If you listen carefully, this guy reveals it all... everything about the evil death shot;
but who's listening, judging by the smirks and grins of people in that chamber - who gives a shit anyway about mass genocide?
Millions of 'useless eaters' are being legally injured, genetically altered, and SLYLY CULLED... and nobody cares!


The cult does not want free speech - period!
Truth is their enemy.

Useless Eaters Slyly Culled.

It's happening the world over.

Now Germany has banned farmers in one of its federal states from properly fertilizing large swathes of land at the behest of the EU’s green agenda.

As of Thursday, the use of nitrate fertilizers has been greatly restricted for large swathes of farmland in North Rhine-Westphalia, with the green agenda change greatly angering farmers as it is likely to drastically reduce yields.

While implemented by authorities in Germany, the ban is ultimately at the behest of the European Union, which is pushing to reduce the amount of nitrogen in certain parts of Europe as part of its green agenda.

The policy has already wreaked havoc in the Netherlands, with the Dutch government now looking to either buy out or forcibly close up to 3,000 farms to meet targets set by Brussels.

Despite the impact this could have on food security in Europe, the push appears to have firmly extended itself into Germany, with Bild reporting that farmers will now be forced to use 20 percent less fertilizer in any area deemed to have problematic levels of the chemical.

Overall, the publication claims that a third of the total usable farmland in North Rhine-Westphalia — Germany’s most populous state — falls under this new restriction.

“If a wheat field needs 200 kilos of fertilizer for optimal yield, farmers would now be forced to use 40 kilos less,” one local farmer, Erich Gussen, explained. “That means a drop in yield and the quality of the wheat will suffer!”

Gussen noted that there is “great indignation” amongst farmers in the state, many of whom will see their bottom lines severely suffer at a time when fertilizer and fuel prices are already at major highs.

They want us all worried and fighting one another so that the innocent and the ignorant don’t notice their master plan for the Great Reset.

It is sinister - evil I would say... and we all know who's really behind it, don't we?

All nations need to issue an arrest warrant for Klaus; in fact, for all WEF tards....
Must watch movie

The Great Reset = immune system 'resetting'.

Microchips in the urinals eh? yet another fascist invasion of our privacy.
Of course, we'll have to pay to have them take the piss!
But don't worry, everything's A-OK... it's working fine, (just not in the way most 'vaxtards' think) all according to plan

Trying to normalize child rape and pedophilia, is utterly revolting!
Tells you all you need to know about these companies, our governments, and those who control the MSM.
Don't believe me, then ask yourself, why are they not being prosecuted?
You mark my words and those of GB News, normalizing pedophilia will be the next big thing.

I've said it before, smartphones are one of the worst things to happen to society.
In the last 15 or so years, things have got progressively worse because of them.
Also, people have changed and it's not for the better.
Just have a look around.

Trudeau should lead by example by volunteering himself as a test subject.

Nothing to with the 'vaccine' of course...
...and the public has NOT been played like a Harp.

“If I had a dollar for every gender, I’d have 2 dollars and a vault full of fake $100s”.

U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Whistleblower Reveals ‘Tax Dollars’ Spent to ‘Put Children in the Hands of Criminals’; Says Gov’t Complicit Because ‘We Don’t Get Sued by Traffickers’ … Migrant Child: My Female Sponsor ‘Would Pimp Me to Men’

• Tara Lee Rodas, Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency: “The tax dollars of people who are listening [to my testimony to Project Veritas] are paying to put children in the hands of criminals.”
• Rodas: “Our sponsors typically are not citizens. They’re not permanent residents. They don’t have a legal presence.”
• Rodas: “The sponsor can hold up an ‘Order of Deportation’ to a [migrant] child and say, ‘This is your Order of Deportation. If you do not do what I say, when I say, I’m going to call ICE on you myself.’ We are paying to put children in the hands of criminals.”
• Rodas: “I said [to the command center executives], ‘We’re getting ready to send another child [to Austin, Texas],’ and they said, ‘Tara, I think you need to understand that we only get sued if we keep kids in care too long. We don’t get sued by traffickers. Are you clear? We don’t get sued by traffickers.’ So, that was the answer of the United States federal government... HHS did not want this information to get out.”
• Rodas: “They knew I had made protected disclosures and they retaliated against me as a whistleblower and had me kicked off the site so I could no longer research the cases.”
• Migrant Female Child: “An aunt [sponsored me], but she kicked me out of her house. She was pimping me and I didn’t like that. She would pimp me to men.”
• Migrant Female Child: “I just escaped one night. I told her [aunt], ‘I’m going to the laundromat.’ She [aunt] went to the laundromat and didn’t find me there. Later on, she called Immigration.”

