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Love old Disney shows

Rick Heskey Admits he is Retarded

Testing out Epic tutorials from Welton King.

As usual

Working on some Unity programming from this awesome tutorial series
: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ap8aTjv72mI

Wanna make a weirdo game where you are a monkey, gather stuff, etc, collect, kill each others, what not. What ever.

ma nama jeff

As requested by that commie @NotoriousOutlaw xD imma slay you dude with my wooden gun, you better be fucken scared!

Suggest a new song this is funny ;^)

Tell me which song you want me to sing next. I like singing this shit lol.

Lol, im so gay

veri nice

dota2 gameplay

fully wooden, undetectable by metal detector
next one will be fully automatic MOUAHAHAHAHhahahaha

im not crazy, you're crazy

ur welcome indeedelydoo

Watch out im armed and dengerus

let me explen, yez? thank frind.
this hoe i face tha colonavilus, ching chong! sing song!

choggachigga chen, kåda chunje

da ja tong, chin so jan, rang chong lo, ju wang
way hu ju, chun chu bing, do shan gö, go njang

ni men ben, shå san, man jo njo nje
wohåj guy bjen, ni dö, chen lo

yao cheng way, nan zu han, bo ren sho00oo

tja ven ni, dö bo lu, nej shin lao, yen ding

kaj kva ni, dö chong ching, cho cheng jao, ju jinggg

dan tjao jo, haj pa, chin laj lo ma
ni jing huang, mang rön, wo tjoooo

yao cheng vej, nan zu han, bo ren shoooooooo

watch-she sanlumi watch-and-see
chibba-chibba dong wa kvang leee
okatakka chen den paint da cha-cha mjaow
habbaden, zen yong, shin shin
jetta chetta, hai shi mi mi
yellow shuddikö, wa jalö washa miiing!

nan zu han!
chin dong kvaj zu chang, na jang, hö kvan ji
på haj lichangna, fong baow wo ching
man chang röshöchang, na-jehå-ja-ji
chenchoggi mojang, na-an ge-dö, e-mååååång!

shö wang how, bo lo ching, cho lo kvaj, bejing
te chong water, chulling, thalaind go, hå-miiing!

satan thai-san go, cheguang salo
ro hai pa, ta shang, guai lu

jao teng way, nan zu han, bo ren shooo

nan zu han!
chin dong kvaj zu chang, na jang, hö kvan ji
på haj lichangna, fong baow wo ching
man chang röshöchang, na-jehå-ja-ji
chenchoggi mojang, na-an ge-dö, e-mååååång!

ORIGINAL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4p8Aq5BM9io
Donald Trump don’t trust China! China is Asshoe! Original Clip: Avi Yemini of Rebel Media https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WOocK... Original Track: Psy - Gangnam Style https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp... BitChute Mememachine
Parody allowed under Copyright Law

the ultimate survival bread - no yeast, no baking soda, no kneading

5 years of development to make the most simple efficient recipe for your bushcraft and survival needs.

Very simple, yet delicious bread. Who said being cheap and living simple would not contain luxury?

Yeast starter:
water, sugar, wheat flour, apple slices (dried).
Your yeast must be able to breathe, so only lightly put the lid on your jar.
Let sit in room temperature 3 days, after that you need to feed it everyday.
Feed it using flour, sugar and some water.
If you don't want to feed it everyday, put it in the fridge,
and you only need to feed it once a week.
DIT fridge outside: just dig a hole and put it in there.

Survival Bread recipe:
Make a liquid of:
1 spoon of homemade yeast
some pinches of sea salt
some olive oil
1 egg
some pinches of sugar
some flakes of dried up apple pieces
stir the liquid and let sit for about 15 minutes
then put the rough and wheat flour in and make a dough using your spoon.
Let the dough rise for about 12 hours.
Then put the dough in a form that you put olive oil in, to prevent sticking.
Slice diagonal cuts along the bread (important, makes it fluffier).
Add pepper and salt, herbs, some sugar and cinnamon on top.
Meanwhile preheat the oven onto 250 Degrees celsius.
Put in the bread and wait some minutes, then turn it down to 175 Degrees celsius and wait about 40 minutes for the bread to bake.
When it smells good, its pretty much done. If not, put it back in some minutes. Better to take it out early than to burn it.

