My first thing online with my new MicroBrute etc. Synced to "tempo" with Beats through CV.
"Now I wanna be your dog"
Feel free to singalong.

In this video, you will see conclusive proof that the two (contrails and chemtrails) are distinct. Contrails are normal, short condensation trails and chemtrails (ie geoengineering, aerosol spraying, "Stratospheric Atmosphere Injection or SAI") are long trails of toxic heavy metals, nano particles, and possibly virus material, narcotics, hallucinogens and tranquilizers. After tic-tac-toeing through the skies for several hours, any blue sky turns gray and blotchy in a matter of minutes. The sun is occluded and we are deprived of vital nutrients (vitamin D) and literally breathing highly toxic air. But no need for concern; the government "has your back." It (and they) will all come out in "the wash." ; )

Jack Martin to Jim Garrison. From the film, JFK, by Oliver Stone.


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