Ce village se transforme négativement en donnant la prioritée au automobiles. Les pèlerins sont oubliées sur ce chemin.

Hello, in this video I will show you an fantastic shopping mall in Béziers Occitania.Please Enjoy this adventure with me.
for more info please visit their official website.

Polygon Access
Via A9 exit Béziers Center

Parking 24h / 24h: 3 hours free *

SNCF train station 5 minutes walk

Béziers Network Mediterranean Transport


I had a great stay at the Hall in Narbonne. The location was great
for more info's please visit

Les Halles de Narbonne



Music by You'll Find Old Dixieland in France by Pietro


In this episode I will share some information about the living conditions in our area.

The poverty is gaining ground in France.
In Occitania the situation is sometimes scary.Having a job is sometimes not enough to live properly.Half of the inhabitants in the department aude live in an household with less than 1574 euros per month income. This is really a sad observation
That the secours of the Catholic Church confirms.

What Happened?

This is a Community Update 11 of July 2019
This is a chilling story. I put together the pieces of what happened to this Bridge between Sainte Valière and Pouzols.

This is a short community update.
We Are working very hard to develop the tourism in our region. Next week we are planning to work on the Small Caminade again. Repairing and cleaning the hut and of course to plant some lavender. Young people from the United States will come here and helping us in all our efforts. The exchange with people from all over the world is very important for us.

Of course every volunteer is also welcome.

Please enjoy this new creative adventure with me at the Beach un Narbonne!

In my last video I will show you the region with an critical view. It is called the transition. Most peoples here are living in new created downtowns. These peoples are not really participating in community life in a village or town. Very often they are working fare away in big cities like Montpellier and traveling many ours to do so.
In general the villages are slowly dying. Shops are closing and because they are loosing costumers.

Please enjoy

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Hello Centians, in this video I will show you my hometown at night.
This village is a downtown from Narbonne.

As you can see we have a lot of nightclubs discotheques bars and big shopping malls and they’re all open for 24 hours and 7 days a week, of course we have a good public transportation system to Narbonne every 5 Minutes.

ok just kidding. Not really but look these images are really fantastic. The really funniest part will be at the end of this video. Under this condition it was really not possible to make a longer video. SAINTE-VALIÈRE has a lot of interesting artists who are living here and yep they are very creative. At least this is true.

Please enjoy this really short video.

Remember to stay awesome.

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in my next video blog I will show you my bead and breakfast during coffee time. Than you will explore the surroundings of my new home base in France.
I’ve been living here since 2007 at least officially. My roots are some German and French.Please Enjoy this video.

In this video I will show you some nice footage about Sète. There is so many things to see in this area. If you like this video than I will continue to make travel vids about my spare time as an artist in occitania.Please let some useful comments below. Thank you for watching.

A 60 seconds short movie.From Montpellier, at the foot of the Cevennes, to St-Jean-Pied-de-Port, before crossing the Pyrenees, this little known path of St James will enchant you with the serenity of the landscapes and the beauty of its churches, abbeys, castles and bastides. After the bitter scrubland of Minervois, you will climb in the picturesque city of Carcassonne. You then enter the Cathar country.

une petite balade "Le Camin Romieu (Chemin de St Jacques de Compostelle)"

Élévation est un poème de Charles Baudelaire, il est le troisième de la section « Spleen et Idéal » du recueil Les Fleurs du mal publié en 1857 source "Wikipedia" interprétation musicale par Ostaladon.

Regardez la bande annonce de mon dernier single

Comment ça, les balades à Lyon se ressemblent toutes ?

Dans un proche futur, Guère Nucléaire a détruit le monde tel que nous le connaissons.

Avec mes sincères et chaleureux remerciements,

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