Western society promotes single motherhood, a woman prefers payment in jewelry, and all cultures are equal.

Know about "regret" rape? Now we have "forget" rape.
And a Russian so-called cam model shows what happens when you're given looks and little forethought.

Who is easier to deal with? Ugly women or hot ones?
With either choice you can't totally avoid feminine nature.

Why does this article have to mention genitalia so often?
This was originally just a clip among several. But it became its own thing as I read how toxic femininity prioritizes castrated men over children victims of abuse. This article discusses the perpetrator's gender identity more than it does the crime which the perpetrator committed.

He has a point. If we look at domestic violence for what it is, and hold the perpetrators accountable, we can really help improve the lives of millions.

Had to split up toxic women this week for: toxic women in states not named Florida, toxic females in Florida, and toxic females in Florida with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Women are angels and do everything right. Her body, her offspring, her choice.

Had to split up toxic women this week for: toxic women in states not named Florida, toxic females in Florida, and toxic females in Florida with Trump Derangement Syndrome.
Allowing toxic femininity to fester while Rome crumbles...

We're splitting up the toxic females into sub-segments: toxic women in other states, toxic women in Florida, and toxic women in Florida with some form of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Direct Quote from Le Bon's book "The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind" written in 1895.

We see people behaving in ways just to be a part of the crowd.
They protest to make our laws more compassionate to force compassion into the culture.
They believe we can end poverty by focusing on policy, and not values or mindset.
But the delusion that we just have to change government institutions as a way to direct the culture is not new.

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This week we have several contenders for best mother of the week, as well as best girlfriend. Some of these toxic women are older and unmarried, but I don't know why.

A woman may falsely accuse a man out of spite, but it is men putting other men in cages for false accusations. Women cannot oppress men. Only other men with more capacity for violence (ie, the state) can. Ernest Belfort Bax wrote about this over 100 years ago. Has the situation changed?

A quick "news bite" showing what we could guess if we used observation, experience, and thinking.

Another week of the fairer sex stabbing and abusing.

A pregnant mother decides to get physical with another woman due to a "road rage" incident. She remembers she is pregnant after taking a few punches to the stomach. Single mother perhaps?

Columbia University is two for two with #BelieveAllWomen. This time even video evidence doesn't help the male student. That sounds about right for the socialist feminist agenda.

A quick thanks to the toxic females who managed to get pregnant, an achievement that only all of our female ancestors have done.

(Sorry, just noticed I had this unpublished today)

Candace Sutton @candacesutton1 doesn't mind writing the name of an innocent man accused, but will she write a redaction?
An unnamed woman falsely accuses a man of assault after he fixed her car. Why help strong independent women when they think it's okay for innocent men to be put in a cage?
Shout out to Mr Obvious: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mrobvious/


From Las Vegas we start with another single mother and another murdered child. How good are single mothers at choosing mates? Then a trip to Alabama for a married woman showing why emotions and 911 are a great combo.

Why do so many women kill their children? When will Gillette release a commercial to raise awareness about this? This one turned out to be a family full of toxic females, where children just aren't safe.

If life isn't working out for you, are you a victim or a loser? Those we think have no accountability for their situation deserve our compassion, right? Where was #BringBackOurBoys for Boko Haram kidnapping young boys?

Who knew there'd be single mothers in this week's toxic femininity update? Also, we have a toxic female from the great state of Florida, and Walmart makes an appearance. Oh, and there's some homicide. But don't worry about that last part, it's just a disposable male victim. Carry on!

Toxic female personality exposed: weakness, emotional instability, irrational thinking and self-objectification. In a rare moment of clarity, a social media "influencer" admits she's worth nothing more than the digital validation her body brings.

Fun female eff-ups. Toxic femininity comes in all forms. Criminal single mothers raising criminal children. Will this update include mothers abusing their children? That's very rare, so don't bet on it.

First few videos of general toxic female behavior. Lack of accountability? Single motherhood? Overly emotional reactions? Let's find out.

This is a good example of toxic femininity. Her whole life was likely based on bod and no brains. If she were able to use long term thinking, or if she understood finances, she wouldn't be in this situation. Toxic females hate men, math and morality.


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It appears we are approaching an era of extreme political correctness in western nations. Good intentions to limit the damage of "hate speech" have now been turned into weapons against facts and reality.
I intend to upload sensitive topics such as: leftism, feminism, biology and logic. (Yes, science and logic are sensitive topics!)