Now, we begin to show you how Luce set the stage to bring on Fr. John Courtney Murray and why he needed a Priest and Theologian. Also, we will tell you about the secret meeting Biltimore Hotel New York City on Monday April 26 1948

To Get The Book, Come To The Show Page

Today, we blow the lid off the Bishops In America in the 1940s and 1950s. Also what they did for the U.S. Government.


Today we talk about Archbishop Gibbons of Baltimore and Archbishop John Ireland. How They Pushed American Propaganda Please see the show page for more information


Today, we introduce you to Clare Booth Luce, give you some of Henry Luce's writings and Clare's ideas. We had a little interruption during the program, so sorry for any interruption


Today, we introduce you to a very powerful man who gave us Life Magazine, Time Magazine, Fortune Magazine and Sports Illustrated.

To Learn More, Please Come To The Show Page


What is with this title? Just a program of the CIA, Doctrinal Warfare Program. We dive deep into it, in this introduction of this many part series. If you want the book we use, come to the show page. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/09/29/did-you-know-in-1953-the-usa-declared-war-on-the-catholic-church/

In our latest program, we dive back into history and some Old CIA Programs under the Carter Administration; Operation Cyclone and here, we expose the source of the Origins Of Islamic Terrorism. Please See The Show Page For More Details https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/09/10/exposing-the-source-of-the-origins-of-islamic-terrorism/

In this program you will learn about Alger Hiss, Dean Rusk, John Foster Dulles, Joseph E. Johnson and Nelson Rockefeller.

Please See The Show Page For More Information https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/09/06/the-men-behind-vatican-ii-firing-of-general-douglas-macarthur/

Does Anyone remember the 1978 "sci-fi and horror movie" with Gregory Peck as Josef Mengele and their meeting and cloning 93 young Adolph Hitlers? What you are about to learn is more shocking than the movie or the novel. He actually did do this in Argentina and Brazil. Please See the Show Page for more information https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/09/05/the-boys-from-brazil-fiction-or-something-more-sinister/

This is our first video introducing you to Dr. Emmanuel Mann Josephson; 'The Federal Reserve Conspiracy & The Rockefellers' plus a book sent to George Washington, Proofs Of A Conspiracy by John Robinson in 1798, then a letter of George Washington. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/08/31/the-great-reset-two-hundred-years-in-the-making/

What do we truly know about the AMA and their history? Well, we will tell you in this video with the writings of Dr. Emmanuel Mann Josephson 'Your Life Is Their Toy: Merchants In Medicine.' https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/09/01/american-medical-association-and-the-scamdemic/

It Is An Italian Film With English Subtitles and I'm Allowed To Upload It, https://www.fromrome.info/2021/06/07/the-mystery-behind-pope-benedict-xvis-resignation/

We Get Back Into Our Recruitment Videos and Explain and Introduce what Ordo Militaris Catholicus is and the numerous charities it has helped since its founding and how you can join and volunteer.

Please See the show page with all the important links and details. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/03/17/serving-christ-the-king-in-ordo-militaris-catholicus/

Today we give you some back ground on where she lived as a daughter to a Vatican Employee, about the area and the school she attended and the distance of walking. Tune In On Friday For This Explosive Investigation Of Her Kidnapping and Murder https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2020/03/16/who-is-behind-the-kidnapping-and-death-of-emanuela-orlandi/

We talk on how Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is behind the Total Dehumanization Of Women by a microchip that can be activated wirelessly either by the person or by someone else at a press of a button.

From the Official Website https://darebioscience.com/microchips-biotech/

From The Report https://gizmodo.com/bill-gates-wants-to-turn-your-birth-control-on-with-a-r-1601705087

From James Corbett Report: Who Is Bill Gates? At the time stamp of 1:03:32 mark he talks about this https://youtu.be/TY-vLrz9XCc?t=3814

The Show Page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/03/14/bill-gates-and-the-total-dehumanization-of-women/

We talk about how the Education was in the 1840s up to the 1850s and how it was taken over, also how our medical schools were taken over and what must be done to restore it.

Show Page For Big Oil Conquers The World https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-310-rise-of-the-oiligarchs/

Watch Big Oil Conquers The World https://youtu.be/ySnk-f2ThpE

Our Show Page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/03/11/retaking-back-america-from-the-enemies-within/

Join Catholic Party For America https://catholicpartyforamerica.com/

Hispanic Website https://partidocatolico.wordpress.com/

For A Good Long While, Our Government Has Not Been For The American People and have not reflected the American People, and we will show you this today in this 54 minute video for Catholic Party For America.

To Join, https://catholicpartyforamerica.com

For Our Hispanic American Citizens

Please See Our Blog Post For Veterans https://ordomilitarisradio.wordpress.com/2021/03/04/catholic-party-for-america-is-the-party-for-veterans/

Please Watch The Two Hour Video Of Robert Kennedy Jr on Healthcare, Vaccines and the death of his uncle and father https://youtu.be/QLi6ZrFp6vQ

We return to and do the sequel to the Pope John Paul I video and Operation Gladio and why and how he was elected after Pope John Paul I.

To View all sources, please go to the show page https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/03/01/summer-of-1976-and-wojtyla-recruited-to-the-cia/

In her times of need, people would rise up for her defense, today, it is Catholic Party For America.

In The Days Past Was George Washington and the Continental Army, The Massachusetts Militia Who Defended Her Against The British, Those Who Fell At Bunker Hill, First Lieutenant Nathan Hale who used his skills to spy on the British and paid with his life.

Then it was the numerous Catholic Missionaries and their Martyrs on our shores and one main Priest who was the Apostle Of The Rocky Mountains; Father Pierre-Jean De Smet.




Today, we tell you of a forgotten Martyr of Denver Colorado and of the Catholic Church, Father Leo Heinrichs https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/02/22/servant-of-god-father-leo-heinrichs-ofm-martyr/

Thanks to a user on Twitter who shared the truth about Donald Trump and his religion, we all thought Trump was some Bible Believing Protestant Christian, in fact, it is not the case and very bad. To Learn More, please go to the show page. https://www.ordo-militaris.net/2021/02/21/the-religion-of-donald-trump/

To Read and Join The Party, Please Come Here https://catholicpartyforamerica.com/

If You Want To Watch The Full Version, Please Come Here https://youtu.be/vbKrBrT2JHA

Everything here we speak about is 100% Legal

1. Different Forms Of Resistance

2. Getting Your Local Government and State Governments To Remain For Liberty

3. Following The Law

4. Ways Of Raising A Constitutional Militia and How It Is Different From Illegal Vigilantes

5. Importance Of Winning Your Town Government Over

6. Different Ways To Act In Red States To Blue States

It will be getting very interesting in the coming days and we talk about it in this program.


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