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A message to Law Enforcement. Unfortunately, the volume is a little low so you'll need to turn it up a bit.

This was an educators rally at Queen's Park. The teachers are rising up against the unjust lockdown measures imposed on our children.

This is a message to my son just in case I die due to fascism succeeding as there is no room for freedom voices in such a system. It is a message to be delivered to him 20 years from now. Originally, this was not meant to be public but I was convinced by someone close to me to do it in the hopes that it might get through to the silent majority that aware of the tyranny happening right now to take action and save our country, to keep the true north strong and free. God willing, it will. There is too much at stake and if sharing something very personal helps people to rise up, then it is worth it.

This was done after a group of professionals attempted, unsuccessfully, to peacefully hand deliver an open letter to the Toronto Chief of Police.

World Freedom Protest where 50+ countries all participated at the same time, on the same day for our human rights and freedoms that are being stripped away by the lockdown. This is the from Queen's Park, March 20, 2021.

***Disclaimer: I accidentally said May 20 instead of March 20. The energy was so intense and I got caught up in the moment.

Globalist's War on Humanity: Cancel Culture, the Great Reset, the weaponization of language and the egregious mental bondage of our children. Some observations and realizations.

This speech was to the police that were present. At the very end of this speech I asked all the police present to do something. Afterwards, a friend present at the rally informed me they saw a police officer do it immediately after I had requested it. If there is one, there are likely more.

Hindsight is 2020: Looking back at the last 9 months in light of the Great Reset and Agenda 2030 being a confirmed fact by a head of state (Trudeau) and a Provincial Premier (Kenney). There were two Facebook live feeds that were spliced together into this one.

Explaining why the people are protesting world-wide in 90 seconds.

The largest lock down protest in Canada so far. It was held at Parliament Hill, Ottawa on August 29, 2020. It was raining and still many thousands came to make their voices heard. It was a historic day and yet nothing on the mainstream news outlets.

This speech is from a Freedom Rally at the Ontario Provincial legislature, Queen's Park. It addresses the agenda behind the COVID19 ruse.
Please Note: At the very end there is an quick update.

Toronto, Canada, like the rest of the free world, has been under lockdown for a couple of months. This speech is from a Freedom Rally at the Ontario Provincial legislature, Queen's Park. There are many version online and people recording with their phones but this video is the best picture and audio quality.


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The truth about the Lock Down and totalitarian agenda behind it.