The Sun still remains spotless and some leaves are turning but it is only August 17th? Autumn starts at the equinox which is 23rd September so is this too early?
This has been brought to my attention recently but I wish I had noted in previous years when they actually do turn.

Just one short shot of the spotless Sun purely to document it.

The Sun is still spotless and the heat from it is very stingy feeling on the skin? What is getting strange here is the lack of birds chirping, there is an eerie silence here in the country which is very strange, is the Sun affecting the birds adversely?
This is the western Scotland 10 August 2019 and some nice shots of the clouds using the EOS 6D and 300mm lens
The Sun shot was using prime focus with my telescope and not my usual eyepiece projection method.

The spotless Sun very hot and whiter looking than it used to look, something is wrong with our atmosphere.
This day is the hottest day of the year here in the UK.

I took some video today os the Sun with a 25mm eyepiece at the end a 7.5mm eyepiece, totally clear of any spots it was great to see and much better live, thanks.

I couldn't wait any longer to film the Sun has the gear I ordered to hook my camera to my telescope just hasn't arrived as usual, here I am using a 25mm eyepiece, 10mm eyepiece and a 7.5mm eyepiece but the quality is poor to what I should be getting.
The Sun is completely spotless and I will keep a vigil on it and will upload many such video's when the T tube and adapter arrives weather permitting!

This may be the lens at fault or trick of the 20 second exposure but it is also worth posting just in case it is not a Star but something hiding up there!
It will be a few days yet until we have clear skies again here in Scotland so I must be patient to get a second look.

Canon EOS 6D and 17mm lens

An IQ question taken from a Jordan Peterson video on IQ, I explain how the correct answer is found, if you find another answer then you will be wrong.
IQ is problem solving and using shapes makes it usable worldwide, high IQ leads to the ability to invent things in particular, it is not general knowledge or what you may have learned through life in your memory, IQ cannot be learned, you either have it or you don't but remember IQ is only one part of makes up you.

Mars AMAZING FIND Aliens in a rock as if they are watching the rover. August 2018
I am gobsmacked at this, it looks so suspiciously like two little aliens inside a rock maybe for protection or just to hide and watch!

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Mars rover Pia 16441 a figure outside a cave with a designed entrance, this is very clear and very understandable, if there is life of intelligence it will live below ground, plenty of methane detected!
NASA must come clean, there is evidence everywhere.

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Mar Caves and Martian looking rock! August 2018
Look between both entrances, there are two white markings or something odd there definitely.
Going to enjoy this sol

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Mars FIVE INSECTS together!!! August 2018
This is amazing, these insect looking things have brush like legs and that can be clearly seen, the one I said it was its spine, that may have been the front and legs but too poor image to tell really
The legs are very clear as they stick out against a dark background.

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Mars !!!AMAZING ANOMALIES!!! August 2018
The white triangle or pyramid in the rock is weird, it looks like its fitted into a square hole haha
The Iron artwork is good and other bits including the stone pyramid and missile looking rocks!

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Is this a UFO or is it a man made Moon satellite?
Most decommissioned Moon satellites have crashed onto the Moon surface, there are said to be only four active satellites orbiting the Moon.
If someone recognises this as a satellite then please say Mr NASA!


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Panspermia, belief life exist throughout the universe, I believe DNA works throughout the universe tapping into anything it can use to create the perfect self, a real survivor! Alien life could be any shape any size any colour etc so searching and highlighting will be challenged because 99% of people who want to see aliens exactly like man and probably wearing human cloths or they won't recognise it as a life form!!!

Our Sun is one in 100 billion starts in our galaxy, there are 100 billion galaxies at least in the know universe, we are not alone! Telescope Skywatcher Skyliner 250PX Dobsonian Telescope Newtonian with a Dobsonian mount with a 10" mirror An array of eyepieces