Footage has emerged on social media today of what is purported to be chaos at the RDS in the aftermath of a stabbing at the Higher Options college fair which is being hosted there.

Dublin Live is reporting that it is understood one person was taken to hospital and armed gardai flooded the scene. Two others also sustained injuries, none of which are believed to be serious.

Video posted to snapchat was labbelled "A stabbing in the rds and we have to que [sic] like this fml" and "just got stabbed at higher options"

published: 20 Sep 2019

Footage has emerged of a cyclist attacking a tram in France.

The man who is wearing and AC Milan jacket, was riding his bicycle on a grass-patched tram line on the outskirts of Paris.

The tram rings a warning bell to warn the cyclist that the tram is behind him, but the man drops his bicycle on the track and then attacks the tram.

After bending both windscreen wipes, the cyclist picks up his bike and cycles off.

Published: 17 Sep 2019

Oughterard protesters have said they will not stop their protest until there are assurances that asylum seekers will not be accommodated at the Connemara Gateway Hotel contrary to the request of the Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, for them to "step back while the process runs its course". Yesterday, there was a collision between a protester and a car belonging to a security firm guarding the premises.

Cllr Thomas Welby said that the resolve of the people is getting stronger rather than weaker.

Broadcast: Six One News | RTÉ One | 17 Sep 2019

Irish Patriot Niall was at the National Ploughing Championships in Fenagh, Carlow and managed to get himself on the One O'Clock News. Niall can be heard recommending that people watch his youtube channel where he often does live call-shows and calling RTÉ the fake news media and anti-Irish traitors.

You can subscribe to the Irish Patriot channel here:

Broadcast: One O'Clock News | RTÉ One | 17 Sep 2019.

Tipp FM hosted a debate this morning over TD Noel Grealish's remarks about economic migrants abusing the asylum system to move to Ireland and "sponge off the system". Former Tipperary Senior Hurler Timmy Hammersley disagreed with Grealish's remarks but caller Thomas felt differently. He said that the key point here was that "there are people presenting as asylum seekers who are clearly economic migrants."

"That is a fact if you look at the data."

In 2016, Eurostat revealed that Ireland fails 90% of asylum claimants as non-genuine.

However, the ESRI revealed in 2017 that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers are never implemented.

In January, 2018, the Irish Independent reported of an alleged, undeclared scheme being operated by the immigration authorities allowing failed asylum seekers without a criminal record and who had been in Ireland for five years or more, to stay. Legal professionals working on asylum cases referred to this scheme as the "scheme that doesn’t exist".

Broadcast: Tipp Today with Fran Curry | Tipp FM | 17 Sep 2019

A Monaghan farmer told Northern Sound radio about a hit-and-run in Emyvale when a car ploughed into his herd of cows while the occupants were escaping gardaí.

Farmer Patrick Colton talked local radio station Northern Sound and told them that a black BMW car came flying up the road and met him while moving a herd of 80 dairy cows after milking.

In an attempt to get by, the driver purportedly drove through the herd, seriously injuring a number of cattle, and slightly damaging two other cars.

Some of the cows had their legs broken and have had to be put down.

Gardaí have said no arrests have been made and investigations are ongoing. They did not release a description of the driver or the occupants of the car.

However, Patrick Colton's brother posted about the incident on facebook and described the occupants of the car as four black males.

Broadcast: Northern Sound Radio | 16 Sep 2019

An Albanian women told RTÉ Prime Time that reason she claimed asylum in Ireland is because her boyfriend had abused when they lived in Greece. The woman said she had been caught illegally in Ireland with false documents and this had prompted her asylum claim.

According to the Reception and Integration Agency (RIA), in the year to November 2018, the top two countries of origin for asylum seekers were Georgia and Albania which the Department of Justice regards as safe countries of origin.

Georgia has been a top country of origin for asylum seekers in Ireland since the EU granted Georgians visa-free travel to the Schengen area of the EU in March 2017, although Ireland is not in the Schengen area.

