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Hey OAMers, this is my first animation/video for 2019, an intro for Awesome Nesscar. Of course, back in 2016, I made mulitple intros for Awesome Nesscar at that time, which cringe. This is NOT Awesome Nesscar's Official Intro. The reason why we made an intro was to make the animation as form of an anime series style (it's kinda weird to say it), overall we're trying the modernize the cartoon. The intro is turning back time to how it became more recongnized, since I began to animate using Flipnote Studio 3D from 2016 to 2018. Since 2016, Awesome Nesscar became recongnized more than any animations I've done before. So anyway, I hope you enjoyed the intro.

Instagram: http://instagram.com/realoscaralexismartinez

Originally Released: November 6, 2018 on Newgrounds & IGTV

Hey OAMers, OAM here, Happy Election Day, we are back with the Part 2 episode of Awesome Nesscar. Sorry, it took long to release it, because of preparation for college & others got in the way. For Part 3, our team & I will try to keep up the pace for the episode. Just like Part 1, same voice actors, don't forget to follow them here on NG. I hope you enjoy this new Awesome Nesscar Part 2 episode of Awesome Caesar. Don't forget to Rate 5 & Follow me. I also have Instagram & IGTV (Instagram TV), the link is right on the buttom. Anyway, make sure you follow me on Instagram for any future announcements on animation & so on.

Newgrounds: https://oscaralexismartinez.newgrounds.com/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/realoscaralexismartinez

Hey OAMers, OAM here, this my first 2018 Awesome Nesscar episode to be release. But this time, is no longer Flipnote anymore, is now in a different animation software I'm using. In my opinion it looks pretty cool. You know what they say: "Out with the old; in with the new.". I hope you enjoy this new Awesome Nesscar episode. Don't forget to like & subscribe me. I also have other social networks too, the link is right on the buttom. Special Thanks to my friends who also prayed, & help me trying to put great effort in doing this episode. Also, special thanks to Qian Xu for becoming the first voice actress in my animation. Yay! Another thing, my team also have a NG accounts don't forget to follow them as well. I also want to apologize for lots of postponing dates, school, colleges, & stuff got in the way, I wasn’t hoping to get lots of postponed but heck, I made it. Yes I'm also working on Part 2, it'll probably be release in August (depends how things goin'). Anyway, till next time you guys peace out. :)

Newgrounds: https://oscaralexismartinez.newgrounds.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/oscaralexismartinezcom/

Released: October 11, 2017 on YouTube

Hey guys, OAM here. I just upload a 3rd episode of Martinezphic, it's been one year ago since I uploaded in September 2016. The 2nd episode is on YouTube only, made it as a school project. I'm not dead I'm still alive, just been busy at school & everywhere around me. So yeah, I hope y'all enjoy my animation. If you like to see more of my Flipnote series feel free/don't forget to to "Vote 5" I would appreciate that a lot or you can vote your own opinion.

Until next time you guys, I gotta . Peace!

Update: October 13, 2017, lots of you OAMers disapproved the sound effects due to high volume which many message that made your ears bleed. I'm so sorry about that OAMers, I hope you'll forgive me. Don't worry I made the sound effects better & enjoyable. I tested with both on speakers & headphones, I can guarantee you, you wouldn't get your ears bleed.

Released: September 12, 2016 on YouTube

Hey guys I hope you enjoyed this new animation I created, & enjoyed the first episode.

Yeah, that's not how you play Pokemon Go, even though I never played it but this is what I think about it in my opinion. So yeah, don't take this seriously, this is just a comedy-parody.

Also, I'm continuing with the Nesscar episode. Also I have a lot of schoolwork that is also distracting my animation. So please, hanging in there. I'll still release short animations to keep you guys entertain. Don't forget to Like, Comment, & Subscribe for your support on my Flipnote series.

Until next time you guys, I gotta finish my Homework, I have no school today. So yeah, that's all. Peace.

NOTE: I decided make another series besides Awesome Nesscar so, I choose Martinezphic.

Released: November 26, 2017 on YouTube

Hey everyone, my team is back, but this time, it's beast! Awesome Nesscar is back for an all new adventure.

Also I know on Instagram, I was supposed to release it on the 24th, which is Thanksgiving special, but apparently the hotel's WiFi had a virus that made my project delete, but then it took me 2 days to recreate the project but here it is. Hope y'all enjoy!
Don't forget to Like, Comment, & Subscribe for your support on my Flipnote series.

Until next time you guys, I gotta finish my Homework. So yeah, that's all. Peace.

Released: May 26, 2017 on YouTube

Hey guys, this is OAM. Ooooff! I made, finish the Part 2 version of Cyber Invasion & I'm looking forward to do Part 3 for fall. For the first time in my life, this episode has taken 6 months to finish following the storyboard & animating. The difference between my previous animation from last year is it took me 2 or 3 months to do it with bad mouth sync & so on, at least I'm improving & experiencing. Also it was a good start to know how other animators does it. Despite, school is getting tougher & giving me pain in the butt at least it was worth it.

Oh by the way, I made changes with the background of the stars during my animating process, didn't like to see it darker so I add a little blue to add better taste in the background.

Well that's it for now, I hope y'all enjoy my animation. If you like to see more of my Flipnote series feel free/don't forget to Like, Comment, & Subscribe.

Until next time you guys, I gotta go to sleep right now, & I'll see you next time. Peace.

Released: June 13, 2016 on YouTube

In this episode:
Brandon's Plague Doctors gets themselves revenge on Nesscar by destroying him & his HQ while his team are on vacation.

OAM Speaking:
Hey everyone, l hope you all are enjoying your summer off. Hopefully you guys enjoyed my Nesscar episode. Got to do a lot of coloring as well. Also it took me 2 weeks to finish, day by day with the drawing and coloring. You know how Flipnote is, plus it's very enjoyable. Also don't forget to follow on my rest of my social medias for support. Thank you all, and have a nice day.

NOTE: This is one, I made more progress that animation, no crappy coloring just well coloring.

Released: May 15, 2016 on YouTube

In this episode:
Brandon strikes again attempting to take over the universe by kidnapping Planet Blerth's President Isaac Medina forcing universe leaders to give their leadership to him if not he'll put him into the Electric Chair. Awesome Nesscar's mission is to save President Isaac Medina out of Brandon's evil hands before he get executed.

OAM Speaking:
Hey everyone, long time no see. I finally finish with the animation. Sorry it had to be taken long due to my computer problems yesterday. Sorry about that. It'll never happened again in the future. Hopefully. Thanks for waiting patiently. Anyway, I hope you enjoy my animation Awesome Nesscar in full Flipnote 3D version make sure you subscribe/follow for more animations like these. Peace!

EDIT: I made an update on changing some of the scenes because at first when I followed all my written script, people got bored. So instead I made it more clear and not taking the scene longer as well. Anyway, I hope you'll are satisfied now with this version better than the first. Thank you and have a Happy Sunday.

NOTE: Okay so at that time, I made changes with the description, but also my first time using Flipnote Studio 3D, the coloring was alittle crappy, but the story was very well, of course at that point the cringiness is gone well a little because of my friends voice acting was off.

Released: September 29, 2013 on YouTube.
NOTE: This way my first YouTube video dated back September 2013, I was 13 years old at that time, I animated on my DSi & recorded on my Samsung Galaxy S3 phone & upload on the same date. So yeah, it looks alittle cringy but I was 13 years old at that time, but in my opinion it looks okay to me.


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