[WASHINGTON, D.C. – Nov. 29, 2022] Project Veritas released a new video today featuring a whistleblower working within a federal government agency called the Council of the Inspectors General on Integrity & Efficiency [CIGIE].

The whistleblower, Tara Lee Rodas, volunteered to assist the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] with the processing of unaccompanied migrant children and was deployed to the Emergency Intake Site in Pomona, California.

Rodas sat down with Project Veritas founder, James O’Keefe, and described how precarious she believes the current child sponsorship program is for these minors.

“The tax dollars of people who are listening are paying to put children in the hands of criminals,” Rodas told O’Keefe.

“Our sponsors typically are not citizens. They’re not permanent residents. They don’t have a legal presence,” she said.

“The sponsor can hold up an ‘Order of Deportation’ to a [migrant] child and say, ‘This is your Order of Deportation. If you do not do what I say, when I say, I’m going to call ICE on you myself.’ We are paying to put children in the hands of criminals.”

The whistleblower affirmed that she has questioned federal government.

When they say Diversity, they really mean the exact opposite.
They mean uniformity of thought.
Everyone must think the same and accept their value system.
Theirs is a system ever so progressive and kind, that it requires relentlessly enforced compliance and never-ending indoctrination.

Please read:
Headlines - "5G Radiation injures 250K Telecom Workers a year as residents are warned to stay away".
Full steam ahead for 5G – and let’s not even think about the damage to health
On December 13, Michael Mansfield QC will lead a case at the Royal Courts of Justice in London against the Government concerning the negative health effects of 5G and other non-ionising (or radio-frequency) radiation. Permission to present this case was granted at the Court of Appeal earlier this year because of Government ‘failure to give adequate information to the public about the risks of 5G and to explain the absence of a process for investigation of any adverse health effects’.

The committee is tasked to ensure that our health is protected from radio-frequency radiation (RFR), also known as electromagnetic fields (EMFs), is the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE).

I was staggered when they told me two years ago: ‘COMARE has not previously reported on possible health effects from EMFs and at present, there are no requests from government departments for the committee to provide advice on this issue.’ Furthermore, their July 2019 minutes reveal that ‘COMARE has not been asked to look at 5G concerns and therefore does not have a 5G strategy’.

This year COMARE confirmed to me that the position remains the same. To be clear, this means that the Government is going full steam ahead with 5G without even trying to find out if this is safe. It prefers to rely on the safety exposure guidelines of a self-selected group, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), whose conflicts of interest have been exposed by two MEPs in a 90-page document. Despite thousands of studies confirming likely harm from EMFs in the microwave range over the last 25 years, ICNIRP’s guidelines have remained almost the same since the late 1990s.

When the vast majority of people do not give their health a second thought as they interact with their smart technology, and when Government has told us that EMFs are safe, why did I become worried about this?

The answer is firstly through my own personal experience of living near a phone mast, along with some anecdotal evidence, and secondly because of the amount of research now available and the campaigns of many scientists for new guidelines.

Read the full article on The Conservative Woman website

Don't believe the government employed fact-checkers, the eugenics programs of the early 1900s never went away they've just evolved. Canada's MAID program is actively pushing people to end their lives early even if it has nothing to do with a terminal disease.
They are even offering the termination shot to the homeless, the depressed, and those with diabetes.
2 veterans have also come forward because Veteran Affairs have offered them MAID.
Officially, more than 10,000 humans being have been 'put down' this way in Canada... and how many more unofficially?
It’s truly disgusting what this government is doing on so many levels.
Spread the word about the euthaNAZIa program approved by Trudeau and the open prison colony that is in Canada.

These are Bioweapons to control the population
Think about it - this is disgusting, they are treating us like animals.
And now they are doing it for children, without parental consent.
Please spread the word.

Please read:
I can confirm from Canada that euthanasia is even being offered to people with illnesses as treatable as diabetes.
Doctors are apologizing but they “have to offer it”.
Over 10,000 Canadians died last year through MAIDS, Medical Aided Suicide. Then this year the Liberals broadened those that can be eligible. It’s absolutely insane! There have been four instances, that we know of, where veterans were offered MAIDS as they were seeking help.
On record that is true. But off record, how many patients were administered lethal doses of opiates in "palliative care" and written off as deaths of age?
It is f***ing disgraceful that the only thing society can offer to those who are in need of real help is a needle. I’m beyond angry.
But I suppose none of us should be surprised by this - it's just another part of the cabal's secret global genocide agenda.
EuthaNAZIA will be legalized here next... wait and see, or take action now by spreading the word about Canada and Trudeau.

