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WandaVision Review. History of Scarlet Witch and Visions past in the comics. Based on the information, I create a theory about the show and why it's set in a 1950's TV show. Take a look at the parallels of the comic and assess the show.

Cobra Kai the hit show on Youtube and now Netflix continues the saga of "The Karate Kid". This is a reflective review on the show and quick recap of the series so far. This recaps some of season 1 and 2. As well as covers season 3. Spoiler Alert. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend the the show.

The original Transformers 1986 animated movie and comic melding review. In my opinion the best iteration of the Transformers. Unicron the planet eater threatens Cybertron and all it's inhabitants. Watch as Optimus Prime fights Megatron for the final time.
Starring Peter Cullen as Optimus Prime, Frank Welker as Megatron, Judd Nelson as Hot Rod, Robert Stack as Ultra Magnus. Leonard Nimoy as Galvatron and the last performance of Orson Wells as Unicron.

Vampirella a sexy vampiress travels from Drakulon to Earth to seek revenge on the evil vampires who murdered her father. A Jim Wynorski Film, who specializes in sexploitation films, covers the classic comic book character. Starring Talisa Soto as Vampirella and Roger Daltrey of the Who as the evil Vlad.

Jenny is sent to reform school. Sybil Danning plays warden Sutter, rules with an iron fist. Her Head of Ward Edna is cruel and punishing to the girls of this institute. Jenny has to survive both the authorities and the other inmates. Schlock film at it's best, this is a movie review for cult film appreciators.

This is a movie review of a Hong Kong Action Film. Female deadly assassins in sexy exploits.

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This is a movie review of "Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity". A Film by Ken Dixon, this is sexploitation at it's best. Join Daria and Tisa, two escaped prisoners who find themselves on a secluded alien planet. And Forced to fight for their lives in a sadistic game of survival.

Tawny Kitean stars as Gwendoline, an innocent girl in search of her lost father in an exotic land. Together with her friend Beth and her love interest Willard they venture off in the land of the Yik-yak, a land full of cannibals and Amazonian jungle women. Loosely base on the comic "The Sweet Adventures of Gwendoline"

This is part 2 of my video. 300 is the epic story of historical Battle of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans face a vast horde of the Persian Empire. One of the greatest Last Stands in history, see the comic and movie hybridization. Story by Frank Miller and directed by Zack Synder.

300 is the epic story of historical Battle of Thermopylae. 300 Spartans face a vast horde of the Persian Empire. One of the greatest Last Stands in history, see the comic and movie hybridization. Story by Frank Miller and directed by Zack Synder.

This is a review of the 1974 TV pilot of the iconic Wonder Woman. If this pilot was picked up our vision of the traditional wonder woman would have been altered forever. Starring Cathy Lee Crosby and Ricardo Montalbon.

One of the best animes of all time. Take a comparative look at the 1993 version and the 2012 version of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Pewdiepie calls this the greatest show ever, and for a good reason.

To view the 1993 episode go to this link:
The complete series will be uploaded on this channel. As of today there are only episodes 1-7.
Watch the Prequel breakdown of the Phantom Blood manga:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure - Timeline part 1:
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Timeline part 2:
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Timeline part 3:

I also want to apologies to my subscribers for not uploading for a month. Please rest assure that I was learning new techniques on Adobe Premiere and Photoshop to improve the quality of my videos. These programs are extremely hard but I am dedicated to improving my videos. Thank you for understanding. And please if you can share it with "The World".

The century-old blood feud finally comes to a close in the final battle between Jotaro and DIO. The World seems invincible as Jotaro is struck time and time again with murderous blows. If Jotaro cannot discover the secret of DIO's Stand and find some way to counter it, the Joestar line will come to an abrupt and bloody end.

DIO pursues Joseph through the streets of Cairo, leaving an incredible swath of death and destruction in his wake. Kakyoin comes to Joseph's aid, only to be crushed by the power of DIO's Stand The World. As Kakyoin lies alone and dying, he realizes in the last moments of life the true nature of DIO's Stand, and he attempts to send them one final message to reveal that The World can stop time.

