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Dr Marcus De Brun explains what Ivermectin & hydroxychloroquine do in relation to covid-19; why they're maligned; where to get them.
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Luke O'Neill, the loudest vaccine promotor in Ireland, tells Brendan O'Connor that he was offered vaccination against Covid19 but declined.
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Broadcast: 18 Apr 2021 | RTÉ Radio One.

Thanks to @mianoone2 for the tip-off:

"Hundreds of Muslims" attend Friday prayers at Blackpitts mosque in Dublin city while Catholic mass is banned.

Several Irish men from the area can be heard commenting throughout this footage. One of them suggests he was told by a Muslim that Gardaí at Kevin Street had granted permission for the congregation to go ahead. Two of the men said they had called the gardaí but they seemed to say little. None attended the scene.

It was estimated that 200 Muslims were in attendance and the men say the whole street was blocked with cars. One man wished he had taken his drone to record an aerial view.

"Different rules for different people, isn't it."

"The Irish being discriminated against as usual."

"At the end of the day the guards are only afraid of being called racist yet it's the Irish they're being racist against."

Fianna Fáil candidate Ammar Ali appears to attend this mosque. It is unknown if he was there.

The source footage is very low resolution but I enlarged it and boosted the volume.

Neil Prendeville speaking to a failed Albanian asylum seeker complaining about the grub being served at her free hotel in Cork while she endlessly appeals her rejection.

Neil says it looks like typical "Sunday buffet at a hotel" and asks her if she ever felt about jacking in and just going home.


The food looks fine. The cooks seem to be the problem. Strong chance they're careless foreign wage slaves.

Couple of good callers on after. One woman suggests the Albanian should inform her fellow countrymen who might be considering filing spurious asylum claims here not to bother as the food laid on for them (while homeless Irish kids are eating pizza slices off cardboard on the streets) might not be up to the five star experience they expect.

Another Albanian also calls in and defends the huge number of fraudulent asylum seekers from Albanian arriving in Ireland. She says it's because there are lots of corruption in Albania.

WTF did they come to Ireland so? The asylum industry is nothing but corrupt.

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Sinn Féin TD Louise O'Reilly was on 98FM this morning to discuss racism in Balbriggan. Funny how every time African gangs make the news some racist graffiti pops up to deflect the conversation. 🤔

Louise says Balbriggan is a wonderful diverse community that just needs more playgrounds.

While Dublin Talks host Adrian Kennedy said many callers were refusing to come on the air to discuss the issue out of fear, one woman nixed the playground idea. Her seven year old isn't allowed out of the house for all the scum hanging around their playground spitting on the slides.

Another said Louise must be walking around with shades on.

Louise believes gardaí must be open to non-traditional forms of policing but didn't elaborate on what that means. Think they tried some of that in Blanchardstown recently only to be accused of racism.

Another caller said there was no better time to move to Balbriggan as the house prices were so low now. Wonder why that is...in the middle of a housing crisis too.

Footage of a recent African gang attack in Balbriggan here:

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The victim of the vicious assault in Balbriggan last Friday describes her assailants who laughed as one of them slashed her with a knife.

The host is puzzled as to why she was attacked if nothing was stolen but if he paid attention to what goes on in London he'd know it all sounds very much like a gang initiation.

He even admits even he won't go walking in Balbriggan with earphones in any more. For some reason residents of the often celebrated "most diverse town in Ireland" now fear going for a walk but nobody can explain why. Must be the lack of yoof centres is all they can say.

full interview here:

Compilation of the footage of African thugs rampaging in west Dublin yesterday over the death of George Nkencho.

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RTÉ report Gardaí had been called to a local Eurospar following reports of a man in his 20's who had threatened staff at the shop at around 12.15pm.

Multiple Social media users have reported his name as George Nkencho, a Nigerian who has played for a number of football clubs including the Antifa aligned Bohemian FC.

Further social media posts suggest Nkecho "punched the head" off an assistant manager called Wayne in the Eurospar "for no reason" and then pulled a knife on him. Wayne is being described as a 5-foot disabled homosexual "with a gammy leg". He was taken to hospital with a possible broken nose and teeth.

