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NASA computer programmer confesses to election rigging software

Dude says "Fuck Trump, You work for the post office or Polls. You gotta what you gotta do. Fuck Trump"

The NYC Health Commissioner didn’t seriously say this...did she?

When you understand that
is controlled by Communist China, their bizarre misconduct, disinformation and unscientific advice finally makes sense.



JOE BIDEN: “The cure, that will make the problem worse no matter what" #Biden #ridenwithbiden #sleepyjoe #sleepycreepjoe​

Amazing coincidence!

This is a NOV. 4, 2019 video about an Oct. meeting by the WHO and the Gates Fnd.

For disaster planning, they explored a fictional scenario in which a coronavirus became a pandemic.

Remember: this was *fictional*. From last October.

MICHAEL Obama Praising Harvey Weinstein

BIDEN IS Now Maga lamo


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