It looks like the brute believes there will be no serious repercussions and he's probably right.
African members of this school organised the Black Lives Matter rally in Drogheda earlier this year after which a vicious African gang assault was recorded.

Highland Radio talks to one father of the 100+ Irish kids who developed narcolepsy from the swine flu vaccine. GSK were given indemnity so Irish tax payers are paying the bill but the government are fighting all compensation claims individually, dragging out the process and making some legal professionals very wealthy in the process.

Broadcast: Nine til Noon show | Highland Radio | Aug 13 2020 |

Solicitor Malachy Steenson told the Niall Boylan Show that he believes the government want to ban voices of dissent from any issue that they raise:

"Simon Coveney wants to ban — and the government in general and the establishment — want to ban any voices of dissent from any issue that they raise and we saw this. If you go back to gay marriage, if you go back to abortion, dissent was not tolerated in this country no more than it's tolerated in relation to brexit, no more than it's tolerated with the American election. If you say 'I don't think Trump is that bad or I think he's right on this or that,' you're the enemy and we must all be democrats or so called Democrats and support Biden..."

"Simon Coveney had nothing to say about the Black Lives Matter protests a number of weeks ago. He had nothing to say about the regular liberal protests, whether it is for LGBT rubbish or for anti-racism or anything like that, he has no problem with it."

"You're called racist if you say 'well let's look at immigration, let's see if we have the resources in this country to sustain an uncontrolled migration into this country'. Some how that's racist."

Broadcast: The Niall Boylan Show | Classic Hits | 14 Sep 2020

"There's a cultural infusion that we have kind of forced, and that forcing of that cultural infusion, yeah, is literally like is what Ireland is being forced to become now."

"I've been imported to be of importance"

"Step into the jungle. I am the Ghana man. I am the Ghana man." Park your beef. Betta come out your house. Bombaclass. Gasoline"

"When I was growing up in Athlone..."

Truth bombs dropped on RTÉ.

On twitter:

Broadcast: Origins: The Story of Irish Hip Hop | RTÉ One | 04 Sep 2020

People tell us all the time:

"We have so much to learn from the Nigerians who have come to Ireland."

And I always agree.

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The Irish Independent used the term 'Eircode gang wars' today to report on the stabbing in Balbriggan last night. Its use is designed to mask the truth of what is occurring across north and west Dublin.

These are turf wars being carried by African gangs who are imitating their co-ethnics in London's Drill music scene who in turn are trying to emulate the black gangsta rap culture in America. Who-ever is the most vicious and violent wins the game.

You will find some Africans being more honest about the problem like Glo here who consequently won't be going on the media any time soon. She recognises this is an African problem and says their parents are not only covering it up, some of them are encouraging it. Glo explains that the African gangs act like they do because they know there are no consequences.

Glo also explains parents are too busy acquiring money to buy "cribs" back in Africa to look after their children. These people were never fleeing anything except their own self-created misery and now they've brought it here.

This is what lies in store for any town or village in Ireland which has an asylum centre in its vicinity. You just have wait 16-20 years.

This is Balbriggan where many of the residents of the Mosney Direct Provision centre were settled along with their anchor babies who are all grown up now.

You can see a stabbing in the video after the 59 second mark. Watch the exaltation on the African's face. It's like he scored a goal in a premier league football match.

If this does make the news, the only result will be a call for more inclusion officers.

What we need are deportation ones.


Newstalk's Pat Kenny learns about the Atomwaffen unit within the US Department of Homeland Security from The Day Today's CIA correspondent Jake O'Hanraha-hanrahan. Jake tells Pat he's been able to breach Atomwaffen's secret Irish chat servers where's he's discovered them talking about "all this sort of madness where they try to compare 1916 to this horrible neo-nazi kind of vision that they have."

"So they're everywhere basically."

But why is Jake not concerned with the daily violence being caused by BLM and ANTIFA, asks Pat, reading a question to Jake from a texter to the show.

They're good boys who never killed no-one says Jake.

Jake's a real journalist so I guess we'll just have to take his word for it.

Broadcast: Newstalk 20 | Aug 2020

"I would just suggest to open up everything and forget the whole thing. The governments should clearly say how many people are dying now because of covid-19 directly or indirectly because of the collateral damage...If the collateral damage right now is bigger than covid-19 by itself then logic would say just forget it and open up and apologise to the people."

