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At today's House Select Coronavirus Committee hearing, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) called out Dr. Anthony Fauci's opposition to the lab leak theory.

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with Călin Georgescu (former UN Executive Director)
Dr. Reiner Fuellmich-
“In this revealing and insightful interview. former UN Executive Director Călin Georgescu describes the process of infiltration and global takeover of the United Nations by oligarchs, particularly Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum (WEF).-
He outlines the power structures of the UN, its covert manipulation, exploitation and enslavement of people around the world, and reveals the sobering reality of a once benevolent organization.-
Călin Georgescu tells the story of his own tipping-point, of turning his back on the destructive agenda of the oligarchs. He emphasizes the importance of (re)connecting with nature, ourselves and our fellow human beings which shall guide us to true sovereignty, harmony and the Divine.
May his wise words of encouragement and compassion be an inspiration to us all.

It does the heart good to watch pureblood athletes like Djokvic, Kyrie Irving, and Aaron Rodgers succeed after they stood their ground against the greatest infringement on human rights we've seen in decades.
Very few had the cajones to resist this pandemic of tyranny in the sports world, but to those who did: they've gained my respect and thanks. They've proven to be freedom fighters when the world desperately needed examples of just that.

Nurse stands by her decision to do the right thing and pisses off a pig cop who thinks he is above the law. Watch to the end and see the outcome.

They're talking about financial crisis and their lack of faith in our banking system and how to keep the public from freaking out.
"You don't want a huge run on the institutions, and, and they're going to be…I would be careful about the unintended consequences of starting to blast too much of this out in the general public.”
Full FDIC meeting here:

"And I had these terrible headaches uh...and I was diagnosed with having a....uh, anyway....They had to take the top of my head off a couple times to see if I had a brain..."
~President Joe Biden

Feb 27, 2023
A 60-year-old woman died after being arrested for trespassing. Knoxville Tennessee Police have released more than an hour of body camera video of the arrest of Lisa Edwards. Edwards was discharged from Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center on February 5, and allegedly refused to leave the property. Hospital security called the police to remove her. Video shows Edwards insisting she was unwell and needed medical attention. Responding officers did not believe her. She died the next day. INSIDE EDITION

Moderna CEO Stephane Bancel was exposed when he admitted to his friends at the World Economic Forum that his company produced 100,000 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine in 2019 - before the pandemic hit.
In revealing footage from the World Economic Forum, Bancel also mentioned that he foresaw something called the Covid pandemic.
Make no mistake, this is direct evidence that Moderna and the Big Pharma cartel were involved in the pandemic planning so they could market a cure for the depopulation of the global elite to the masses.
In 2019, Bansel said he shocked his employees by telling them that production of the mysterious vaccine they were working on would need to be scaled up to a billion doses next year because, quote, "there's going to be a pandemic."

New evidence that Ray Epps lied to investigators about January 6th.

I expose collusions between WEF and your government to install surveillance lights preparing you for smart 15 min city

All this shit was predicted decades ago and is now coming into fruition.

Millions of dollars in fines issued in New South Wales during COVID-19 lockdowns will be withdrawn and refunded.

Crossdresser Derek also known as Erika drove from Camrose to Provost to meet a 14 year old girl. These chats lasted over 7 months since the decoy age was originally 13. He said he was super horny and wished she was 16. He said the purpose of this trip was to do her hair and makeup.

Hopefully one day someone will actually take this clown out.

Stan wanted to get a 14 year old into his truck so they could "get drunk and have some fun"

Beni is chased out of town after he was caught trying to meet a 13 year old girl for sex. He came out to meet an 11 year old girl 3 weeks before but he refused to get out of the van and ended up driving away because he was scared it was a trap.

Chilliwack Creep Catchers expose Jeff for trying to meet a 12 year old girl to take her virginity. He brought lube for anal sex and he also wanted oral.

The jabbed are starting to realize that there is a plan to depopulate the earth. They were targeted for death and it's time to fight back.

Judge Rouleau is just another high end Liberal to fuck over Canadians.

The word "SATAN" flashes across the screen at the Superbowl's halftime show. Big surprise. Check out the Left wing loonie in the YouTube video down below and how he denies this is a Satanic event.

After his Satanic performance at the Superbowl half-time show, Sam Smith is spotted in New York City. Soon these satanic pedophiles won't be able to walk down the street.

We are in a war with SATAN ISTS
Why won't Pierre Poilievre OUT TURDEAU as a PEDO....
Pierre could EASILY WIN if he did.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla Relies On Aggressive Security Tactics To Escape Questioning By Veritas.

Ripped from Project Veritas' YouTube channel

Fasion Mogul, Peter Nygard, caught on camera offering to pay for women’s placentas and aborted babies… These people are truly sick.

This is why abortion is so important to them, it’s a business, a lucrative one.

In 2020 Peter was formally charged and arrested on sex trafficking and racketeering charges, including allegations of sex trafficking involving minors.


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