Second recipe (much faster)
Add all ingredients at once:
Some water, 1 spoon of yeast, some oil, some sugar, make a dough using your spoon.
Let the dough sit and rise for about 2 hours.
Oil your plate.
Slice diagonal cuts alongside the bread.
Put the oven on 175 degrees Celsius. (no need to preheat)
Let it bake for about 40 minutes or until it smells nice.
Now you got yourself a nice bushcraft bread after just 3 hours.

If you use a fire, put the dough in a metal jar over the fire 1 minute, then put it beside the fire, until it's fully cooked.

Store your bread in a plastic bag or else it will get hard pretty quick.
If your bread gets hard, add some water onto it and wait long enough for it to soak it up.
Dried bread will last longer than bagged up bread, just a tip for long time storage.

10 Joule, 200m/s Hatsan Striker S Review.
Amazing Türkish Spring Loaded Air Rifle.

I hit 5 out of 7 shots from about 20 meters away.
Not bad considering I've never fired a gun in my life.
Tomorrow I'll shot a duck with it.


I hate pedophiles, kill all fags, fuck you! Fucking idiots. Go die. I will beat you up.

The Trigglypuff song

wat the title ses

Revolution in Australia and globally. Aussies are waking the FUCK up!

Highimpactflix: https://www.bitchute.com/video/hedUnJrMcSs/

Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIwbTuS1y80

VIDEO BY liabilitymate https://www.youtube.com/user/liabilit... PLEASE SUB TO FOR MORE.... Expect us. The first of many rallies this one is in Melbourne in January 2020, we are going to keep going until the two party system is abolished in this country and the Constitution and Common Law are RESTORED like it is supposed to be, every court is going to be Common Law only. No more of these corporate crap rules, the Constitution is the Supreme Law in Australia, always has been..
We the People of the Commonwealth of Australia Demand:

1) That the Attorney General speak up on Rule of Law and the evidences provided to him demonstrating him to be Outside of Law in a Open Forum published by media.

2) That in the absence of a response the Attorney General step down for being outside of law, putting him outside of Office. Promissory Oaths Act 1868 Sections 7 & 11 require of the Attorney General Christian Porter to Vacate Office effective Immediately according to law.

3) That in the absence of a response from the Attorney General, all law is outside of the law, and High Court Justice Gleeson has stated that a Law made outside of the Law is no Law at all and is to be ignored. This means the Attorney General cannot hold Law.

4) That in the absence of a response from the Attorney General, it is taken that he is outside of rule of law, and outside of office and refuses to vacate office according to law. He is committing a criminal offence according to law.

5) That the Attorney General Christian Porter cease immediately the tabling of any Bill that is in the Conflict of Interest of the People of the Commonwealth of Australia. Particularly the Religious Discrimination Bill that contravenes directly Section 116 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act July 1900 UK/PGA which forbids the Parliament from legislating on Religion. Christian Porter is acting outside the Powers of Parliament detailed under Section 51.

6) That in the absence of a response from the Attorney General confirming a Line of Authority as to be able to hold Rule of Law we demand of the Governor General a dissolve of Federal and State Parliaments for being outside of law.

7) We demand of the Governor General of Australia to dissolve what is outside of law. We demand of the Governor General that in the process of dissolve a repeal of the Australia Act 1986 and the Statute of Westminster Adoption Act 1942 also take place.

8) Under the Promissory Oaths Act 1868 the Governor General is to address the Oath of Allegiance and Entity and Great Seal of Australia in use by Command.

9) We demand that the Governor General destroy and seperate the Great Seal of Australia and dissolve at law any Corporate Allowance of this Foreign Power.

10) We demand that the Governor General recognise our lawful place within the Laws of Armed Conflict and advise the Governor General of potential War Crimes under Hague and Geneva Conventions relative to the Attorney General and being outside of Rule of Law to the Commonwealth of Australia.

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Go ahead watch his channel, he is a fag. You'd like that probably. Kikes!

Feminazis should all die

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