Beda M. Stadler, former Director of the University Institute of Immunology at the Insel Hospital in Bern talking to the Niall Boylan show. You can hear the full interview here:


Niall also revealed Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has not responded to requests from the Niall Boylan Show to appear on his show despite appearing on it numerous times before.

A study published today by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative found that Latino and Black residents of Los Angeles County and New York City are roughly twice as likely as white residents to die from COVID-19.
70% of Covid related deaths in Louisiana are black.
There are no statistics on the racial breakdown of Covid cases in Ireland.

TD Darragh O'Brien says he is ready to have the tough conversation about the need for more inclusion officers and garda resources in Balbriggan while not drawing any inference from planting the town with Africans over the last twenty year and the high levels of anti-social activity it suffers from today.

O'Brien told 98FM that the idea that we have a town trending on twitter for the wrong reasons was awful despite the govt recently spending a quarter of a million euro in "youth intervention projects".

"Two years ago we had a march to the garda station in a very peaceful way with people saying enough is enough. We're two years on. If anything, it's got worse."

On a more positive note, he says there's been some integration among "the gangs" themselves.

A gofundme has been set up for the owner of the house who some locals suggest is an African drug-dealer.

Yesterday, emergency services were at the scene of a massive blaze at a Balbriggan house this at Chapel Gate.

The news comes as major violence broke out at Castlemill Shopping Complex on Saturday, according to Dublin Live.

Locals in the area say the house is owned by an African drug dealer and that there was a bang in the shed at the house before the fire. More Africans subsequently arrived at the scene and started fighting. Gardaí had to charge at them with batons.

Due to its proximity to the Mosney asylum centre, many Africans have been settled in Balbriggan in recent years which has been nicknamed "Blackbriggan" as a result.


Broadcast: 98FM | 10 Aug 2020

Speaking to Damien O'Reilly (standing in for Brendan O'Connor) is Conor Pope, Irish Times Consumer Affairs Correspondent and Anthony Staines, Professor of Health Systems in DCU.

Broadcast: RTÉ Radio One 09 Aug 2020

Nigerian fraudsters are the prime suspects for the theft of an estimated €800,000 from hundreds of Bank of Ireland customers in recent months.

The gang, based in the Blanchardstown and Tallaght, is believed to have recruited dozens of students to participate in the scam by allowing their personal accounts to be used for a payment of about €400.

Liveline last week heard from dozens of victims who had lost between €500 and €10,000 after responding to bogus text messages purporting to come from Bank of Ireland. The bank has said that it will not compensate victims who provided their Pin codes to criminals.

Gardai are aware that similar gangs have begun paying foreign students to fly to Dublin to open student bank accounts to receive stolen cash. The students are instructed to withdraw the cash, or allow the gang to transfer the money to other accounts, often under threat of violence if they refuse.


Emergency services were at the scene of a massive blaze at a Balbriggan house this evening at Chapel Gate.

The news comes as major violence broke out at Castlemill Shopping Complex yesterday, according to Dublin Live.

Some Locals in the area say the house an African drug dealer lives at the home and that there was a bang in the shed at the house before the fire. More Africans subsequently arrived at the scene and started fighting. Gardaí had to charge at them with batons.

Due to its proximity to the Mosney asylum centre, many Africans have been settled in Balbriggan in recent years which has been nicknamed "Blackbriggan" as a result.


Sinn Féin rejects Saoradh along with ANTIFA Ireland failed to block a march against censorship to state broadcaster RTÉ in Dublin yesterday. The protesters were marching over a range of issues including what they believe is biased, govt-lead reporting on Covid-19 in the media.

The march took off from the GPO but at O'Connell Bridge, Saoradh and ANTIFA had set up a blockade.

The anti-censorship protesters are also known for highlighting cases of paedophilia in Ireland which they believe the media have covered up. They marched through Saoradh and ANTIFA's blockade with chants of "Paedo scum, off our streets".

A member of Saoradh is suspected of being responsible for the killing of journalist Lyra McKee who had been investigating paedophilia before she was shot, while the founder of ANTIA Ireland, Patrick Corcoran, who worked at the Dept of Arts, Sport and Tourism was caught with over 7,000 images and 21 videos of child pornography on his work computer but avoided jail.

Both groups have protested against freedom of speech and in support of the govt's hate speech laws alongside NGOs previously.

source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=51Ziii_CKx4

Nigerians are going to need assistance to leave.

