Apocalypse Watch

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes have a laugh at the leftist meltdowns following the complete non-event of the Trump arrest. The team starts to break down the list of 72 types of people who "might be a terrorist."

Johnny Watcher is joined by Kdghde, Slim and (fake) Tucker Carlson for an open discussion. When "malfeasance" is used in a sentence, an engineering spelling bee kicks off. The results are about what you'd expect.

Apocalypse Watch E96: Hot War with Russia, China, California? Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes discuss the possibility of shooting wars with Russia, China and possibly California. The debate over Imperial versus Metric intensifies.

Apocalypse Watch E95: Johnny Watcher flies solo on this episode, ranting about UFOs and taxes. Reviews lessons learned from canceled journalists and advises against the National Divorce the criminal media seems so keen on pushing.

Apocalypse Watch E94: Why Just Tucker Carlson, Ohio, UFO Psyop
Johnny Watcher is joined by TwoShoes and (fake) John Brennan, asking who the hell is Tucker Carlson that he can get the J6 videos and the rest of us can't? Ohio train wreck horrible mismanagement and Johnny's prediction of a fake alien invasion appears to be coming true.

Johnny Watcher, joined by Chuck Schumer, Fox Mulder and Slim Shady, rips into the Ohio Chemical Coverup and the on-going UFO distraction. Johnny fields the question about whether or not the media can be fixed.

Apocalypse Watch regulars TwoShoes, Kdegde, AOC and Kraxy Dave join Johnny Watcher to dissect the Blob, the State of the Union, gravity bending light and Johnny's Theory of what happens when conversations live beyond their useful lifespan.

Apocalypse Watch E91: Classified documents, chickens and Arkansas Snow
Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes breakdown the Biden classified document caches. Shoes searches for some chickens to rent. All this great dialog in the middle of a good old Arkansas snow storm! Audio is much better this show.

Johnny Watcher, Slim Shady and Kraxy Dave host Zotar the Zaranian. Zotar throws shade on wood cutters and deer hunters while basking in the WEF glow of the Davos crowd. AOC completely fails to join the show.

Apocalypse Watch E89: Special surprise guest (fake) John Federman joins!
Johnny Watcher and Slim Shady are joined by (fake) John Federman to discuss the new congress, , the media, Biden's hoard of classified documents and Arkancide.

Apocalypse Watch E88: Is the moon artificial? Fake Joe Rogan Logs In!
Johnny and TwoShoes are joined by Keghead, Crazy Dave and Fake Joe Rogan to discuss the moon as an artificial construct. The current Congressional shenanigans are strongly condemned as stupid and unproductive.

Johnny Watcher, TwoShoes and Keghead review and score Johnny's 2022 predictions. Trump running as independent in 2024? Vaxxed versus unvaxxed? Pureblood parties? Economic chaos? Will Russia win Ukraine? UFO disclosure? Alien Invasion scare? See the scores from 2022. New predictions for 2023.

Johnny Watcher runs down his 2017-2022 predictions, with scoring for accuracy. Trump running in 2024. Vaxxed versus unvaxxed. The hilarious downward spiral of the criminal media. Disney, DC and Marvel flops at the box office. And, the complete lack of a UFO attack. Plus eight new prognostications for 2023 where Johnny gives UFOs another chance.

Apocalypse Watch E86: TWA 800, J6 and Trump, Twitter Files, UFOs
Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes are joined by Siim Shady, Far Side and Keghead discussing the J6 criminal referral of Trump, TWA Flight 800, Twitter Files and Musk, UFOs and why Ghilslaine Maxwell is still alive. Slim offers a theory on why pirates wear eye patches.

Apocalypse Watch E85: AI and the Singularity, Will Bankman get Epsteined: Johnny Watcher is joined by TwoShoes, Slim Shady and Far Side discussing AI and the Singularity, prediction on when it will happen. The group speculates on when and how Bankman will get the Epstein Treatment.

Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes are joined by Kgehde and Slim Shady for a hilarious discussion of Democrats, Jim Baker, and Jan. 6. Shoes asks: Can I Post This On Twitter Now? Jackass versus llama: Who would win? Preparing for the SHTF: Ideas and improvised weapons.

Apocalypse Watch E82: Dystopian Nightmares come true, Twitter Quitter
Johnny Watcher and TwoShoes are joined by Keghead and Slim Shady to discuss the parallels between the documentary "Dies Suddenly" and all the dystopian nightmares imaginable. The crew blasts the criminal media for hating free speech and why Johnny refuses to reactivate his Twitter account.

Apocalypse Watch E81: Trump/Twitter, AZ Election, Jackass Stories:
Johnny Watcher is joined by TwoShoes, Lady Luck, Slim Shady, Keghed and Fly High. The Trump/Twitter debacle gets dissected, Arizona election is put on hold and Slim Tells Jackass and Aggie jokes.

Apocalypse Watch E80: Johnny Watcher is joined by co-host TwoShoes, and guest Slim Shady, Kghede and Stiver to discuss Gallagher's passing, the Arizona and 2020 election parallels. The question of whether the U.S. actually landed on the moon is tossed around.

Apocalypse Watch E79: Sarah Sanders, Misawa Stories, Election Watch
Johnny Watcher, TwoShoes and Craxy Dave call elections, predict Trump's Presidential Declaration, relive Misawa blizzards, and dissect DeSantis vs Trump.

Apocalypse Watch E78: 33 Years Sober, Traffic Tickets, Personality Tests
Johnny Watcher, TwoShoes and Slim Shady trade stories of traffic stops, personality tests, Uncle Charlie and the Damascus Speed Trap. Johnny celebrates 33 years with no alcohol.

Apocalypse Watch E76: Opossums, Damascus Missile Explosion, Election Integrity, CBDC and hound dogs.

Apocalypse Watch E75: Boebert, Gabbard, Gas Rationing in France
Johnny Watcher, TwoShoes and Slim discuss Lauren Boebert's epic troll of Twitter blue checkmarks, Tulsi Gabbard dumping the DNC and the French fuel problem. (28 minutes)

Apocalypse Watch E74: Who damaged Nord Stream, Google and the UN
Join Johnny Watcher, TwoShoes, Slim and Kyle as they dissect possible Nord Stream saboteurs and bash Google for becoming an enemy of the people in the information war. Slim tells a Texas joke.

Johnny Watcher Show E12: Ramifications of the Nord Stream pipeline Sabotage. Johnny analyzes and speculates on possible far-reaching effects of the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines. NOTE: I said the US was selling LNG to "Russia" but I meant "Europe."


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