Nkencho subsequently fled from the Eurospar and further threatened people at the post office while collecting his dole. He subsequently threatened uniformed gardaí with a knife who trailed him as he made his way home a short distance away at Manorfield Drive.

Footage suggests Nkencho was lunging at the gardaí with a knife when he was shot dead outside his home. Gardaí report that they had tried non-lethal ways to incapacitate Nkencho including a spray and taser but were unsuccessful.

Around a dozen gardaí were present at the scene, including members of the Armed Support Unit.

Some members of the African community in Ireland are now calling for war and retribution and are being egged on by members of the Irish shitlib community.

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Disappointing set of callers in this, probably because the topic was discussed on the midday show and not the late night one.
Two arguments that keep coming up:

What about the illegal Irish in America? Don't we appeal for their clemency.
It's our fault for not deporting them. We can't deport the children now.

On the second argument. This was always the game plan. Never deport anyone, let them have children here and then emotionally blackmail the population.

On the first argument: There are an estimated 10 to 15 thousand illegal Irish in America. That's .004% of America's population.

If we were to believe that Ireland only has 17,000 illegals (even the MCRI have now admitted they have no clue), proportionally that's 87 times the number of Irish illegals in America.
To put it another way, If we were to do a quid-pro-quo and legalise proportionally the same number of Irish illegals as are in America, we would only need to give residency permits to 196 illegals here. That wouldn't be such a big deal.

Anyway, I don't want clemency for illegal Irish in America. Kick them all out especially as means those who remained here have to suffer the consequences of their actions.
That was what Trump promised.

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The CEO of Cloudflare Matthew Prince sparked a discussion about multiculturalism on the Niall Boylan Show on Thursday.

Prince has offices in Cork and Dublin but is reported to have recently stated that Ireland's weather is shit, the food is piss, the people are not welcoming and nobody except Irish people wants to live here.

As the non-Irish population of Ireland reaches 20%, if only it were true.

There were a couple of good callers on the show which I've clipped below. The stand-out one is Pauline who has worked in the hospitality industry for forty years. She tells Boylan that when cheap migrant workers started flooding in, the quality of hospitality declined dramatically to such an an extent that American tourists no longer want to come here — no Irish workers, no Irish charm.

Pauline also complains about the deterioration of Dublin and says travelling into the city from Sallins in Kildare on the train reminds her of Beirut. She also laments that we now have a Chinatown.

There's one thicko Dubliner who keeps repeating "shure it's like that in every major city" but he's told to shut up after the fourth or fifth time. He empathises with foreign workers whom he can't understand despite this bothering him, remarking that perhaps that's how they felt when they first moved here and the Irish were the majority of the work force.

It's your country, Dermot. You're not supposed to feel like a foreigner in it.

A better caller says he wants the government to look after the Irish people first.

He makes the point: "Multiculturalism didn't work in the UK. It certainly isn't working in the US as you can see. Two centuries later, there's still murder going on. Are the Irish miraculously going to figure out how multiculturalism is going to work? We are in for a world of hurt in the next 40 to 50 years in this country!"

Boylan is cucked throughout. He makes nonsense points like 'I'm okay with migrants as long they adapt to our laws and culture'.

What culture will migrants have to adapt when they're making the laws, Niall?

Niall also asks how anyone could possible tell a foreign looking person serving them in a petrol station isn't actually Irish as they might have been born here.

I like to imagine that at least some part of Boylan's routine is motivated by not wanting to be booted off the national airwaves and so we at least have to be grateful for him being willing to entertain the discussion when so few in the mainstream media will.

Worth a listen anyway.

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“The homeless here have been relegated down to second class citizenry.”

"The majority of the people in DP are not genuine asylum seekers. The government, instead of fixing the asylum system, what they're doing instead is just expanding it, expanding it, expanding it to cover up the fact they will not fix it."

Broadcast: Ocean FM 02 Dec 2020

Malachy Steenson speaks to Niall Boylan on the topic of whether it is disrespectful to fly the trans flag over the GPO.
Broadcast: 23 Nov 2020

Senator Sharon Keogan rips into the hate crime bill as poorly drafted, ill-conceived nonsense on stilts.

