Soldier of the Stones ~ 6FPS Claymation (multi-figure animated!)

Halved speed Stop-motion of man with claw and cleaver versus rock people.

Instead of the usual 12 FPS I usually practice with, we have 6 instead - mostly because of my mistake with animating too fast on the pictures. And because I was working hard on the five props moving around, I got even more careless and had them move one at a time, or at least not as altogether as expected (unless I make the excuse that the rock people don't move in coercion!). So this is the best I can do with what I had available on a whim.

Try not to be so hard on me, because this is my first Claymation in about one or two months since my last unannounced hiatus - and yes, I do breaks more frequently than intended away from consistent uploading. I actually do more than half of them on accident and quite metaphorically fall off the face of the earth (as some creators are in denial of having happen to them...) and I can see how that can stunt my growth on the platform if not experience. But I think my inspiration, drive and motivation will come back once more and I can tune in more animated clay work both quickly and efficiently, even if that follows yet more hiatus down the road. Or failing that, stay tuned for more available clips!

This animation comes before another setup that I was actually supposed to do first, and it would come with all the new and vastly improved kinks and upgrades to my stop-motion animations. Some of these would be changes to experimenting styles like going the jump for 20 FPS, others would be more permanent things like audio (music, SFX, dialogue, etc.) for the work to be more prominent.

One last thing was that this one stop-motion is being released before another setup I meant to do first, but by the time I made that setup I lost touch with my motivation and refused to do my claymation stuff for about a couple months. The setup is for "Rock versus Robot" which includes the caveman, golem and bi..

Dying Over Dice ~ Box-on-Carpet Claymation Short (#qStopMotion)

Two human people props are knocking each other out over a block of dice they've encountered.

This was animated inside of a plastered box on top of the carpet flooring inside of my Claymation "studio" (A.K.A. my room). The lighting was done with a desk lantern from atop my PC's table and shone into the box from above. The 2nd Georgia Placid model and original Kim Possible prop had been used in this short. The webcam was mounted on the side of the box and tilted up and down for scaling effects.

This video is almost as long as Red Sped Dread, which doesn't surprise me since each of the two take at least an hour or two in the entirety of their filming. I do hope to be able to animate more efficiently both in faster production and more smooth sculpting and/or fluid animation but so far I'm just glad I got to experiment with the different stages to animate onto as of late (even if unexpected). For this one, its more about the closeups and airborne animation and I like that I wasn't cheated out of the fact that the modeling clay got wearier over time and got harder to shift properly, I found some illusions around that in this, but later on I may need better clay's.

Special thanks to the Newtubers community (at least on Discord, I have yet to try out their subreddit even though that's how I found the Discord server at first lol) for giving me advice and support on my stopmotion films and overall content creation progress.

Do you want me to include audio, closed captions, or anything specific to my Claymations? Let me know in the comments down below your thoughts and suggestions if you have any.

Twitter: Otto Crosswind @nodetact
Discord: Rocket #4245 (may change sooner than Twitter handle, so be wary when that happens! :O)

Georgia Placid 2 ~ Moving Platform Experiment (#qStopMotion)

Claymation of a girl prop on top of a wobbly chair doing pushups.

It is only a second long because the arms were already wearing out, but also because I only really needed that one second to see what the background would do (if animated on a wobbly chair like where the animation platform was at the time).

And if forgivable, this gives me a little justice to hopefully return from this latest hiatus and see if I'll make more videos soon after. Or failing that, I'll at least see what interaction this experiment gets. Seriously, all these stop motion pieces keep racking up views, its crazy lol.

See you guys when I come back with anything else... Likely a vlog!

Twitter handle: Otto Crosswind @nodetact
Discord tag: Rocket #4245

Georgia Placid ~ Dance Sequence (with qStopMotion... again!)
Georgia Placid dances using the qStopMotion animator tool.

A hedonistic girl dances to the beat of her own drum. This is a character I can never seem to get right as far as character renditions/appearance is concerned (flawed cartooning, amirite? xD) but it was worth a shot when putting her to the test for another handful of Claymation-wise seconds. In the future I will include more time and story as I learn how to sculpt and animate better, but stay tuned for other varied content. I am lucky that I'm a small creator because there is only so long that I have before niching down is much more necessary to do than multitasking content!

Tools of the trade:
Van Aken Clay + Crayola Modeling Clay
Logitech Webcam C270
B-Land Tripod Stand

Twitter: Otto Crosswind @nodetact

P.S. My BitChute Identifier is currently still on, so if any of these newer videos transfer over to my BitChute channel, that's why! Have a splendor day and you never know what you don't know!

This is a simple remake of the former channel teaser that used to be set onto the channel page for new visitors to my YouTube channel. It features two of the four Pokemon that were used as reference materials in the aforementioned original video. If you are confused, don't worry... that is kind of the point here! It's a really intimidating piece that is once more influenced by the culture behind occultism and magick, or in a larger sense cartooning and storyline. I will continue to use this for at least a little while longer until I manage to create an official trailer for the channel at best chance, but for now this will be nice to showcase for anyone interested in my content no matter the scenery of it.

Follow me on Twitter at: Marchscarf @nodetact
Discord Tag: Otto Crosswind (sorry, forgot the numbers!)

And always remember, you never know what you don't know!

This is perhaps the weirdest that I come off for a two month or so hiatus return, but here it is. In this video, I am singing a full length example for an unofficial theme song for Good Evil: Chronicles. I have never taken choir before nor have I really practiced my digital art but both are quite half-assed so as to give it a whirl for once and see what it might do to share an example of my creative process. I am also trying to give the Good Evil franchise the best chance it possibly can before Adobe Flash shuts down in 2020 and prevents me from continuing the series in the form of replay stories from Incredibots 2 or 3. Give me all the praise you can!

My Twitter feed: https://twitter.com/nodetact
My Discord tag: Otto Crosswind#3539

This is my very first political video about the 100 Resilient Cities program plan that my metropolitan area just recently entered into. And it's such a mess the way its undergone.

Twitter: @nodetact

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