The Department of Justice told the Irish times that:

“Georgian nationals still required a visa to enter Ireland and the United Kingdom.”

“A trend emerged at this time, however, whereby Georgian nationals would travel to Ireland with onward tickets for other Schengen countries and appeared to be just transiting our airports.

Some 41 per cent of all asylum claims in the first half of the year were from Albanian, Georgian and South African nationals. All three countries are officially regarded as “safe countries of origin” by Ireland.

A spokesman for the Georgian embassy said Georgia was a developing democracy that was both “safe and stable”. He suggested that Georgians coming to Ireland were economic migrants.

A spokesperson for the Department of Justice in 2018 told the Irish Times: “In Ireland the five leading applicant countries for 2017 were Georgia, Albania, Pakistan, Nigeria and Zimbabwe which are not acknowledged conflict zones with high grant rates.”

Over 1500 people marched in a silent demonstration through the town of Oughterard on Saturday in opposition to any plans to accommodate asylum seekers at the former Connemara Gateway Hotel. The population of the town was 1,318 according to the 2016 census.

The protesters started their procession at Oughterard church and finished at the hotel. Protesters were asked to wear yellow vests in one flyer.

The march took place a day after Taoiseach Leo Varadkar urged TD Noel Grealish to "withdraw" and clarify his claim at a monster meeting last week that persecuted Christians from Syria would not be accommodated at the hotel and the people who would be coming were African economic migrants who wanted to "sponge" off the system. His remarks received a huge applause.

The Irish Independent is reporting that Cllr Tom Welby, said people in Oughterard were “not upset” at what Mr Grealish said.

“They are upset that he is being asked to apologise,”Mr Welby said.

“The media is focusing on one word, as in “sponge”, “Mr Welby said.

“If Noel Grealish had used the word “avail of” [taxpayers], no one would be talking about it,”the councillor said.

Broadcast: Six One News | RTÉ One | 14 Sep 2019

Hipsters are finally concerned about globalism’s destruction of Dublin after the news that the Bernard Shaw pub is to cease operation but not everyone is upset.

Drivetime heard from Cllr Mannix Flynn who said that there was a living community in the Charlemont flats nearby who were harangued, hassled and disregarded by the clientele of the bar whom he described as hipsters as "they weren't cool."

Flynn said that not everybody was in agreement with the type of noise that the local people had to put up with.

"In those 13 odd years, they managed to antagonise and make the area hostile for the local community who lived in Charlemont flats."

"They're the ones who set themselves up in the neighbourhood and thought for some strange reason everybody was going to enjoy the noise and people said 'no'."

"They refused point blank to negotiate with the local people and when they were leaving Body Tonic, they didn't even thank the neighbourhood for 13 years of noise."

Cllr Flynn also said that the statement that there's a closure or an attack on the cultural life of Dublin "is very, very far-fetched indeed".

"The idea that they marched into an area that was closed down and uncool and unhip and horrible and they walked in and saved the area is absolutely insulting. "

"...given the fact that we have a crisis in our in our city with homelessness, we have a crisis in our city with drugs, and here we have a load of glampers who decided to camp themselves into the area and undermine the local community."

Cllr Flynn compared the disappointment over the bar's closure as "basically a row with a load of fleas in a wig." He said the The owner of the bar has not renewed the license and it was as simple as that.

However, a regular who drank at the Bernard Shaw called Emmet Condon held a different view.

He claimed that the Bernard Shaw provided "cultural output in a DIY sense that is not being looked after in other areas of Dublin".

He said similar cultural output was ..

An asylum seeker staying at the Grand Hotel in Wicklow has said she seldom encounters direct antagonism from Irish people. Speaking to Newstalk she said she had made some friends in the town, one of whom brought her on a three night holiday.

However, she said that one night an Irish homeless man in despair stood under where her bedroom window is located and shouted that the asylum seekers shouldn't be staying at the hotel when he doesn't have a place to stay and they do.

