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This is the fusion of Anime and Manga of "Berserk" the legendary story by Kentaro Miura. This is Episode 3 of a 25 episode series; covering the"Golden Arc". See the origin story of Guts and how he became the Black Swordsman.

This is the continuing story of Berserk, episode 2. A Manga masterpiece by Kentaro Miura. See the fusion of the Manga and 1997 Anime Series, and how they compliment each other.

Berserk Fan. Breaking the Anime and Manga down in a side by side comparison. Berserk is a Manga Master piece by Kentaro Miur. Although here have been several attempts to animate this story; with 30 years of source material only portions of this epic have ever been translated for screen. Among the stories consistently told the Golden Arc gets the most coverage. Watch the origin of how Guts becomes the Black Swordsman in this video series covering the saga "Berserk", as we cover the 1997 to 1998 Anime vs The original Manga.

One of the greatest songs on a soundtrack you probably never heard of. The movie is: Rock and Rule. And this is the final scene. Mok a sorcerer musician summons a demon as a masterpiece for his concerts. Angel now has to sing it back.
There are two versions of this film. The original is known as the Canadian Cut. The American cut deletes some scenes and changed the protagonist Omar. If you want to watch I recommend the original Canadian cut.

This is an anime classic. One of the most iconic franchise in animation. First came the Creators known as Protoculture. They created races of giants that can do nothing but fight. The males known as the Zentradi have been in battle for Eons against a race of Female Giants known as the Meltrandi. Earth was caught in the cross fire; the entire planet was utterly destroyed. The last of humanity is on board a lone Star Ship: The Macross. However Humanity's fate rested not in arms, but in a song...

Video adaptation of Darkhorse Comic's Batman versus Predator. One of the best crossover stories that hit the comic world. See the Dark Knight take on one of the most iconic villian in cinema. The hunt is on as the Predator stalks his prey in the city of Gotham.

Learn Basic Concepts and techniques to make you a better pool player

Frank Miller's tale of Elektra in a limited issue series. This is a video adaptation of the story.

Thanos' Guide to the Galaxy. A comprehensive look into Thanos' philosophy on Life and Death; and how it molded the MCU.
See the comparison between Jim Starlin's version of Thanos and how it served as a source material for Avengers Infinity War and Endgane. See how the Silver Surfer became Thanos' arch-enemy.


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