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These Ribs were the best ribs I've ever had... bar none! Not saying that just because I made them but they were freaking delicious!

Weight: 3 lbs.
Smoke Time: 3hours

I kept this cook as basic as I could. Kosher Salt, Olive Oil and Tritails Expresso Rub.

Then I made a basting sauce of water, apple cider vinegar and Dale's seasoning.

I smoked the ribs to 178 degrees - then wrapped them in tin foil and put them back for finish.

Once they hit 203 degrees I took them off for resting. They were simply incredible.

See you all next time

My wife became a citizen today of this kick ass awesome country! I was trying to get the vibe pumped up on the way there. :)

I documented the process of smoking a beef brisket and pork butt for Thanksgiving. We are talking HOURS for one meal. I break down how I brine the meat, how I inject it, the rub and the smoking process.

I will be honest - the brisket wasn't as perfect as I hoped but it was still very good. I'm not a pit master - just a dude cooking at home. I am learning more and more every time I attempt something.

Maybe I should have cooked the brisket a little longer. If you have some input feel free to comment below.

I make all kinds of videos... some are funny, some offensive, some political and I figure why not... I enjoy smoking meats. So if this video isn't for you cool... maybe the next one will be. Or maybe it won't and maybe I don't give a f#$k - have a nice day... shout out to those who thumb down this video in advance... it's always around the same amount so I appreciate your loyalty ;)

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All those illegals in the caravan can build the wall for us then we kick em out.


Was it all a stunt - maybe. Is he still on the train - maybe. Was he simply on then off - maybe. He’s bi-polar af so what ya’ll expect lmao


Senator Corey Booker is a perverted man who needs to be stopped from sexually assaulting anyone else. I decide to come out to bring awareness to him. He's a bad man and should be removed from office immediately.


Calm Down It's Just Comedy

Turns out that I too am a minority. I took a DNA test and now I'm Native American! No more boring white guy for me. No sir now I am a victim of oppression.... Just like Elizabeth Warren. If you disagree you're a racist bigot.


Taking calls… Youtube crashed while the show was live



Since youtube didn't send out notifications when I went live - I did it on Facebook instead. This is an upload of that live. I have gotten to a point that I hate politics that's true but I feel I needed to say this. The tension is about to explode and I can't ignore it.

Dear Democrats... Keep being you! Keep encouraging these lunatics to carry out their actions! Keep allow Maxine Waters to mouth off and inspire the fug nuts to be fug nuts. This is all a reflection of who you are and what your party represents.

Hillary Clinton should stand down... Vote out the democrats regardless of their threats for violence. Stand up and to the BULLIES...

I was sent a Tomahawk Streak recently from TriTails Premium Beef. I have never had one before and this cut of Ribeye was 3 pounds of what appeared to be some awesome meat.

So, I fired up the grill, prepped the steak and knocked down some beers.

I am no expert but you can see how I prepped and grilled the cut. The main thing is to sear both sides for 5 minutes then let slow cook to medium rare. I was around 127 to 130 degrees when I took it off the grill.

It was SO GOOD!

Tritails will actually ship these steaks along with other meat products straight from their ranch to your doorstep.

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Many people feel like they want me to be about what their about... but we're not the same... I am gonna do shit my way and you can do it yours. When they don't like it just tell em - Bye Felicia



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