However, the South African lady said she wasn't too concerned for the homeless man as he looked young and "could probably find work if he wanted work".

A Dublin councillor recently reported that he spotted a Deliveroo driver sleeping in a tent in Dublin and criticised the government over creating the "new working homeless".

Dublin Live reported last August that around a quarter of those forced to queue at a Dublin soup kitchen are working – but crippled by “crazy” rent and food poverty.

A record 550 people were counted lining up at the College Green aid station in the city on Sunday.

Tony Walsh, the founder of Feed Our Homeless, pointed out around 130 of them have jobs but are faced with bare cupboards after paying up to 70% of their income to rent a room.


Broadcast: Newstalk Breakfast | 27 August 2019

There was a huge applause at a packed community meeting in Oughterard last Wednesday for Galway TD Noel Grealish over remarks he made about economic migrants abusing the asylum system in order to move to Ireland.

Grealish was speaking at what was described as the biggest political meeting every held in Oughterard in opposition to any plans to accommodate asylum seekers at the Connemara Gateway Hotel. Reports suggest as many as 800 to 1,00 locals showed up at the meeting from a population of around 1,500.

Leaflets were handed out at the meeting informing the community that in 2016, Eurostat revealed that 90% of asylum seekers in Ireland were not considered genuine. However, in 2017, the ESRI revealed that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers are never implemented.
ESRI Stat:

TD Glealish's full remarks:

"Now I've worked with Galway County Council with one or two Syrian families. These were genuine refugees that were persecuted in their homeland, because they were Christian, by ISIS.

"They were housed around Galway. They were put into houses. They were accepted by communities. But if you watch the news and you listen and even our Taoiseach, three weeks ago, said he'd take an extra 200 — what do you call it — migrants from Africa.

"These are economic migrants. These are people that are coming over here from Africa to sponge off the system here in Ireland.

"I know people that I've talked to all over the county of Galway to try and get housing for. You're seven, eight, nine, ten years....[on the housing list]

"Let the Minister know the fear — and it is the fear factor — that this is going to bring on in this village. Because we don't know. We don't know these people that's coming in. I can guarantee you, it's not the simple, persecuted Christians and Syrians that's ..

Niall Boylan spoke to Bernie and Tom about the ongoing opposition to any asylum centre in Oughterard.

Bernie told Niall that after the monster meeting last night in the town, government officials did promise they would look at all their concerns but that after watching Prime Time last night "you see Mr Stanton is not for turning and he doesn't really listen to us as a community or anyone down here and it's really upsetting."

Bernie also said there are now rumours in the village that the hotel has been promised to Somalian people and everyone is really scared.

"Are we not allowed to stand up? We're just a small community."

Bernie said she would fee afraid going for a walk in the town alone if the plan went ahead.

Tom called in and said that while everybody is talking about the economic cost.,there was a much bigger cost "and that's the social cost."

Tom said that upper-middle class lefties who haven't done a hard days work in their life and who are preaching about racism isn't going to shut him up.

Broadcast: The Niall Boylan Show | 12 Sep 2019

Minister David Stanton told Miriam O'Callaghan that the reason locals are not consulted until asylum seekers are about to moved into a town is that telling them would break confidentiality before a contract is signed. Miriam didn't ask how renovations are able to be carried out on a hotel to prepare it for asylum seekers if no contract has been signed.

Stanton has been blasted on a number of times for failing to consult with communities over asylum seekers being moved into their towns. In Moville, locals found out on a Friday evening that one of their hotels would would be used to accommodate asylum seekers and consequently nobody in the government could be reached until the following Monday and even councillors had been left in the dark. This caused panic in the town.

However, Shannonside broadcaster Joe Finnegan told listeners that the Minister for Immigration & Integration, David Stanton, has stated to him that the lack of consultation with locals when asylum seekers are being moved into a town or village was government policy as if they informed people, there would be protest and "nothing would happen".

