We read from a book written in 1874, about a National Convention to restore God back into the Constitution Of The United States, to download this book, go here https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/09/16/the-ideas-of-the-catholic-party-are-not-new/

We show how the Civil War Transformed Doc Holliday Into Adulthood, and what he studied. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/09/05/how-the-civil-war-transformed-john-henry-holliday-into-the-man-he-became/

Keep Learning About The Amazing, Pro American Policies Of The Christian Party Of America https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/09/13/making-america-traditional-and-humane-again/

We give commentary on what Tucker Carlson spoke on September 8th 2020, regarding what is being taught at West Point https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/09/09/emasculating-soldiers-to-turn-them-from-men-into-gurly-men/

Learn about the Holliday Family and the Georgia Politics of the day and forgotten but important parts of American History https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/09/04/how-southern-politics-changed-young-doc-holiday/

Learn about the Catholic From Wisconsin who defended America from Communism and worked to expose who these people were, and drain the swamp. Also learn how back in the 50s, the government was already corrupt and taken over & so was the media. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/08/30/senator-mccarthy-a-true-catholic-crusader/

Today, we learn about the Ancestry Of General Robert E. Lee, his early life and first taste of war down in Mexico, when America invaded Mexico. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/09/01/the-life-and-early-career-of-general-robert-e-lee/

This is our second episode in bringing you to this new Political Party, newly founded yesterday and here we begin to lay down many principles to restore the Justice System, Court System, Help Farmers, Ranchers, Widowed, Widower and Unwed Mothers and many other people.

To learn more, go here https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/09/04/growing-the-christian-party-of-america/

We go through the different prophecies and writings about the Great Monarch and give a truly Catholic look to it and hold nothing back if something seems off or weird. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/08/31/true-monarchism-vs-false-monarchism/

Now, you will hear the introduction by Father Vincent P. Miceli to his book, The Antichrist. To find a copy, go to the show page, we have places linked on where to get one. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/08/31/father-miceli-and-the-antichrist/

Learn about the former British Intelligence Officer, Journalist and Author, Malcolm Muggeridge and when he converts to Catholicism and hear his words in the forward of Father Vincent Miceli's book The Antichrist https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/08/29/malcolm-muggeridge-and-the-antichrist/

We Need To Form A National Political Organization To Form A Catholic Party For America https://christianpartyforamerica.wordpress.com/blog/

Please Visit The Blog On Christian Party For America https://christianpartyforamerica.wordpress.com/

Read the laws written by Saint King Stephen Of Hungary https://digitalcommons.usu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1003&context=lib_mono

Today, we cover the Holodomor Genocide by Josef Stalin and the Soviet Union and the Welsh Journalist and Secretary To the Prime Minister Of The United Kingdom, Gareth Jones and what he found out.


Learn about the people behind the Lincoln County War and learn the real facts and see if Billy The Kid and all the regulators deserve a pardon. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/08/22/truth-behind-the-lincoln-county-war-does-billy-the-kid-deserve-a-pardon/

Today, we tell you of forgotten histories that Secularists and Marxists and Masonic Institutions Of Higher Learnings Want You To Forget, That Irish Monks Founded The New World.

Learn More About The Show Here In The Show Page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/08/13/the-dangers-of-ideologue-people/


Come Here To Read The Writings Of The Saints and Pope Pius XII on the Blessed Virgin Mary As Queen


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