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Johnny Watcher, Twoshoes and Keghead lament over the foreclosure of Graceland and the plight of farmers and taxes. Iran's presidential crisis turns fortuitous for Israel. The star witness against Trump in the New York case admits to felony embezzlement of Trump's money. Keghead lashes out at seatbelt laws and kangaroo courts. A mobile, grill-mounted EMF generator is theorized.

Johnny Watcher, TwoShoes and Keghead trade stories of lost and weirdly recovered personal effects. Politics raises its ugly head while memes are reviewed for relevance.

Johnny Watcher is joined by TwoShoes, Keghead and Crazy Dave trying to figure out why our collegiate youth are supporting terrorists. UFOs and Vladimir Putin make appearances as part of the discussion.

Episode 150: Three years of Apocalypse Watch!

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes on Biden's bid to buy votes using the same marijuana legalization scheme of 2020. Plus: Who's paying for, and paying, the thousands of student Hamas sympathizers? Are our college students really so stupid they choose to support a terrorist organization that brutally murdered 1,200 people 7 OCT 23? Or, is there something more sinister in play?

In E9 of this series on Conspiracy Basics, we look at the Deep State, who and what it is. We take a look at our first Conspiracy Snapshot, in the no-longer-theory category, Operation Mockingbird.

In E8 of this series on Conspiracy Basics, we look at False Flag operations with a specific emphasis on 9/11. We also move into the idea of "Media Literacy" and how to determine what's real and what's fake.

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes compare notes on the Eclipse Totality. Johnny blasts the Conspiratorium for the raging fear porn and stupidity spewed out over an amazing natural (maybe) phenomena.

In E7 of this series on Conspiracy Basics, we cover four blatant media lies that changed the course of history. These are no longer conspiracy theory, but proof that the criminal media is complicit in misinformation and propaganda.

Apocalypse Watch regulars Johnny Watcher, TwoShoes and Keghead track the path of the eclipse over Arkansas. The IDF's unfortunate strike on celebrity chefs in Gaza and stories of motorcycles, chainsaws and other power equipment wedge themselves into the conversation.

In Episode 6 of Conspiracy 101, we discuss the Criminal Media: Who they are and why they hate us so much.

The Apocalypse Watch crew covers current events including the Trump bond reprieve and subsequent criminal media whine-baggery, Ronna McDaniel being out before she gets in at NBC, RFK Jr. VP pick Nicole Shanahan, the Key Bridge disaster and ELO comes to Dallas.

In Episode 5 of Conspiracy 101, we take a look at the "Stupid Narrative," or junk conspiracies, that are thrown out to the media to muddy the water and help hide the truth.

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes review Scott Adams' hoax list, to which the "Bloodbath" hoax has now been added. From Russian Collusion to the Pandemic of the Unvaccinated, a long list of complete lies from your friends in the criminal media.

In Episode 4, Johnny tells us where the term "Conspiracy Theorist" originated. We then look at the typical conspiracy pattern: Event, Official Narrative, Alternate Narrative. With examples.

Apocalypse Watch regulars Johnny Watcher and Keghead blast the criminal media meltdown and damage control after Joe Biden uses the word "illegal" to identify the killer of nursing student Laken Riley during the State of Confusion address. Another gaggle of leftist media asshats are looking for jobs. And, a look at the findings of the Republican committee to investigate the Democrat committee that's still putting people in jail for aggressively touring the Capitol.

Episode 3 of Conspiracy 101: Welcome to the Conspiratorium. In this episode, we look at exactly who are "conspiracy theorists?"

Keghead returns to Apocalypse Watch with tales from his historic trip to Washington, D.C. The Watchers get a kick out of liberal meltdowns from the 9-0 Supreme Court ruling that upholds the Constitutional principle that a person is presumed innocent until they're proven guilty. A quick raspberry to Victoria Nuland as she jumps from the sinking Biden ship.

In this episode, Johnny lays out exactly what is a Conspiracy Theory and Conspiracy Culture. Conspiracy Theories have been around for centuries. Conspiracy Culture is the result of our loss of trust in our media, government, educational, financial and corporate institutions.

A rundown of the Fulton County, Fani Willis courthouse train wreck. The demise of Vice and Google loses billions over woke Gemini. Plus,"There's two kinds of countries on this planet: Countries that use the Metric System and countries that have put a man on the moon."

The Johnny Watcher Show: Conspiracy 101 E1: Is Artificial Intelligence a threat to humanity? A 40-year veteran programmer says, "No. Not yet." AI is not a threat; but the programmers are.

A citizen's look at Trump's current troubles. Memes, with commentary. A brief look at some ridiculous headlines. One Out of Place Artifact.

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes speculate why an online AI would post data with dates in the future. A list of Republican Senators who sold us out for Ukraine money. Biden's mental fitness for the office is clearly in question. And, another good laugh at the criminal media bloodbath as Paramount, which owns CBS, lays off 800 workers.

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes blast the criminal media for never telling the truth, even as they lay dying. Corrupt politicians, the stupid border bill and the media gaslighting to support it. The team talks about bigfoot, blurry photos and jiggly objects in the sky.

Apocalypse Watch regulars, Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes, heckle the criminal media and the bloodbath of layoffs and closures. The Texas Convoy sure does look like a J-6 style trap. Texas continues to give the Biden misadministration a big double-barrel middle finger. Johnny recounts his recent Paranoid Monday.

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes break down Donald Trump's VP possibilities and probabilities. We send a big salute to Texas governor Greg Abbott for giving the SCOTUS and the Biden misadministration a big double barreled middle finger and defying the Court's order by putting up more razor wire at the border.


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