"If I'm not mistaken, a couple of months back on this show, the Minister for responsibility for this area, David Stanton, made it quite clear that that is official government policy — If they're to inform people of their plans in relation to the setting up of these emergency accommodation centres or in some cases Direct Provision centres, well sure people would be out in the streets and nothing would ever happen.”

Broadcast: Primetime | RTÉ One | 12 Sep 2019

At a packed community meeting in Oughterard last night, TD Noel Grearish told the room that economic migrants are abusing the asylum system to move to Ireland and "sponge off the state". Meanwhile he complained that Irish people are often on the housing list for seven to ten years. He also told the room that he didn't believe any persecuted Christians that would be coming to Oughterard. He said a big city could absorb 300 asylum seekers but Oughterard didn't have the infrastructure.

He asked the community to work together and he would help ensure any asylum plans for the town do not go ahead.

According to Eurostat in 2016, only 10% of asylum requests in Ireland are recognised as genuine but in 2017 an ESRI study revealed that 80% of deportation orders against failed asylum seekers are never implemented.

You can email Noel Grearish to express your support at this email address: [email protected]

Broadcast: The Seán O'Rourke Show | RTÉ Radio One | 12 Sep 2019

Fianna Fáil Councillor Seamus Walsh spoke to Galway Bay FM this morning to discuss the monster meeting last night in Oughterard where locals unanimously voted down any plans to use the Connemara Gateway Hotel to accommodate asylum seekers.

"The only information that I felt was was required last night was how to stop this thing. There was a plebiscite taken with a show of hands and to use the word unanimous...the people do not want this abhorration to come to our village."

"I'm calling on the people of Oughterard to get out there and find an investor. The only way I can see this being solved peacefully and done properly is for that hotel to be developed as the jewel in the crown that it is — a 64 bed hotel on the Connemara gateway serving the tourist community of Ireland."

"The contract hasn't been signed. Rome is burning. We don't want to be fiddling."

Cllr Walsh said one option would be for business people in the town to buy the hotel.

"The business people of Oughterard should come together and see what they can do, form a company if they have to and buy it out. That's one option."

He also suggested banks could invest it in. He also slammed the government for "dumping" their problems on Oughterard as a "quick fix" using underhanded tactics.

"I'm speaking for our people to save a blight on our community. The government cannot come along and dump their problems and woes on the people of Oughterard. This is an attempt at a quick fix at our expense."

"The reality of the situation is, we have not been consulted but we don't want to be told about the contract. "

"We want to be told we're not getting 300 people, 200 people, 30 families, 24 families. If they want to relocate a percentage share pro-rata as we would do as Christians, that's fine. Come and meet the people in Oughterard, discuss it and work it out but the notion of going 'uisce faoi tallaimh' — going behind our backs — paying off people in the dark of night, security firms harassing our commun..

Up to 700 people attended a public meeting in Oughterard, Galway where there was near unanimous opposition to any plans to accommodate asylum seekers at the Connemara Gateway Hotel. The govt has refused to confirm whether asylum seekers will be housed in the town but Cllr Tom Welby told The Niall Boylan Show last Friday that he believes the hotel is being renovated for this purpose.

You can watch the vote taking place here (video credit to Gearóid Murphy | @gearoidmurphy_ on twitter):

The Irish Times is also reporting that Minister of State Seán Kyne was booed and heckled at the meeting when he told attendees that Ireland was obliged under EU and United Nation laws to accept and process anyone who could prove they had fled persecution and injustices in their own country.

Social Democrats Cllr Owen Hanley has accused TD Noel Grealish of telling a "racist lie" over claims made by GARN representative Joe Loughnane that he stated that the majority of Africans coming to Ireland are economic migrants who wish to sponge off the system and that the only genuine refugees in Ireland are Christians fleeing ISIS.

Hanley created a petition for Grearish to apologise.

You can email Noel Grearish to express your support at this email address: [email protected]

Previously Shannonside broadcaster Joe Finnegan told listeners that Minister for Immigration & Integration, David Stanton, has stated to him that the lack of consultation with locals when asylum seekers are being moved into a town or village was government policy as "if they informed people, there would be protest and nothing would happen".