"It is equally a poisonous manifestation of identity politics. It is a shameful attempt to corrupt the existing criminal law with this toxic incoherent ideology for the sake of personal, political gain."

"The definition of a hate crime in section 1 reads: Hate crime includes any offence that is perceived by a victim or any other person to be wholly or partially motivated by prejudice against a relevant individual. This is a very problematic provision. It means that the accused must go into evidence having their privilege against self-incrimination and the right to remain silent brushed aside based on the subjective perception of the victim or any other person.


"This probably a good reason for you to never get a driving license to be honest. Let's face it, this is the way it's all going to go. It's not going to take a long time. It will be illegal to drive and have fun in your car."

But relax, Elon Musk's hyperloop will enable you to get anywhere in Ireland in less than ten minutes in five to ten years time.

Here's science-man and comedian-man with the details of our future island.

Broadcast: Future Island | RTÉ | 11 November 2020

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This is from 2018: TD Noel Rock was invited onto Niall Boylan to discuss a photo of a family being given their council home by the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, in early November which he had published on Twitter. The photograph had received a negative reaction with people asking why migrants were being housed when there is a housing crisis in Ireland and Irish people needed homes. Noel told Niall that the family in question were Irish citizens and were being given a more suitable home with one child being disabled.

During their conversation, Boylan brought up a 2011 report in the Evening Herald which he had misremembered as being from 2013 titled 'Over Half On Housing List Are Foreign' . That report quoted a Fingal councillor from Noel Rock's Fine Gael party called Kieran Dennison who told the Herald:

"For the first time, more than half those on the waiting list for social housing in Fingal County Council are non-Irish nationals. A third are from outside the EU."

TD Noel Rock questioned the figure saying he didn't think figures about citizenship status were calculated in the social housing stats as they could cause legal issues. He said he didn't know where the figures came from. He also said that he believed that "broadly speaking the proportion of non-citizens on the housing list would broadly reflect the proportions in the country at large".

However, Niall then read out a tweet from a listener who told him that the government did in fact calculate figures for whether applicants for social housing in Ireland were Irish citizens, EU citizens or non-EU citizens.

In 2011, 58 % of applicants on the housing list in Fingal did not have Irish citizenship.
In 2017, 36% of applicants on the housing list in Fingal did not have Irish citizenship.

However, the huge number of citizenships awarded to migrants mask real figures as migrants given citizenship are then counted in the figures for Irish applicants like the family in Leo Varadkar's photograph.

Over 110,000 people have been given Irish citizenship between 2011 and 2017.

Noel Rock who had already dropped the call when this information was revealed subsequently remarked on twitter:
"Honestly didn’t know the figures were compiled that way but there you go, every day is a school day"

Broadcast: The Niall Boylan Show ( the midday show) | 13 Nov 2018

The Niall Boylan Show discussed the topic of birth-right citizenship today. One caller told Niall that he had worked in the asylum industry for 18 years and the amount of abuse he has seen was unbelievable.

"I've seen people who have actually claimed asylum in other countries but they still come to Ireland because we've the easiest system in the world."

Broadcast: The Niall Boylan Show | 17 Nov 2020

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"I guess my criticism is, if we're going to engage in this racial spoils system where we give everyone a plan based on their race, we can't do that an then overlook white people because to do that you have to believe that there is not one white person in this country who could use scholarships for their kids to go to better schools which is what the American dream plan offers Latinos..."

Broadcast: War Room: Pandemic Ep 505

Ivana Bacik was on Newstalk this morning promoting her birth-right citizenship bill. As far as I know, this bill is different to the one TD Mick Barry is pushing. They have two on the boil.

It's important you hear the narrative they are constructing so you know how to counter it. There is nobody countering it in the media. I will counter her talking points below:

Ivana starts off by saying:

"What we are looking to do is to ensure that children born in Ireland have a pathway to citizenship here. One of the effects of the referendum in 2004 was to create a small number of children who are born in Ireland who have known no other home in Ireland but because their parents are not Irish nationals, they are no longer able to get Irish citizenship."

This is a fudge. There are plenty of children born to non-Irish nationals who are entitled to Irish citizenship. The law is already too lenient as it is.

Here's the current law on the books: If a child in Ireland is born to a parent who has been legally resident here for three years up until the date of their birth, then that child is entitled to be an Irish citizen.

