A truly glaring example of the ongoing toxic spraying in the Mediterranean. The chemical fog is clearly not something normal...

A simple trick to decide if an incoming boat will pass in front of yours or behind.

I just converted my old bike to an e-bike and it's a lot of fun ! I rediscovered the pleasure of bike riding, this time without the grueling effort...

For this year's long sail we chose to go see the Tuscan islands.

A short video about measuring the tension in the shrouds. You should check it at least once every sailing season for good performance and peace of mind.

A daysail in near perfect conditions. Many other boats of all kinds on the water, blue skies, warm and clear sea, plus the beautiful Cote d'Azur stretching away in the distance... Update: the windsurfers I filmed were indeed professionals, part of the Olympic teams training for next year's Olympic Games which will be held in France.

Just another day in my area of the Mediterranean Some of the planes flying above are leaving huge trails of who knows what chemicals...

A few random thoughts on existence...

Join me for a sail to some of the most iconic calanques near Marseille. Also included a bit of drone footage, a short seagull story and some chemtrail examples. And beautiful bits of music by Eva Cassidy and Terry Oldfield.

I'm showing how to use the compass to find the best moment to tack or gybe the boat and still keep a good angle from the wind.

Cool daysail in rather strong winds. I didn't feel like talking this time, besides you wouldn't hear much if I did because of the wind, so instead just enjoy some Japanese music, seems to fit with the weather.

What would you do if your headsail furling line broke ? Find out what I did...

I took a couple of days off and sailed to Cassis. Even if it's a little colder and the days are short I enjoy sailing in the winter, it's a great way to start the year.

How much do you have to sail to get to an upwind destination ? We'll answer that question with a little bit of trigonometry (don't worry, it's easy).

Sometimes you have to sail with only one sail, so it's good to practice it beforehand, just to know how the boat reacts.

Eye candy from my latest sail around Marseille.

This is a repost of a previous video that doesn't seem to work anymore. A short excerpt of an amazing encounter with a pod of huge dolphins. They swam around us for maybe 10 minutes, sometimes passing under the boat to the other side, showing off and spreading joy !

My advice on how to avoid running out of fuel during a cruise. Don't repeat my mistakes ! Learn how to keep and update a fuel consumption log.

Let's take a break from sailing topics, today I have a little tale about online relationships. Feel free to comment and/or share your experience and wisdom.

I recently sailed my little cruiser at a 10 knot SOG (speed over ground) which is a speed record for this ship. I generally do 6 knots all the time, 7 knots often, 8 knots rarely and 9 knots is almost unheard of...

I recently changed my jib with a genoa and I'm discussing the pros and cons of each sail. Which one do you prefer ? I'm also showing some fun sailing with the new genoa.

This is part 2 of my summer solo sail, the return from Ibiza to Marseille. You'll see some nice sailing, beautiful Mediterranean sunsets and sunrises and even a whale encounter. And most of all, you'll get a taste of true freedom.

For my solo sailing escape this year I decided to go to the Baléares. This is part 1 of an awesome journey, the sail from Marseille to Ibiza plus some drone footage of the boat and the nice places I visited on the way.

A useful trick we use to quickly find out distances between places on a paper nautical map.

A quick tutorial on how to use the telltales and the luffing to verify the trim of the sails. Simple things that make sailing so enjoyable...


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