There has been a 550% increase in cases of suspected passport fraud in the past two years. 78 cases were investigated in 2016 but that rose to 504 last year. 237 cases have been forwarded to gardaí since 2016.

In January 2017, the BBC reported that thousands of non-EU nationals are paying tens of thousands of pounds for fake Irish documents to sneak into the UK.

The scandal was revealed in BBC’s Breaking into Britain on Radio 4.

Police say the scam was used by UK nationals who were trying to get their relatives into Britain from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

People are paying up to £25,000 for the fake documents, according to the police.

Det Supt Stephen Courage from the Garda National Immigration Bureau told the BBC: ”The facilitator will quite often set up a company, of which you will either be an owner or a director.

"They will also create a work history for you. They will create payslips, they will open bank accounts, and also pay nominal tax so when the immigration service receives an application to exercise EU treaty rights, they will look at the paperwork and on the face of it, it will appear that you have a life in Ireland.

Once they have secured an Irish passport, they can then move to Britain.

Broadcast: Newstalk News | 06 Sep 2019

Ronan and Michael Connolly sat down with investigative journalist Gemma O'Doherty to discuss their findings about climate change. Imelda Connolly also joined the conversation towards the end.
First published: 06 Sep 2019

Listen to James Delingpole interviewing Ronan Connolly here:

Re-evaluating the role of solar variability on Northern Hemisphere temperature trends since the 19th century

Christopher Monckton: New Irish study shows greenhouse gas effect cannot cause global warming

Niall Boylan heard from a Cllr Tom Welby in Oughterard about what he believes are secret plans to house asylum seekers at the Hotel Connemara Gateway in the town. Nobody in the government will confirm what is happening or consult with the locals over the plans.

Previously Shannonside broadcaster Joe Finnegan told listeners that Minister for Integration, David Stanton, has stated to him that the lack of consultation with locals when asylum seekers are being moved into a town or village was government policy as "if they informed people, there would be protest and nothing would happen".

Stanton has been blasted a number of times for failing to consult with locals ahead of moving asylum seekers towns and villages across Ireland.

Broadcast: The Niall Boylan Show | Classic Hits | 06 Sep 2019

Dr Ebun Joseph talked to Ray D'Arcy on Tuesday to tell him about her research on African unemployment in Ireland. Dr. Joseph explained that the unemployment rate for Africans in Ireland is between 43% and 63% and this was because Irish people are racist and not because Africans have a lower average cogitative ability and work ethic that is predominantly inherited genetically.

This compares to western Europeans' unemployment rate of 5-9% and Eastern Europeans' unemployment rate of 10-17%.

D'Arcy asked Dr. Joseph whether she carried out the study "because she suspected something was going on but she wanted scientific proof" and Joseph agreed.

Dr. Joseph explained that the entire EU is racist a concept because there are no African countries in it which limits Africans' ability to move to Europe. Why Africans keep wanting to move to racist countries was not explained.

Despite Africans' high unemployment rate, In May, 2013, World Bank figures revealed that €468m in 'remittances' was sent from Ireland to Nigeria in 2011.

That was average of more than €26,000 for each of the 17,642 Nigerian nationals in Ireland, including children.

One of largest welfare fraud cases in Ireland involved a couple who had arrived from Nigeria in 2006. The combined fraud totalled more than €400,000 and took place over a period of more than eight years.

€600k: The amount per day the Immigrant Council said organised crime gangs were making by running an international sex trafficking network stretching from Nigeria and Cameroon to Ireland in 2015.

Dr Ebun Joseph is a career development consultant at the Royal College of Surgeons. She received her doctoral degree UCD School of ..

Tom called into Liveline during their coverage of Vice President Mike Pence's trip to Ireland. Tom explained the he and his wife were former Democrats and Obama voters but after living in Sante Fe and witnessing what illegal immigration was doing to America's school system and electoral system, they became proud Trump supporters. Mass immigration alters the voting patterns of a nation.

