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Port Noarlunga in South Australia is located south of the Adelaide CBD and as the name suggests, was originally built as a sea port. It's now primarily a destination for holidays and weekend trips. Probably the most notable feature is a 1.6 kilometer long reef that is partly exposed (particularly at low tide) that runs perpendicular to the shore. There is also a long jetty that goes right up to the reef which is popular with fishermen and also scuba divers that use it to provide a method of entering and leaving the water close to the reef.

In this video we get a good look at Port Noarlunga, including the reef, jetty and coastline from the air. A DJI Spark drone was used to capture the footage.

The Whispering Wall is actually a dam in the Barossa Reservoir, South Australia. It was completed in 1903 and was a revolutionary engineering feat for it's time. However what attracts visitors is the dam's acoustic qualities. Visitors can whisper at one side and their words can clearly be heard at the corresponding position on the opposite side.

In this video we get a look at the Whispering Wall and the various views along the Barossa Reservoir from the air. A DJI Spark drone was used to capture the footage.

Port Gawler in South Australia was once an active town due to it's wharf and surrounding grain areas, however it's now known more for fishing, crabbing and bird watching. It's also quite well known for it's off road bike track and go kart tracks.

In this video it can be seen from the air along with the Gawler River and surrounding mangroves. A DJI Spark drone was used to capture the footage.

The Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia, is a 244 kilometre coastal drive between Torquay and Allansford. It was built by returned servicemen and dedicated to solidiers that lost their lives during World War 1. Appropriately there is a memorial to commemorate this. It's considered the world's larges war memorial and is a popular tourist attraction with it's spectacular views.

Fraser Island is located just off the coast of Queensland, Australia near Hervey Bay. It's about 123 kilometres long and is about 22 kilometres wide at it's widest point. With it's lush rainforests and pristine freshwater creeks and inland lakes, it's a popular place for tourism and four wheel driving.

We spend 8 days on the island in 2018 and were able to take many stunning photos during that time. This is a collection that we feel captures some of our favorite places on the island that we went.

The Murray River at 2,508 kilometres is the longest river in Australia. It's source is high in the Australian Alps, then meanders across some of the inland plains that form the border between New South Wales and Victoria before entering South Australia which is perhaps where it is at it's most spectacular. It eventually reaches the ocean via Lake Alexandrina (which at it's widest point is itself over 38 kilometres).

The Murray is a well known tourist attraction and is also used as a fresh water source. It's a popular destination for water sports and holidays. Perhaps the best way to see it is by doing a houseboat trip on it and it was during such a trip that we took this series of spectacular images.


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