your average jewess, too obese to get off her ass and walk, needs the goyim to chauffeur her everywhere all while she calls them derogatory names such as goyim (slave)

Homosexuals are sick and need to be deported to an island free from normal healthy society.

no wonder why these sadistic freaks got kicked out 110 times in European history.


After a botched circumcision the jew Dr John Money (shekels) manipulated a boy named David Reimer and his family into believing he was born a girl. Dr Shekels was an activist in the jewish transgender movement, and is highly praised by the jewish owned media.

David eventually committed suicide due to a combination of Dr shekel's exploitation, his failed marriage, a bad deal that put him in debt.

credits: horror stories

if they cant make low testosterone white men go homo with mgtow, just tell them to screw South American hookers in Cuba, whatever furthers the jewish agenda of degeneracy

taken from (i do not endorse this channel, this is just for the sake of credit)

Jew Dr John Shekel most infamous for his botched circumcision on a young boy, he manipulated his victim and the boy's mother into believing he was actually a woman, the young boy committed suicide. jew Dr John shekels is praised by the jewish media as a massive figure in the jewish orchestrated transgender movement.

In this clip we see Dr John money discuss how fucking animals is perfectly normal just a taboo form of street sex. The jewish talmud tells the jewish race that only jewish people are considered humans, to Dr Shekels, we "goyim" (cattle) are not human. This is his last tel-avivision appearance before his timely death

your average mgtow, too lazy to get a new pair of pants

don't watch porn, don't take vaccines, don't watch betamale mgtow jewtubers or else you will end up like this.

Putin The Jew must deport himself to the nearest Volcano and take a long relaxing magma bath. I hope Russians rise up one day to remove this vampire jew

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Daily Stormer top donor at the time of the upload of the video, is a rapist jew. What kind of "anti semitic" website allows a jew to run around and rape their own viewers? volcano baths are in order

more content from the source

Pizzagate was only the tip of the iceberg, this series of documentaries expose the jewish organized network of child rape, facilitated by the government of the united states.
I am being censored on bitchute, i will not be able to efficiently communicate to my audience as all my posts have to be moderated before post.

By Sinead McCarthy

remember kids dont watch porn, reject vaccines or else you will end up like this effeminate whiny jew kvetching online all day every day about shiksas

feel free to re upload i do not care for credit i am just naming the jew

full review of the 4th political theory by alexander Jewgin

why did anyone pay attention to this jew in wolfs clothing?

mgtow is 100% jewish owned look at this effeminate jew trying to brush off his race's involvement in white genocide

"stupid goyim its not the jews its the women" -jewish faggots

All jews/ federal agents including Rick Heskey, handsome "itallian" kike truth, adam greenspan, nathan stolpmann all of them are kikes


A jewish tribute film to Rothschilds criminal family syndicate. Although unintended, this film was featured in the NSDAP expose video "Der Ewige Juden" (The Eternal Jew)

anytime you see retards like Hazrat Michael Weston try and explain that they are "German" You the viewer will have the necessary tools to debunk this jewish hazrat garbage.

By Denierbud
Idi Amin President of Uganda even figured out why jews are bad news

The only solution is National Socialism

more articles @
visit for authentic third reich reproduction pamphlets

Despite what the jewish uneducation system teaches us, the people of the Sudetenland were joyful and welcoming of their liberation from their racial supremacist jewish overlords

my favorite NSDAP song
thanks you battle for the west for reintroducing me to this lost song shoahed by kiketube

What a great leader


dedicated the all the retards that want to claim "Hitluh wuz an zionist n shieet" not realizing that said zionist agents made up this total bullshit claim with skewed evidence and outright false claims with no proof. For an in depth debunking of this jewish claim your free to read Nobel's series of articles on Renegade Tribune

I present to you idiots 10 questions that, to this day no one can dispute them with hard facts, not a single argument about this i have ever had online lead to a legitimate answer backed up by hard facts. This lack of proof shows that this is another jewish hoax with the goal of turning people away from National Socialism

1) why would jews want Hitler in the first place, Wiemar republic was jew heaven with faggotry, child rape, drugs, prostitution at a historic high, Germany's entire economy was subverted in the form of reparation payments, not to mention a federal reserve was finally established post treaty of Versailles (aka Dawes plan)

2) Why is Hitler from a working class background, wouldn't jews pick someone of their own creed and background? Hitler being jewish has been debunked thoroughly by credible scholars, historians and archeologists

3) Why would Hitler enlist into the military into a dangerous position, what if he died in combat? why would jews gamble on something like this? we have proof that Hitler was a well revered war veteran, was injured in the line of duty and constantly picked the most dangerous roles of combat.

4) Where is your proof that Mien Kampf was ghost written, idiots that repeat this clearly have not read Mien Kampf as it is far too personalized in detail to be ghost written

5) Can you show me a bill, receipt or any sign of proof that Swiss bankers financed Hitler? ironically this myth originated from an unknown jewish banker can you explain how this makes sense? Why would you follow a jewish theory based off a banker, the very people your supposedly against?

6) Why did Hitler dissolve the Rothschild's bank in Germany, Austria and eventually France? Why would jews allow this to happen? Why did Hitler have serious plans including battle plans to invade The Swiss Confederation, dissolve their banks and reforge the country with strict laws on banking?

7) Why did Hitler dissolve every known masonic lodge liquidating their assets and confiscating all artifacts returning them to their original homes, even policing the Thule Society and the clergy

8) During war time, Hitler was caught in numerous assassination attempts, why would jews assassinate their own agent? Is this a hoax? How did jews construct a bomb that did made a sizeable explosion but did not kill Hitler? this cannot be even mathematically predicted, why would Hitler agree to such a plan? Why would jews hire double agents to police their own double agent?

9) why would jews invest potentially billions into financing Hitler, making his country a super power, spending even more billions even trillions propping up the Soviet Union, Great Britain, France, America, Canada and China just to completely annihilate Germany, destroy every square inch of the country, rape and kill everyone just to spend even more billions even trillion reconstructing Germany. Wouldn't it be simpler to skip this and allow Wiemar Republic to fall into the hands of the Soviet Union? a much more cost efficient solution.

10) Why would jews have the need to lie about Hitler, National Socialism, even spending billions of the worlds economy just to combat National Socialism, why are other figures that took to heart of Hitlers politics silenced such as Grand Marshal Ion Antonnescu of Romania? Why would jews want to make up lies that Hitler ran away to Argentina? Why would jews have Nazi Hunters to track down Dr Mengele and other National Socialists that escaped captivity? Why execute captured National Socialist leaders? wouldn't it be simpler to have a hoax trial and set them free?

its almost as if the jewish media and jewish owned medical industry is mocking us as we sit home drunk and stressed out


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