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Electric Car vs. Hydrogen

Delegation presents to city council stating no to the declaration of climate change action for Peterborough, Ontario

Did hunter flip on deep state and turn to give evidence.

Bombshell testimony from Botler Executives reveal that multiple government departments are using ghost contracts to cover up their corrupt, criminal activities -- and even Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is now connected to this scandal. Many higher-up government officials have been mentioned as well -- more to come! Follow me for the latest!

Exposing Canadian Military Corruption

Whistleblowers expose ArriveCan corruption between “Ghost Contractors”—companies that receive taxpayer money but do no real work—and the government.
Will Trudeau cooperate with the RCMP investigation into the $54 million ArriveCan app?

speculation of retirement

BREAKING: Member of Parliament in New Zealand 🇳🇿 is calling for a Criminal Investigation regarding the unprecedented rise in Excess Mortality. Highly recommend listening to her entire message./i/status/1715772800869245308

zelensky doing...

The War for Soil & Climate Change

Including Maui mayor does not wish to hear or answer questions regarding the missing children
Including Weather channel founder: there is no global warming!

"It stinks!" MP Brock on corruption in Trudeau government
The newest corruption scandal is not just about misconduct at the highest level of the senior bureaucracy in this government; it involves criminality, theft, forgery, and fraud. When prosecuted, people will be going to prison!

They Will Be Exposed!

You can almost always bet that anything the Government proclaims is in the best interest of the people & country, really only benefits the stakeholders who profit from our trust & ignorance. These profits are then shared back with the politicians who supported their scheme...
Remember this when voting at the referendum!

Hey Fact Checker... Check This!! The Reporter Who Debunked Pizzagate Pleads Guilty to Child Rape!

The people of Lahaina speak out against land grab fires

Are you eating lab grown meat...developed and distributed by the same person WHO brought you covid and your favourite covid vaccines. Ask before you eat!

Ohkrah Hired a Fire Fighting Team to Protect Her Land Before The Fire Started

Studies Show covid is Not Cannot Be Contagious

Ricco charges are being used against those who started the fight.

Reporters reveal disney cloning

Vaccine Deaths - Dr. Peter Mccullough, the world's most published cardiologists screams bloody murder..."Vaccines are causing this enormous wave of illness."

obomba being exposed


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