Over the past couple months I have been playing around with drop c and I really like the sounds being produced. Here I am practicing a piece of music for a song call "Terminal Chaos".

I am back to being a single producer.

Never tell people what you dream of doing as thoughts are very powerful. If you tell the wrong person and you will not know who is the wrong person then there is chance that you may find stumbling blocks in your path.
Let your actions prove you worth.

After many weeks of recording and re-recording, editing and producing we have finally gotten a finished version of this song recorded and uploaded ready to be shared on our music site which is available upon request.
Future video will include the Timbus who is the lead singer/song writer for our group.

Thoroughly enjoyed writing the music composing, editing and changing the song whilst learning newer ways to play my guitar. Much thanks to Source of all energy for granting me the ability to entertain myself with vibration, frequency and sound.

Thank you for watching the guitar play through and please leave a like or thumbs up / down if you liked / disliked our music soon to become song.

Namaste to all <3

We have been together for roughly 4 weeks now and we are called 'Kings Of Destiny', we have produced two demo songs that have no singing on them as of yet.

1. Kings Of Destiny
2. Reflections Of Self


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Composing Metal, Trance & Ambient Music, Conspiracy Facts as theory is not proven, sometimes rants as life sometimes frustrates me. Spiritual topics such as demonology/angelology/archetypes/fantasy creatures/made up nonsense/etc.

A human animal comprehending the world.