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Hillbilly singing West Virginia

Hi Kikes :D im becc to annoy yall

I do this when I try to sleep ok. Don't judge me. Stop it Ron, stop it.



pure art

im sorry for this
please don't laugh at me!

christians are retarded

jesus was a gay dickholder

Welcome to my house

Dre is my fume, my flame

such as the title announces

Hello kikes!

Why do you think this is the first search result on Joogle?
How many trees are dying in your cities? Are they hurt?
Do they need a kiss on their boo boo?

Leave comment below and smack dislike or like,
just like libtards try to push my buttons lol.

Support Bitchute and Freedom of Speech!
Be smart and not a FAG. Peace!

Not all heroes wear capes

Asian gold ^^

this was banned from Gaytube btw

I love this guy. Someone make a 24 h edit plox

me playing some gay rap

im so cool, woow, im impressed (((sarcasm)))

fcuk jewtube, fuck niggers, fuck crackers, fuck you and your mom

im bored

What the title says

Australian Kookaburra 1 kilo 999 Silver from 1995


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I duno Im bored so I post videos on Bitchute.