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This shit actually isnt banned on YouTube yet. So much for algorithms. You know what this is about. Watch the fuckin thing.

The new episode of Debunking Everything outs the CDC numbers as fraudulent. The real killer is the flu which had hospitalized over 32 million Americans BEFORE the COVID pandemic went live.


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Beyond Classified, an in-depth examination of the John Kennedy Assassination...amongst other atrocities committed by them. Israel killed Kennedy, there were two Oswalds, the good guys are the bad guys and up really means down. You live in an artificial construct where everything you know is a lie. Here is where you pull the thread that unravels the world.
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"All they ever do is lie,"
- John F. Kennedy

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#zionism #Israel

On 11/22/63, the US government was overthrown by a foreign power with the assistance of hundreds of American traitors. This documentary lays the historical foundation for the events of that late November Day in 1963; the day the United States lost its sovereignty.

The Man On The Grassy Knoll
A Documentary by Cory Hughes

This is a 15 minutes segment of a three and a half-hour presentation given by Cory Hughes at the 2020 Forbidden Knowledge News-Con entitled "The Hijacking of America."

Kennedy and the events surrounding his death are no longer a mystery. What you won't find here are "JFK Researchers" spreading lies and myths like Roscoe White, James Files, and Malcolm Wallace. You won't find any bs about "the Illuminati" or "Military-Industrial Complex." What you will find are names of real people, actual events that happened, and the names of the shooters....the real ones.

The full 3.5-hour presentation will be available soon at FKNCON.LIVE.

You can find Cory's other presentations on the JFK assassination at the Forbidden Knowledge News YouTube Channel and Podcast.

Dave Grossman is a former Lt. Colonel in the Army, he is an author, speaker, liar, propagandist and psychopath. His work on the subject of the psychology of killing, as illustrated in his book 'On Killing', has filled the minds of law enforcement, and military around the world with non-sensical concepts of justified violence and falsified statistics.

His body of work, and subsequent career, are based on the writings of S.L.A. Marshall, who was a WW2 military journalist. Marshall's book Men Against Fire, allegedly based on his own research into firing rates among American GI's, has been thoroughly discredited and Marshall has been branded a liar, and fabricator of his own results. Despite Marshall's outing as a fraud, Grossman continues to tour the country propagating lies and myths to law enforcement, which have led to the deaths of tens of thousands of American citizens over the last three decades.

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Debunking Cops Volume 3 - The Murder of Michael Brown

As told by an ex-cop.

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This episode will cover the US Government's and Law Enforcement's active role in global drug trafficking.

Doug Valentine is the author of The Strength of the Wolf and The Strength of the Pack. These are two of the most important books ever written on the drug trade. Doug's research comes mostly from first hand accounts of FBN, DEA and CIA officers who tell a tale never before heard by the world.

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Special thanks to Ryan Dawson for making me work for my answers instead of just giving them to me.

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This episode will cover police use of force. As told by an ex-cop.

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Thanks to Paul Pavlovich for use of "Body Politic Equation" by Assuck

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Fuck Cops. They victimize the public for a paycheck. They abuse the trust we have laid upon them. They murder 1500 people and hospitalize over 50,000 in the U.S. every year and suffer no consequences. Here is where the myth of the police "good guy" goes to die.

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Special thanks to Paul Pavlovich for use of 'Body Politic Equation' by the legendary Assuck.


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Everything you believe is a lie.