Pajo the Celt

Primitive Societies in Europe

Hungary vs the BBC

MSNBC reports on Patrick Little's campaign. Edited by Pajo the Celt

Jesse Lee Peterson talks to Steven Anderson

Ugandan president explains the historic link between Africa and Palestine to Netanyahu and the visiting Israeli delegation.

David Duke vs CNN

Lady Michelle Renouf on European philosophy

Bill Gates saying vaccines and health care will help lower the population by 15%

David Icke talks about mass immigration and the planned demographic attack on European nations

Ernst Zundel speaks to Celtic studies professor Robert O'Driscoll

Rita Katz explains how she came to release an ISIS execution video before ISIS had a chance to.......

Financial analyst Joachim Martillo talks about the influence of Jewish social networks and Wall Street.

Irish journalist Vincent Browne takes on the ECB's (European Central Bank) representative Klaus Masuch....

Classic Louis Farrakhan,,,

Sketch of ex-Israel PM on Mastermind from a humorous political British TV show from the 1980's called Spitting Image

Author Douglas Rushkoff, 'Nothing Sacred'

How cultural marxism is used in popular culture

Ursula Haverbeck, 89, wants answers...... gets arrested.

Man playing a drum while singing 'The Holocaust is a Lie' jungle style

Nick Griffin's EU Speech

Behind the revolution.......

'..... they are now leading us into a one world communist government'

Profound words by Steven Jacobson

Larry McDonald spells out the dangers facing America

Prof Ray Hagins on African identity.... and Hitler


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