Take a journey into the mysterious world of the Labyrinth. In this fascinating tour of the world's Labyrinths, including, both those found inside and outside Christian Churches.
This video will teach you of the occult history of Labyrinth use and the myriad dangers of entering one!

Who is behind a secretive Milton Keynes charity shop that funds schoolgirls with explicit sex education and abortion referrals? I spent six months uncovering the truth about a secretive Charity Shop and the harm it has been doing to our young children in Milton Keynes.
My story is an intricate web involving the Church and the local MK Community Foundation and Christian Foundation with a Vicar who sits on the board of both!
"this is SO BRILLIANT WORDS FAIL ME ....had me in tears so much positive impact here I want the World to see this one" Mrs Wendy Walker (Luton U.K.)

This tearful rant is for my Homeless friends. They've literally been killed by your harmful charity!
Filmed on the unforgiving streets of Milton Keynes, where the Homeless have their bedding destroyed by the Council.

In this follow up video, we further explore ways to be a Red Hot Evangelist, even if the very idea seems intimidating. Areas covered include: Telephone Evangelism; Charity Shop Donations Evangelism and more!

Billy Graham is revered around the world but is this reverence justified? Who was Billy really working for? In this revealing and informative interview: Author and Street Preacher, Miguel Hayworth, lays out the case against Billy Graham and leaves the viewer in little doubt that something very unBiblical was at the heart of Billy Grahams ministry.

Author and Broadcaster, Miguel Hayworth, is a master at exposing the hidden agendas of the Ecumenical Movement. From Milton Keynes to the Vatican and beyond, this fast paced video will shock and leave the viewer in no doubt that Ecumenism needs to be stopped!

Find out how to be a Red Hot Evangelist, even if you're introverted, shy or don't feel qualified. In my opinion, evangelism is the most exciting of Spiritual gifts, as it can impact peoples eternal future.
Revelation 3:16 reads: "So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth"

An emotionally charged montage of Homelessness and death on the mean streets of Milton Keynes.

We return to the streets of Milton Keynes to check in with the Homeless there.

In this truly shocking video, Author, Miguel Hayworth, discloses the satanic agenda of the Pro-Life Movement. Many disturbing revelations of the Jesuits and the Vatican are bought to life through Miguel's erudite research. This is a video that will be hard to forget.

We return to the streets of Milton Keynes to hear the Homeless candidly tell us about their struggles.

Is a Christian allowed to practice Yoga? Can Yoga be sanctified of its Hindu origins? Author and Street Preacher, Miguel Hayworth puts forth the Biblical case why a Christian should have nothing to do with Yoga.

Known officially as Our Defender of The Faith, Queen Elizabeth II, has failed miserably to protect that which is most precious to Our Lord. In this enlightening video which sees the return of Author, Miguel Hayworth, the evil agenda of The Queen is exposed.

What does The Bible say about covering the head when inside a Church? Do the same rules apply to men too? Author and Street Preacher, Miguel Hayworth returns to help us delve into the Scriptures for the answers.

Fearless Street Preacher, Miguel Hayworth, travels to Milton Keynes to share his Street Preaching experiences including the time he was arrested and thrown in a Cell by Kent Police!
Miguel can be seen and heard Preaching on the streets of London, Manchester and other areas of the U.K.
Miguel Hayworth is the founder of and an Author and Broadcaster in his own right.

From childhood dream to unexpected reality: I get to jump inside a Claas 760 Lexion Combine Harvester!

Taking place in the very same field that as a kid I'd sit and watch the Combines working; this is a nostalgic trip back in time to see the many decades I have waited to jump inside a Combine and ride around the field I have loved since birth.

Featuring Claas 760 Lexion; JCB Fastrac 4220 & K Two Rodeo 1800HP Trailer.

An insightful perspective on Homelessness. Filmed on the unforgiving streets of Milton Keynes; the Homeless tell us in their own words: what life is like for them.

Controversial Author and Street Preacher, Miguel Hayworth, returns to rebuke females who have taken authority and leadership over the men of the Church. In this fiery rebuttal, Miguel gives the Biblical reasons for his view and answers the many excuses that women give for taking up leadership roles within the Church.

Miguel calls on women to repent and to seek roles that don't break the rules that God has written down in His Word.

With the unstoppable rise of the Vegan Movement, it is high time to ask if saying no to meat is something that pleases God.

Controversial Author, Broadcaster and Street Preacher, Miguel Hayworth puts forth the Biblical evidence for rejecting Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles.

With over 750 Bible versions and growing: what is the most accurate Bible to read? Author and Street Preacher, Miguel Hayworth, gives us his erudite opinion in this fact filled video.


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