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Zionist here, Zionist there, Here a Zionist, there a Zionist, everywhere a Zionist

Come take it with me! Sorry I've been MIA. New laptop is on the way....

Lyndon Johnson (The former US president who ascended to the throne after the murder of JFK by Israel, and then covered up the assassination) - "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years."

Right after he helped a foreign nation (Israel) assassinate a sitting president.

Rumble Link: https://rumble.com/v2v8ltn-censorship-detransitioning-tranniees-zionist-control-episode-155.html

Repeal ALL child support. Repeal "No Fault" Divorce. Put doctors who perform elective surgeries on children in prison.

A heroin junkie philanderer who wants to revoke the Bill of Rights is not on our team. Duh.

Finally the kids are starting to fight the WEF. I LOVE IT!

Plus user comments from voat.xyz

In which our hero celebrates his newly configured studio with more news about the on-going clown world dystopia, and vows to die before giving up his 2nd amendment rights.

Side Note: Fuck Censorship, Fuck Israel, and Fuck ANYONE trying to infringe on my Bill of Rights.

No doubt cover

Just Continuing to document the globalist shit show we're already living in I guess....

In which our hero discusses the upcoming "Greatest" Depression


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