Jotaro and his companions finally arrive at DIO's lair and find their way to the room where his coffin resides. Just as they prepare to strike the fatal blow, DIO's mysterious Stand powers, coupled with that of his finest assassin, Vanilla Ice, slay Avdol before their horrified eyes. Jotaro, Joseph, and Kakyoin go after DIO, hoping to kill him before the sun sets when he will have free rein over the city, while Polnareff and Iggy get revenge for Avdol's death against Vanilla Ice.

The companions search the huge Egyptian capital of Cairo, showing everyone they meet the photo of a mysterious building where they think DIO resides. In an odd café, they encounter a gambler named D'Arby who claims to have the information they need. The catch is, they have to beat him in the ultimate wager—one where their very souls are at stake thanks to the use of his Stand Osiris. After Polnareff and Joseph fall victim to D'Arby's cheats, Jotaro must come up with a way to out gamble a gambler.

Jotaro and the others find themselves stranded and at the mercy of N'Doul's incredibly strong and mercurial Stand Geb. Faced with almost certain death, Jotaro makes a desperate gambit and forces Iggy to help him strike back at N'Doul, but Iggy has other plans. He betrays Jotaro at a critical moment, offering him to Geb in order to save his own life.

Jotaro and his companions finally reach Egypt. There, they are met by a Speedwagon Foundation helicopter that delivers a new addition to their group—a dog named Iggy who is actually the user of The Fool Stand. When the helicopter crashes just a short time later, the group investigates, only to find themselves pitted against another of DIO's assassins—N'Doul and his deadly Stand, the Egyptian god Geb.

Polnareff becomes a living puppet under the control of Enya and her incredible mist of death Stand Justice. The group battles its way out of the hotel, only to find themselves surrounded by legions of the dead. All seems lost when Jotaro falls prey to a bizarre sneak attack, leaving him vulnerable to Enya's control as well. However, he soon comes up with a way to reveal the true identity of their foe.

A thick fog envelopes the group as they travel towards Egypt, so they seek refuge in a nearby town. There, the companions stumble across a strangely mutilated dead body lying on a street corner. An old woman arrives on the scene with the police, and offers to let them stay at her hotel for the night. In the hotel bar, Polnareff encounters Enya, a beautiful and mysterious young woman on a deadly quest of revenge of her own as Polnareff has killed her son J. Geil.

Kakyoin and Polnareff desperately seek a way to defeat the Hanged Man, who can strike out at them from within reflections while remaining invulnerable to their attacks. They must figure out a way to fight a Stand that can move at nearly the speed of light and can attack from anywhere.

At a stopover on the way to Egypt, Polnareff is attacked by the Stand known as the Hanged Man, an enemy Stand who has two right hands and can only be seen in reflections. Realizing that it must be controlled by the same Stand user that had killed his younger sister, Polnareff breaks away from the rest of the group to seek his revenge. Polnareff is lured into a trap set by J. Geil, user of the Hanged Man and his partner, Hol Horse. When some of the party come to his aid, Avdol is killed by Hol Horse's Stand the Emperor.

When the private jet carrying Jotaro and his companions to Egypt suddenly bursts into flames, the plane is forced to land in the ocean. As the party drifts in a lifeboat, a large freighter pulls alongside and they climb aboard. To their shock, there is no crew to be found—and the only passengers left aboard are an orangutan and enemy Stand user Jean-Pierre Polnareff, user of Silver Chariot. However, Polnareff is another one of DIO's unwilling victims, and soon joins the group as they face off against the orangutan Forever and his Stand Strength.

Jotaro learns the secret of his Stand power and about his family's enemy, the vampire DIO. Later, Jotaro is attacked by Noriaki Kakyoin and his Stand Hierophant Green, an assassin controlled by DIO. When Holly falls into a Stand-induced coma, Joseph, Jotaro, and the others embark on a dangerous journey to Egypt to save her life and end the 100-year battle between DIO and the Joestar family.

Seventeen-year-old Jotaro Kujo refuses to leave his jail cell, believing that he is possessed by an evil spirit. When Jotaro's mother, Holly, his grandfather Joseph Joestar, and the mysterious Mohammed Avdol come to try to coax him out, a battle erupts between Avdol's "evil spirit" Magician's Red and Jotaro's Star Platinum, revealed to be psychic manifestations known as Stands.


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