For example: If a Chinese person uses a student visa to move here and after three years they give birth to a child, that child is entitled to Irish citizenship. Also, that child will have a "right to a family life" and consequently, their parents will be ultimately be entitled to Irish citizenship too. Anyone living legally in Ireland for five years can apply for Irish citizenship.

What Ivana doesn't mention is she is talking about illegals. She mentions the case of "Eric" Zhi Ying Xue. His mother was an illegal who committed passport fraud and was set to be deported but they were both ultimately allowed to stay after the NGO-media complex promoted their case. Ivana says groups like the MRCI and the Immigrant council says there are only a small number of children in a similar situation to Eric.

In fact, the MRCI suggest there is as an estimated 17,000 to 20,000 illegals living in Ireland, including between 2,000-3,000 who are children. Where did they get their figures from? Why is nobody asking who is employing all these illegals and why isn't the gardaí investigating them?

I would say they're low-balling this figure and here's my evidence: The prior Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan stated that in the five years up to 2018, 20,000 illegal minors with deportation orders were granted Irish citizenship while only 134 were deported. Like "Eric" Zhi Ying Xue's mother, I would guess their parents had committed a criminal offence.

A 2018 Irish Independent report revealed that the government ran an undeclared scheme which allowed illegals who had been in Ireland for five years or more to stay as long as they had no criminal record.

So you can see we already have de facto birth-right citizenship. Less than 1% of illegal minors in Ireland are deported. Their parents get to stay too.

Bacik says the evidence is at best sketchy and completely anecdotal that birth-right citizenship was abused. This is also completely false.

In 1999, only 2% of babies in Ireland were born to non-nationals. By 2003, the figure was almost 20%. Declan Keane, head doctor at Dublin's National Maternity Hospital told RTÉ that 70% of the women were coming from sub-Saharan Africa and the majority of those from Nigeria. He said a number of women were travelling while actually in labour. The problem was being experienced at all three of Dublin's maternity hospitals.

That anecdotal evidence checks out with the census data from 2016 as we can see that 3.3% of ten to fourteen-year-olds were listed as black. This peak can be correlated to the period between 1998 and 2004 when birth-right citizenship was a constitutional right.

So although we basically already have birth-right citizenship, what Bacik's bill would do is once more make Ireland the most attractive destination in Europe for illegals and asylum abuse.

Here's the fact-check:

Broadcast: 13 Nov 2020 | newstalk

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TD Mick Barry was discussing a birth-right citizenship bill he wants to get through the Dáil. The bill he explained would also grant citizenship to illegals under 18 who have been in Ireland for three years or more. This strategy centred around children, he explains, would enable their parents to stay too.

"[The bill also says] if you are a young person and you have been resident in the state for more than three years then you have an entitlement to Irish citizenship...I think there is also a question of strategy and the best way to get from A to B, because in effect if undocumented children — children who don't have papers — are entitled to Irish citizenship, well then in practice their families and their parents will have a fair broader range of entitlements, won't be able to be deported and so on and so forth so I think this is quite an effective way of advancing that wider struggle."

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Sky News host Alan Jones says there is something odd about the hundreds and thousands of postal votes which "have magically materialised for Biden" in the last 24 hours.

“Even if, as some statistics suggest, Biden's supporters had submitted 616,000 absentee votes in Pennsylvania, compared with 162,000 from Trump supporters, how on earth could Biden make up the 690,000 deficit that he faced this time last night,” Mr Jones said.

“The same could be said of Michigan and Wisconsin.

“In Michigan, while only 86% of the vote had been counted when I spoke to you last night, Trump was well in front, 54 to 43.

“Now Trump's 54 is suddenly 48, and Biden, from pre-polling, goes from 43% to 50.5%, that is an almost 8% swing.

“8% of the vote in Michigan is 400,000. It is not believable.


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This was the second video I made about Trump following the viral success of the first one which you can see here:

The background of this video:

Trump had been smeared in the media as someone who mocks disabled people because he did some funny gestures while imitating a NY Times journalist who has a disabled arm.

