Watch as NASA lies to our faces and then destroys itself .

NASA try to pass this moonrise off as real . Remember to check your garbage first

Enough of these space agency jokers , lets remind ourselves what the earth really looks like . Music - Illusive by Healer from the album WonderGround

Two short clips followed by two screenshots showing the sun at the start of the film and the end , the sunset . In the second clip I simply enlarged each screenshot to the max with the PowerDirector app and the markers are exactly the same length . Once again globe earth is busted . What you gonna say now globies - that the sun shrinks as it gets to the horizon ? HaHa !!!

Ball earthers , you're not going to like this one . P900 zoom camera is proving without a doubt that there is NO CURVATURE . Filmed by Jenna Fredo Original video - https://youtu.be/__liPsAYnJs - YouTube channel Jenna Fredo music - Exciting Journeys by Speedtrain

Is this the best proof the ball earthers have ? Actually they have meaningless claptrap and illusions - zero proof . Here the boat is supposed to have ' sunk ' a couple of meters proving the curvature of the earth , but we clearly see the enlarged letters and the front shape of the boat should be different proving it's just an illusion


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