof. Then there is a clip of what looks like a seed or pod but mostly likely just these light beings as they often look different depending on camera angle, speed, turning, and such.

Orbs I've caught on video back on August 9, 2018 in

Orb being that kept visiting us last summer into fall. They are truly amazing in how they change shape and form. I've seen orb strands floating high up in the sky or sometimes in my yard as tall as a tree. Please see my "Meet the Angel Fairy Beings" video on this, there's a section all about this phenomenon.


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I see paranormal ghost orbs along with fairies & angels. Yes, a mix of both. Maybe even some multidimensional beings. They're always around us but now can be seen in 3D forms daytime. Fairly certain this is tied to our "Great Awakening". I also receive telepathic messages in dreams.

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