Katie Hannon was standing in for Joe Duffy
Broadcast: Liveline | RTÉ Radio One | 03 Sep 2019

All food served in a new hot school lunch programme. RTÉ's report on the new programme focused on Our Lady of Lourdes primary school in Inchicore, Dublin which has 250 pupils but the programme has been extended to 36 schools across the country.

Less than 1% of the population of Ireland are Muslim according to the 2016 census. Previously this channel highlighted the news that all chicken and turkey meat served in Ennis Hospital is also halal.

Animals that are slaughtered using the halal method must not be stunned before their throats are slit and an Islamic prayer 'Bismillah' ("in the name of God") must be preformed during the process by a Muslim. The animal remains conscious while the blood drains from their body. The head of the animal must be aligned with the direction of Mecca. Pig products are not regarded halal regardless of how pigs are slaughtered.

According to Islamic law, Muslims are allowed to eat non-halal food if there is no halal food available.

Although the EU has regulations in place that animals must be stunned before being slaughtered, they make an exception for animals slaughtered under religious ritual.

Broadcast: News2day | RTÉ | 03 Sep 2019

Irish Freedom Party leader Hermann Kelly tells Niall Boylan how members of his party were singled out and blocked from entering the Phoenix Park to welcome the Vice President of America Mike Pence under section 21 of the Public Order Act while other members of the public were allowed to enter the park. The party's members were carrying posters in support of free speech. No explanation was provided by the gardaí.

Interview with Ben Scallan about the incident here:

On Sep 2nd, a group calling themselves "Collective Action" put out a post on facebook calling for supporters to "confront and subdue" Irish Freedom Party at the Phoenix Park which they described as a "public Nazi gathering".

Broadcast: The Niall Boylan Show | Classic Hits | 03 Sep 2019

EPA inspectors visited Ringsend Sewage plant in July after concerns were raised after what was alleged to be sewage spotted flowing out of the treatment plant.

A spokesman told Dublin live: "The plant has a capacity to treat waste water from a population equivalent of 1.64 million. The load entering the plant is from a population equivalent of approximately 2.3 million."

“The EPA has repeatedly highlighted that Ringsend treatment plant is failing to meet national and European Union treatment standards.

"It is failing to meet these standards and failing to comply with the requirements of its waste water discharge licence because the plant is not big enough to adequately treat all of the waste water that it receives."

They added: “Waste water discharged back into the environment from this overloaded plant is breaching, and will continue to breach, the quality standards until upgrade works are complete.

A spokesman for Irish Water said: "Currently the Ringsend wastewater treatment plant treats approximately 40% of the country’s wastewater load. In order to treat the increasing volumes of wastewater arriving at the plant to the required standard Irish Water is investing over €400 million in the staged upgrading of Ringsend."

In July, the journal reported that billions of litres of untreated waste water have overflowed from the plant into the Liffey estuary.

The overflows include the discharge of more than 320 million litres of wastewater into Dublin Bay on seven occasions in 2019 alone, with dozens more overflows in previous years.


In Brandenburg:
SPD were down 5.9%
CDU were down 7.1%
Left Party were down 7.8% (from 10.8%)
Afd were up 11.3%
Greens were up 4.5%

In Saxony
SPD were down 4.6%
CDU were down 6.9%
Left Party were down 8.6% (from 10.8%)
Afd were up 18.1%
Greens were up 2.5%

A DW correspondent remarked: "what we are seeing here as a trend is a decline of the so called big tent parties."

According to a poll taken during the election, more than 80% of voters had a positive outlook on their future but 70% of AfD voters said they feel like second-class citizens in Germany.,

Another DW correspondent remarked on AfD's gains: "They are particularly good at addressing fears that other parties aren't addressing clearly at least for upwards of 20% of people that went to the polls this weekend."

Broadcast: DW Live | 01 Sep 2019


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