Trevor Philips on things you aren't allowed to say about Jews that are true:

Jews are powerful.

The Rothschild who are the most successful banking dynasty in history.

.5% of the British population are Jews but 20% of the 104 British billionaires are Jews.

The new wealth of the average British household is £204,500 but the net wealth of the average Jewish houshold in Britain is twice as wealthy (£422,100).

You would expect to see just 3 Jewish MPs in the House of Commons given their percentage of the population but there are 22.

In comparison to the average, Jewish people are three times as likely to be managers in a FTSE 100 company.

Jews are four times as likely to be non-executive directors in banking.

Broadcast: Channel 4 | March 2015

On RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Shaykh Dr Umar Al-Qadri explained that Croke Park was deliberately chosen to celebrate Eid as it was the most iconic, historic and symbolic venue, engraved into Irish lives and Irishness.

As the National Party point out in their recent article:

"It was chosen because it would send a message. It is a message that is unmistakably territorial and only a deracinated people would not see it as such. This is the location where on 22 November 1920, men, woman and children were murdered by British Auxiliaries. The blood that was shed on that ground was the terrible cost of fighting foreign occupation. And almost one hundred years later, 31 July 2020, that same ground has been conceded."

Umar Al-Qadri said Ireland is the only western country where the national broadcaster has broadcast the full 90 minute Eid celebration on live TV. Consequently he added, Ireland was leading in accepting diversity.

Broadcast: Morning Ireland 29 Jul 2020

Interview on RTÉ's Drivetime with Kyle Keydon from the University of London whose research concluded that none of the Shelbourne statues depicted slaves.

Pictured are some extracts of the twitter war he's been having with skintellectual titan Dr. Ebun Joseph who believes her hokey PhD in Equality studies makes her opinions sacrosanct and has been belittling Keydon's careful research as the work of a mere student.

Interesting to note that despite Keyton's sarcastic replies to Ebun, he is in fact a dues-paying member of the shitlib community as you will hear in the later half of the interview but perhaps his interactions with Ebun will change that.

Asked whether the statues should come down anyway because some brown people have said their feelings were hurt regardless he responds:

"Absolutely and I entirely agree with that. I've always said from the very beginning of this debate that regardless of how true the slave identification actually was — and it does appear to entirely untrue — the fact that there is clearly a very widely held misconception in Ireland that they are slaves could be enough to justify their removal, of course I accept that. It's not my place as white man to comment on the impact the statues would have on a woman or a person of colour who views them today but I fully accept such impact could well be a reason for their removal."

Broadcast: 31 Jul 2020 | RTÉ Drivetime

Dr. Joseph told Primetime that as the statues were commissioned in the 1800s "when black bodies were not seen as human," it meant "we're still grappling with the fact that the inequalities of the past have not gone away and we see them in the statues that we see every day."

Curiously Dr. Joseph had never mentioned the statues previously despite working a short distance from them and devoting her life's work to listing all the ways she believes Ireland is racist.

Dr. Joseph dismissed the comments of Dr. Kyle Leyden, a Lecturer in Art at the University of London who believes the statues represent four royal ladies, two Egyptian and two Nubian. He says their ankle bracelets have been mistaken for shackles.

"How is he an expert on Egyptian history, you know? Did we go and ask an African historian? Sometimes anklets have different meanings you understand?"

Dr. Leyden had read the catalogue the statues were ordered from.

Broadcast: RTÉ Primetime | 29 Jul 2020

Dublin’s Shelbourne Hotel has removed four statues which have stood outside the hotel for the past 153 years ‘in light of recent world events and the statues' association with slavery.’

The statues depict two Nubian princesses from 4000 years ago along with what some believe are their slave girls although there is question over whether what some think are manacles are in fact ankle bracelets.

Pippa Woolnough, of the Immigrant Council, praised the move.

"Often statue removal is reactive and I think the Shelbourne is being proactive and thoughtful in considering what the statues represent."

But Frank McDonald, Former Environment editor with the Irish Times, believes that the American owners and operators of hotel have foisted "American counter culture on Dublin's oldest grand hotel" in what he describes as "a high handed exercise in so-called political correctness".

He says this was done with no public debate and more importantly no planning permission and he and he wants them replaced.

Broadcast: 29 JUL 2020 | Newstalk


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