Original video is here. Not only are the comments disabled, but they intentionally made it difficult to download. FUCK YOU.

I also uploaded it to youtube without comments disabled:

Note: This LOSER reported the video on youtube so I'm uploading it here.

This is Alfonso Cole Jr. I found on Facebook who was downvoting people who said that the police officer in the recent St. Paul, MN shooting was justified in defending himself.

This guy hates police officers and hates obeying the law. He's unable to engage anybody in real dialog about the issue and instead he bangs a stick against a trash can lid and sounds like this. I think this guy needs a pair of handcuffs slapped on him, and possibly a butterfly net.

I uploaded both parts to youtube but they deleted this one because it supposedly is too "racist." FUCK you, youtube. Let the guy vent you pieces of shit.

Here was part 1:

This video was fucking hard to find on youtube, especially uncensored, but I found it. Here it is! FINALLY.

More info:

Source where I got it:

Faggot censored version is on liveleak:

Body camera video obtained by Channel 2 Action News shows the moments leading up to a shooting involving a deputy that left a homeless man in critical condition.

Officers say Nicholas Bolton was asleep behind the wheel of his car when they approached him in the Newnan Crossing shopping center around 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

Officers said they asked Bolton to get out and show his license, but they say Bolton refused and, instead, jumped into the driver’s seat and took off -- barely missing one of the deputies as he drove away.

The video we obtained shows deputies chase after Bolton and perform a PIT maneuver that spins his car around. As deputies got out of their cars, Bolton’s car was still in drive with tires spinning. Seconds later, a deputy fired a shot through Bolton’s windshield, hitting him in the head.

Officials say the deputy saw “what he believed to be Bolton actively trying to drive his vehicle in the direction of a deputy,” but Bolton’s family and attorney disagree.

“Clearly Nicholas was boxed in with no place to go. Rather than take him into custody, shooting to was apparently easier, with the limp excuse that he was trying to hurt them,” attorney Tanya Miller said. “The police video speaks for itself.”

I infiltated the Reddit /r/gaymers mumble server and predicted that they would talk about the cock in less than a minute. Sure enough, they did. Homosexuals are overly horny. All they think about is cock. They're sexual predators. You will never see an asexual gay person in your life.

Jump to 0:38 for the action.

This is a CG depiction of Bryon Smith executing two teenagers who broke into his home.

A chilling audio recording of the murder of teenage cousins Nick Brady and Haile Kifer by Minnesota homeowner Byron Smith has been made public. Brady, 17, and Kifer, 18, broke into his Smith's home, unarmed, in the early morning of Thanksgiving Day in 2012. Smith had hidden his car to make it appear nobody was home.

The teens had no idea he was armed and waiting for intruders from this chair in his basement with an audio recorder set up on the bookshelf. Rifles owned by Smith, 65, had been stolen from his home days prior to the killings. Smith claimed that he feared for his life and had shot the teens in self-defense. Jurors, however, determined that he had intended to kill the teen intruders all along.

The court heard that Smith had lain in wait in an armchair in his basement with a loaded rifle and pistol, a lengthy book, energy snacks and water seemingly biding his time, waiting for something to happen.

Relevant links:

More visual detail with some crime photos:
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Aug 2018 possibly new trial:
Families of murdered teens break their silence:
Interesting web sleuthing:

Blizzard or somebody keeps copyright striking this video. It was recorded by an intern at Blizzard and I think it shows cult-like employees. This was where the video was before Youtube deleted it:

I'm skeptical it will last here and if it doesn't, I'll have to host the video on my own computer and then what is anybody going to do? You can't copyright videos on the internet you goddamned idiots.


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