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Tucker Carlson gets totally based. Even though he's friends with Hunter Biden.

Really support the work Junior has done helping people navigate through the unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral "mandates" during the Event 201 Plandemic.

Gun Control Leads to MORE Homicide. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or retarded.


DOD Encryption Keys on the Hunter Laptop from Hell

Why THE FUCK isn't Hunter in jail already?

360 subscribers! Thanks fam! Love you all!

If you open your eyes, you can see it all.

I had some video encoding issues today. Sorry fam. Should be fixed in the next episode. :(

Wait. Not THIS show. Right? :D

Clown World Becomes increasingly unreal.

Our Continuing Coverage of the TransGender Apocalypse.

Happy 19th Birthday to my favorite band ever The LeperKhanz. Truly Deeply Love all of you. Unless you're still friends with my whore ex wife. Then Fuck You. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OlpL5czKqkk

It's time! We must immediately try and execute all of them for treason.

....and yes, I had to upload this one twice....

Stuck in Process and Publish. Grrrr

In which our hero admits he will happily resort to cannibalism.

Most accurate one I've seen.

I stole this footage from YouTube. And added helpful metaphorical subtitles.

Well, maybe not the whole script, but she did send me some great links!


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