Israeli borders, Palestinian issue, middle-east peace plan, protection of churches, and more.

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Tells the truth about the war in Afghanistan and China's rise

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan talked about the importance of the world together combating climate change, saying "a lot of world leaders do not realise the urgency of the situation".
Addressing the issue of Islamophobia, he said Muslims in European countries have been marginalised and warned it would eventually lead to radicalisation.
Khan said since the September 11, 2001 attacks, Islamophobia has rapidly increased in western countries.
He also spoke on the revocation of Article 370 from Indian-administered Kashmir and escalating tensions between India and

Chinese companies in Africa; revitalizing or colonizing?

Ahmadinejad, the then President of Iran at the UN.


Why would you criminalize questioning of something you claim is the truth? Why would the truth be weak to questioning?

It's like Empire of Dust, but this time the Chinese are in the USA.

A zionist puppet replaced by another zionist puppet.

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If you preach the bible and read from the KJV, you are too Christian for the Zionists

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Doesn't identify as "full blooded" Englishman


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