[Normalizing death by injection:
Euthanasia in Canada in its legal voluntary form is called medical assistance in dying (MAID) and it first became legal along with assisted suicide in June 2016 to end the suffering of terminally ill adults. In March 2021, the law was further amended by Bill C-7 which permits assisted euthanasia in additional situations, including for certain patients whose natural death is not reasonably foreseeable, subject to additional safeguards. In 2021, more than 10,000 people died by euthanasia in Canada.
Bill C-14, passed by the Parliament of Canada in June 2016, amended the Canadian Criminal Code so as to legalize both physician-administered euthanasia (PAE) and physician-assisted suicide (PAS) and to govern access to both procedures in Canada. The bill disallowed medically assisted death on the grounds of mental illness, long-term disability, or any curable condition and did not make euthanasia available to minors. Bill C-7 amended the law to allow for euthanasia because of mental illness.
To prevent suicide tourism, it is available only to residents eligible for Canadian healthcare coverage. Advance directives are allowed in Canada for euthanasia if their death is reasonably foreseeable if they are likely to lose the capacity to consent in the near future (such as in cases of dementia or Alzheimer's disease where patients may want to die after they reach an advanced state of mental decline)]. Wikipedia

PS: Didn't those S.S., swastica-wearing/waving goose steppers of WW11 have something similar, jabattoirs and all?

Now they are using food as a weapon.
We've all been conned... they are shi*ting on and laughing at us.
This is global mass culling and goes hand-in-hand with the clot shot program!
But it's incredible how insensible they've made us useless eaters... to the point where we'll clap for this and say it's a good thing for the environment!
How mindless and twatish are we?
We can live without politicians but we cannot survive without farmers!
What we are witnessing is genocide any which-way possible.
Utter disgraceful act of tyranny as per Klaus's agenda, this is why the farmers have been protesting and we need to do the same to fight back!
Time to take action!
Please share this information... that's a start!

We've stood for it... we've all been had!

Filmed at Cressbrook Dale on 25 November 2022

Died Suddenly is at
(8.2 million views as at 26 November 2022)

You can listen to a re-creation of the William Penn Common Law Trial by Jury at

This video has already been deleted from YouTube, unsurprisingly.

The march toward total control while pretending it is about our health continues to damage so many people, mentally, physically, spiritually, and economically.
Although I've been aware of this for quite some time - I could not have imagined this level of destruction to this degree.
Our lives literally depend now - on how we respond to the intention put forth by the few who want to rule.

Relating to all demons, or to pandemonium.

Why do we never believe them? For centuries, the global elite have broadcast their intentions to depopulate the world - even to the point of carving them into stone. And yet… we never seem to believe them.

The Stew Peters Network is proud to present DIED SUDDENLY, from the award-winning filmmakers, Matthew Skow and Nicholas Stumphauzer.

They are the minds behind WATCH THE WATER and THESE LITTLE ONES, and now have a damning presentation on the truth about the greatest ongoing mass genocide in human history.

...lest the world forgets!


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Fact: Covid-19 has never been isolated. Covid-19 only exists as a computer program.
It is 'in silico', meaning it's just a computer simulation. The phrase is pseudo-Latin for 'in silicon', referring to silicon in computer chips. in silico based techniques were used to predict and create a 3D computer version of the structure of the target coronavirus protein. in silico: [adverb or adjective] in or on a computer; done or produced by using computer software or simulation.
We settled on the *name theunmutualprisoner for our channel as a nod to the series The Prisoner, (first made in the late '60s and reimagined in 2009) which concerned a man who awakens in a mysterious, picturesque, but escape-proof village.
And just a thought for all the people out there who think that The Prisoner was just cool fiction at best and that George Orwell’s “1984” can’t happen, we offer you this thought …
...In times of profound social change like the present, extreme views hold out the appeal of simplicity.
Most conspiracy theories have come true - the much-maligned 'theorists' like Icke and Jones were right all along.
and this IS 1984. we're living in it right now!
We are by far from alone on BitChute in our efforts to awaken the world to the fact that it is fast becoming a global village, (a 'reset' of the world we once knew.
It is fast resembling a prison-slave planet - a New World Order.
Please consider this as a 'parallel society'... a place away from the scripted narrative falsehoods of mainstream media, (who are all bought and paid for by the extremely rich and powerful group who secretly run this world) a haven for you to view and consider the REAL uncensored news.
Long may BitChute live!
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