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I don't think anyone has put this out so here you go , an OUTERLANDS exclusive quickie for you Beyond Horizons - https://beyond-horizons.org/2020/09/28/276-km-mallorca-penyagolosa-castellon/

Short video about shadows flat earth July 2020 Apollo 15 mission - https://youtu.be/ggrctQg4I_c Bart takes a punch - https://youtu.be/OROlF8zB9z0

OUTERLANDS to the outer limits again in a continuation from the last video - show us a photo of the dome ! they whinge . ok you asked for it ursa major arc -https://phys.org/news/2020-06-astrono... invisible shield discovery - https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases... June 2020 flat earth proof

Ladies and Gentlemen the very best flat earth proof right here , filmed by bmlsb69 . Plus in complete contrast something way way out there , because you need a break from mathematical proof sometimes . I do apologise , I seem to have repeated some of the comets somewhat . bmlsb69 original video - https://youtu.be/RAgbocvJYCA meteors - https://youtu.be/mL0VlpjrTUU music - livetracks by SPEEDTRAIN OUTERLANDS April 2020

The return of the Horizon of Doom , courtesy of D. Marble . We must thank Soundly for introducing this flat lake to the world music - SPEEDTRAIN

Detection of no curvature confirmed by Google and Blackpool zoom from Exploring the Plane the best flat earth proofs on channel OUTERLANDS Exploring the Plane - https://youtu.be/iaWBWYaMJik music - livetracks by SPEEDTRAIN

Ranty Flat Earth , Observable Reality , Steve Cheatley , Beyond Horizons , bmlsb69 - Video proof of the shape of the REAL world . Flat Earth January 2020 Music - livetracks by SPEEDTRAIN laser animation - https://youtu.be/GhHyD4RNyvMhttps:// Ranty Flat Earth - https://youtu.be/jKUSz46h2is Observable Reality - https://youtu.be/C9fL1fNvFtE Steve Cheatley - https://youtu.be/Uzem1wdcIZo Beyond Horizons - https://beyondrange.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/the-longest-pictures-ever-taken/ bmlsb69 - https://youtu.be/d9GBwOJ6Amw the first and best flat earth video of 2020

Is it time up for Gleason ? A more credible flat earth map plus plane bits Airbus A380 - https://youtu.be/6AyMGe4gM9o music by SPEEDTRAIN

Null maps update , and Antarctica megaproofs are here on channel OUTER LANDS - subscribe why don't you . Cool Intro animation by Shiroi Ookami -https://youtu.be/Z8A1TMxR1_I music by SPEEDTRAIN

Flat earth megaproof here , backed up by supercomputers

I'm afraid globe fans we have proof of turbulence in space from your good buddies NASA - turbulence exists without atmosphere , so where is it around the International Space Station ? Anti turbulence machines ? Its your only answer option globe sheepies ??? Original Bee animation - https://youtu.be/b4sv8xLqNc8 music by SPEEDTRAIN

(PLEASE NOTE AT 2.25 ITS SUPPOSED TO SAY BOB THINKS THE TINY BOAT IS THE MASSIVE BOAT) Just a quick easy debunk of Bob The Science Guy . Bob tries to debunk my undebunkable vid , fails , and gets caught cheating . Watch out for these con men on the make !

Zoom excellence from - P900 Coolpics - bmlsb69 - The Troot - 3 Strikes and you're oot ! That pesky ball loses the game yet again , our two umpires for this game are curve calculator and his friend distance to horizon calculator

I do apologise globe fans , it seems the earth is flat and we have the proof courtesy of YouTube channel Flat Reality Earth Explorers

Look at that moon , looks nothing like it used to , and as for the earth - Japan taking your tax dollars and laughing in your face ūüĎć Music - Multiplies by YMO

Ranty Flat Earth and Dave Reeves footage - Are people seeing mirages of islands all over the world all the time ? Afraid not globesters , and I'm afraid this video is a double flat earth whammy . See the original versions here - Ranty Flat Earth - https://youtu.be/u1UnrgZytGo - Dave Reeves - https://youtu.be/PnpcGLNkw6k

OUTER LANDS has well and truly broken the globe universe badly , with just a few screenshots and a Chinese Wok !

Stars show us we are not in the universe we are told

Globe Earth is currently being demolished , thanks to people like J Tolan and DITRH . YouTube channel JTolan Media1 - https://youtu.be/7-pXWRn_wfk YouTube channel DITRH - https://youtu.be/NTmTZCjxaxEv

Another record breaking long distance photo , possibly the second longest distance photo , tells us it's a flat world . Beyond Horizons website - https://beyondhorizons.eu/2016/08/03/pic-de-finestrelles-pic-gaspard-ecrins-443-km/ for more long distance photos

Mountain of evidence destroys the globe once again , once again real proof wins the day against the Globe Brigade and their half baked theories Original video - https://youtu.be/PsfFjsbotWc YouTube channel Canigou Allauch . Music - High on Mount Kailash by Doof

Does the atlas photo of flat earth taken by satellite actually match the Gleason Map ? If so surely one of the greatest proofs that we is flat flat flat people ! Music August A Road by Higher Intelligence Agency and Biosphere . See previous video for more info

Brian Mullin has left YouTube and flat earth and gone to live off the grid in the country , but not before leaving us with this flat earth gold - a photo of flat earth found in a 1989 atlas taken by a satellite/high altitude balloon . How does it compare to the famous flat earth map , the Gleason Map ? Music - Megaspeed by Speedtrain

Video proof of flat earth from as high as 470000 feet ! Warning ball eathers - major flatness ! ūüėĪ

Many two suns videos can't be lens flare . For instance a lens flare can't reflect on water . Is the sun reflecting off a dome structure back into our atmosphere ? .


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