Hired thugs arrive to disrupt the "1 Million March 4 Children" (Sept. 20/23) event in Vancouver.

The Canadian Clown Show/Shit Show continues ... this short video is my response.

Canadians rally on the Willingdon overpass and #1 Highway (August 31/23) raising awareness to government tyranny.

Freedom loving Canadians provided a colourful and noisy greeting to Justin Trudeau and his $1700 a ticket speech. ($850. for 35 years old and under.)

During a demonstration outside the Vancouver Hotel where Justin Trudeau was holding a $1,700 per person event ($850. for age 35 and under), Sandy saw a thief steal a protester's Canadian Flag and chased him down.

August 17th, 2023. At the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada:

Grand Jury Indictment for Obstruction of Justice.

For failure to remedy the wrongdoing of obstruction of justice, noticed by a Grand Jury convened under the Megan Carta on July 7th, 2023 in Vancouver, British Columbia, where notice to agent is notice to principle, served upon attorney Michael Kleissinger AG:EX, the Attorney General of British Columbia, the entity known as the "Crown" and all variants thereof:

The Grand Jury indicts the Attorney General of British Columbia, a woman known as niki sharma, the Crown with all named variants thereof, and the man known as michael tammen of 777,000 metric tonnes of silver.

(49 times the declared silver reserves of Canada in 2009)

The charge, realized is to be purposed by the Grand Jury for the establishment of Justice.

Dr. Daniel Nagase spoke at the No New Normal rally, Vancouver City Hall, August 9, 2023. This video only includes Dr. Nagase's speech. The longer video complete with audience questions and answers is available on Rumble:

No New Normal meets at Vancouver City Hall, every Wednesday, 1PM- 3PM.

Daniel Nagase's writings are published on Substack:

At Vancouver Pride, Pseudonymous Ian expressed his thoughts about those who promote gender ideology, and surgical mutilation on children.

Barry Neufeld has been speaking out against SOGI-123 in schools since 2017. This short interview is at a rally (July 27, 2023) in front of Dr. Daniel McKee's office in Burnaby B.C. McKee is an opportunistic surgeon who cuts off the healthy breasts of teenaged girls and young women.

At a rally outside Dr. Daniel McKee's office in Burnaby B.C., Renée spoke about growing up as a tomboy, the difficult transition many girls have growing into women, and the rush to "transition" and medicalize gender divergent girls. McKee is an opportunistic surgeon who cuts off the healthy breasts of teenage girls and young women.

At a rally outside the Burnaby, B.C. office of Dr. Daniel McKee, Karin Litzcke spoke about the recent push to medicalize gender questioning children. McKee is an opportunistic surgeon who cuts off the healthy breasts of teenage girls and young women.

At a rally outside Dr. Daniel McKees office, Zelda Levine reveals why she is protesting, explaining the path from gender ideology taught in schools to opportunistic surgeons like McKee.

McKee specializes in what is euphemistically called "top surgery," cutting off the healthy breasts of teenage girls and young women, part of "gender affirming care."

Growing up, Cindy was a tomboy. At a rally in front of Dr. Daniel McKee's office in Burnaby, she speaks with the public, educating about the harm of transitioning children, with hormones and surgery at a young age.

People gathered at Vancouver's Granville Island in response to Carousel Theatre's drag summer camp for children, age 7 and up, and to protest SOGI-123.

Lisa reported the damage to her car:
Police file #23-112525
1 tire sidewall-punctured
Cost of damage $216.47
(Officer: Andrew Star STAR, [email protected] #3344 STAR,D4/T10 VPD )

Tammy reported the damage to her car:
Police file #VCA23-112460
2 Tires, sidewall-punctured, front and rear driver's side (against the curb).
Cost of damage $1002.97 (updated amount)
Parked July 4/23 between 9am and 11am.
In front Micron Products Ltd. (not the office, but the factory building)
1325 Cartwright Street, False Creek, Vancouver BC.
(Officer: Call 311 ask for the officer's voicemail, give name and badge number for the voicemail-box / Officer: Andrew Star STAR, [email protected] PC #3344 STAR,D4/T10 VPD )

Ivon speaks out against gender ideology (SOGI 123) indoctrination in schools, and the creeping attempts at normalizing of pedophilia.

Dr. Daniel Nagase is suing the BC Supreme Court for having prevented him from protecting his children from experimental injections. The Attorney General attempted to obstruct justice by attempting to strike his case before its heard.

In court on July 7, 2023, Dr. Nagase was accompanied by 30+ supporters.

After the judge entered the courtroom and sat down, Dr. Nagase's 30+ suporters, remained standing and collectively stated:

"We are a Common Law Grand Jury."

"We are Convened under the Magna Carta."

"The government must accept the Magna Carta as common law
if pleaded as such."

"We are pleading as such."

"We are here to notice the Attorney General of British Columbia through Michael Kleissinger and other agents of said office, that the motion to strike case s-233597 brought by daniel-yoshio of the family nagase, obstructs justice."

Outside the courthouse Dr. Daniel Nagase explained what happened...

This video is a compilation of Chris's video and a video of one of the conference attendees. I've put them together to draw more attention to Billboard Chris's exemplary activism and direct supporters to his website where you can support his work.

From Chris's website:
"I’m a father of two girls and I decided to take a stand against gender ideology. Children should be free to be who they are — not indoctrinated to believe they were born in the wrong body.

Puberty blockers are the first step in a medical pathway that brings physical harm to children. We are lied to about the effects of these drugs, and the cross-sex hormones which almost always follow.

As the High Court in England laid out, children cannot give informed consent to these harmful, life-altering drugs.

Our politicians refuse to listen, and our media refuse to report, so I’m having conversations across North America, one person at a time."

Support Billboard Chris at:

Follow him on Twitter:

Outside Burnaby Hospital we hear of mistreatment and abuse, from a man passing by who was misdiagnosed and sent home without care, from Lisa exposing abusive care of her mother, and Dr. Mel Bruchet, an outspoken critic of the current, corrupt system.

Horrors at Burnaby Hospital recounted by Lisa, struggling to get her mother into better care.

Former Chilliwack, BC, school trustee Barry Neufeld spoke about his awareness of gender ideology and SOGI 123, at a demonstration at the BC Teachers Federation, June 14, 2023.

Agata Bzowski spoke at the World Wide Freedom Rally, Vancouver, May 20, 2023

Compilation of clips collected from Twitter today, people outraged, discussing the fires burning Canada, arson, politics and the climate change scam.

Compilation of video clips of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaking moistly about LGBT.

Interview with Rebecca Sheppard, co-founder of Stand4Thee, who, with two other freedom activists, is travelling across Canada raising awareness of our rights. Rebecca discusses the importance of the Canadian Bill of Rights, and how it protects Canadians better than the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Recorded at Vancouver City Hall, June 2, 2023.

At 3 minutes, Rebecca stated the "Quarantine Act", she meant to say the "Emergencies Act".

For more information about Stand4Thee:

Gabriel Verveniotis, author of, "The Sanguinaires, Or What I Hate Most About Everything" spoke at the World Wide Freedom Rally, Vancouver, Canada, May 20, 2023.


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