What had happened was that during his campaign Trump had made this statement about the Twin Tower attack in 2001:

“I watched when the World Trade Center came tumbling down. And I watched in Jersey City, New Jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. Thousands of people were cheering.”

Media organisations and fact-chekers said Trump was lying but he found a report in the Washington Post written by Serge Kovaleski on September the 18th, 2001 which seemed to confirm his statement:

"law enforcement authorities detained and questioned a number of people who were allegedly seen celebrating the attacks and holding tailgate-style parties on rooftops while they watched the devastation on the other side of the river."

Kovaleski subsequently seemed to walk back on what he had written in his report stating:

“I certainly do not remember anyone saying that thousands or even hundreds of people were celebrating. That was not the case, as best as I can remember.”

Trump ended up doing an impression of Kovaleski walking back his claim at one of his campaign rallies while relating this story. He made funny gestures flailing his arms around. Kovaleski had a disabled arm but Trump says he never met him or didn't know he ever met him. Kovaleski insisted he had met him years ago and was therefor, he believed mocking him for his disability.

I made this video to show that Trump often makes weird gestures with his hands when imitating people. It was removed from youtube when my channel was deleted and I'm not sure if it was archived anywhere.

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Uploading this for posterity since youtube nuked my channel and this never got archived on my Bitchute.
This is still probably the most viral video I ever made and it only took about ten minutes to make.

The clip was taken from 'Michael Moore in TrumpLand', a stage show Moore had put on in Ohio in an attempt to persuade ordinarily Democrat voters not to vote for Trump in 2016. Moore had become very nervous that Hillary Clinton would lose the election as he had evidence that a lot of working poor voters had been persuaded by Trump's campaign. He was right too. Interestingly Moore had harshly criticised Clinton before she had become the Democrat party's nominee as an establishment figure in the pockets of big business.

In the segment of his stage-show that this clip came from, Moore had started off by trying to ingratiate himself with the audience, affirming that Trump's election would be a big kick in the teeth to all the people they rightly detest. But he then pivoted to say that he believed any joy they got for sticking it to the establishment would be short-lived and they would regret it. With the last part cut off, however, Moore had delivered the finest endorsement of Trump's campaign.

I uploaded the clip to the relatively new orlared youtube channel and it was subsequently linked to on the subreddit r/the_donald.

I quickly noticed it going viral. With every refresh of the page, it seemed to jump another 10,000 views. I think it reached over a million views in a few days but by then it had already been published all over social media in various guises. Milo Yianopolis for example posted the audio to his facebook with a different thumbnail where it also got a massive amount of views. I would guess it was probably the most viral Trump video of 2016.

Someone put the audio over some of some footage of Trump supporters in slow-motion. This video was the best version of the clip by far but it didn't get the views it deserved:
(it was on a different channel originally, think YT deleted it)

The clip went so viral that a despondent Michael Moore was dragged onto morning shows in America to explain himself.

Trump himself tweeted a link out to my original video as you can see here and even tagged Michael Moore into the tweet:

"I agree, @MMFlint- To all Americans, I see you & I hear you. I am your voice. Vote to #DrainTheSwamp w/ me on 11/8."

My channel got a big boost but I didn't get as many subscribers as you might think but I imagine it helped my ranking in the algorithms.
It did encourage me to keep making videos and try and hit the jackpot again too.
I was also grinning for weeks.

Truth be told, I didn't find the clip myself and had not watched the Michael Moore stage show it came from. I often browsed the new queue on r/the_donald at the time and I noticed a post titled "Michael Moore MAGA?". It was a link to the audio of the clip on the Soundcloud platform with a picture of some pepes as the thumbnail. You can still see it here:

I was stunned it hadn't reached the top of the subreddit and started chatting to the redditor who posted it. He told me he had posted it to r/the_donal something like fourteen times but it never got traction. He asked me to help. So I put it on youtube with a a better thumbnail and a much better title:

Michael Moore: Trump's election is going to be the biggest 'F—k you' in human history

And it was.... :D

I subsequently made another Trump video correcting the fake news that he had mocked a disabled NY Times reporter.
You can watch it here:
Though it took me much longer to make, it didn't go as viral.
I think it got around 500,000 views but it was shared on a lot of websites.
Gavin McInnes played it on his channel with added commentary.

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