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In 5 minutes, learn about a deGoogled Oneplus 6T phone running /e/OS operating system. You will see a quick overview of /e/OS, it's Advanced Privacy feature & App Lounge store, and some general phone specs.

/e/OS rocks! They support over 200 devices and have an Easy Installer which allows the slightly techy to deGoogle their own phones.
They also have their own line of budget-friendly deGoogled phones...

Visit our Privacy Shop!

Learn More about phone spying...

Check out our Resource Page which has all kinds of goodness and ways to Get Sovereignty!

Just a simple video that my deGoogled privacy friend in Estonia made for Get Privacy Freedom...short, too the point, and sharable!
Join the Privacy Revolution with deGoogled Phones and get digital sovereignty.

Decentralize to Sovereignty RESOURCES ->

/e/OS Operating System makes an excellent deGoogled phone that is Privacy-Ready out-of-the-box.
It is a complete, fully “deGoogled”, mobile ecosystem; including search engine, email platform, cloud storage and has several Advanced Privacy Features. All of this helps make one of the best privacy phones and easiest to use deGoogled phones available.

Privacy Devices can be found here -

How does your phone and computer spy on you?

Very helpful resources for obtaining Digital and Physical Sovereignty.

For another Review on /e/OS check out

Basic Startup
A1 00:00:41:08
eCloud Setup
A1 00:01:54:11
App Lounge Review
A1 00:03:31:17
App Lounge Privacy Feature
A1 00:04:43:00
Advanced Privacy
A1 00:06:46:25
Activation / Sim Card
A1 00:09:35:01
A1 00:12:25:01
Maps/VPN/Location Spoofing
A1 00:13:19:26
Weather App
A1 00:15:00:24

This is Jonny with Get Privacy Freedom. My family and I have been Decentralizing, moving power and control away from Centralized agencies, for over a decade. It's about EXITING tyrannical woke systems and BUILDING systems that provide #SOVEREIGNTY. In turn this builds the #PARALLELECONOMY.

Do you want to know easy place to start?
The easiest thing that anyone can do is start deGoogling your life, get deGoogled phones. and then start deGoogling other devices and software.

By doing this, you immediately stop feeding the beasts that are trying to control you. They can no longer track your locations, your buying habits, harvest and sell your data, or force APPs on our phones and devices.

At Get Privacy Freedom, we want to help people get FREE from surveillance and get #DIGITALSOVEREIGNTY and ALSO get #PHYSICALSOVEREIGNTY with food, energy, money, education, etc.

Here is a quick video of some of those systems (food sovereignty, energy - solar power, home education, etc) in hopes it provokes ideas for you and encourages to Go And Build. Don't ever let fear of failure stop you from Building.


A big part of a #paralleleconomy is to stop using or giving to the “other” economy. There really is a Digital Privacy War for YOUR data. Big Tech WANTS and NEEDS your data for #control and #power.

Our locations, our buying habits, our conversations, our assets, our App usage, our Internet browsing, our income sources, our health decisions… is all OURS! We are Property of No One!

Why does anyone need a Privacy Phone?
You are being tracked! Your Locations, Conversations, Internet Behaviors are all being logged, analyzed, and sold to 3rd parties.
Solution? Join the Privacy Revolution and get a De-googled Device.
A deGoogled device gives the user back CONTROL over their phone, severs the User's Identity from the device, and helps eliminate SPYWARE. YOU & YOUR data are property of No one except YOU.
Shop for Privacy Devices at

Learn more..

Heard of the Privacy War yet?

Explained here is the ease of transferring to and using a deGoogled Phone;
Activation, Transferring Data, App Stores, Maps Apps, Secure Emails, Faraday Bag, Etc...
It really is easy to move to a Privacy Phone...or can simply have one as your "Bat-Phone!"

Learn more and shop for Privacy Devices at

A Privacy (de-Googled) phone is a normal smart phone that has google removed and a new Private and Secure operating system flashed to it. This helps DISCONNECT the user's identity from the device & remove spyware. Thus the user can be FREE of those who want to SPY on you by LOCATION TRACKING, CONVERSATION LOGGING & ANALYZING, INTERNET ACTIVITIES, ETC.
You can get deGoogled smart phones & devices at and learn more at

Haven't heard of the Privacy War yet? Check this out!

Here is explained the ease of transferring to and using a DeGoogled Phone:
Activation, Transferring Data, App Stores, Maps Apps, Secure Emails, Faraday Bag, Etc...
It really is easy to move to a Privacy Phone...or can simply have one as your "Bat-Phone!"


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PRIVACY is our passion! Where there is NO PRIVACY, there is NO FREEDOM.
We strive to help educate people on the ever growing privacy issues presented by Big-Tech, and provide AFFORDABLE Privacy Phones & Devices to all.

Now is the time to take control of our lives and leave the largest surveillance system ever known to mankind.
Now is the time to sever our identity with Big-Tech and beat their system.