A quick tutorial on how to use the telltales and the luffing to verify the trim of the sails. Simple things that make sailing so enjoyable...

Nobody likes having the fenders drag in the water when sailing in strong winds. I describe a simple way to deal with the fenders which has two main advantages: no need to store them on board and they are ready to be deployed in an instant.

Today it's no bullshit just sailing, as Erik Aanderaa loves to say (if you don't know who that is, please look for his amazing solo sailing channel). And some ACDC to remind us of our youth...

A few thoughts on the current world war.

Among the many things that can go wrong on a boat at sea, loss of propulsion is a really annoying one. And it happened to me just 3 weeks ago. Find out why and how I solved it.

A pod of huge dolphins swam alongside my boat for many minutes, sometimes passing under the boat. This video is just a short excerpt of an amazing encounter.

In these times of global totalitarian rule, where individual liberty and self determination seem to be rapidly vanishing, there is still hope. More and more people are awakening, rejecting the lies and discovering their inner strength.

Must we sacrifice everything to the abstract notion of a greater good ? Or should we defend what's left of our liberty ? You decide...

As we leave 2021 in our wake, I'm asking myself what have I learned this year ? What is to be expected for the next one ?

A cool November bike ride on a small mountain road. The camera is fixed on the handlebar. The soundtrack is composed of a piece of Estas Tonne's Internal flight, my 1 liter engine and the wind...

Find out a few simple things, tried and tested, to avoid getting seasick while sailing. Also included a clam chowder story :-)

This video is self explanatory. Let me know what you think in the comments.

This is the second part of my solo summer sail to Corsica - the return. You'll see that mooring in 30 knots of wind is no joke, watch some Beaufort 6 and 7 sailing, hear a horror story of a collision that happened to me the previous day, experience a bit of night time sailing and then another beautiful sunrise in the middle of the Mediterranean.

Join me on my latest solo sail from mainland France to Corsica. We start in the bay of Cassis and sail to Porquerolles and then all the way to Calvi in the "island of beauty". I'm showing different ways of sailing, a dolphins encounter, admiring a perfect sunset in the middle of the sea, reflecting on night time sailing and its dangers and finally enjoying a beautiful sunrise over Corsica.

Catching a mooring buoy is not easy when you're sailing alone. I'm sharing my experience on how to perform this maneuver as a solo sailor.

A battery failure has left me without power, so no GPS, AIS, navigation, autopilot or even comms. But I took it as a challenge, so I decided to go for a short daysail anyway and this has reminded me of the immersive pleasure of sailing just by feel, steering manually and relying only on the telltales, the wind arrow on top of the mast and my own perceptions of wind and sea. Of course, before leaving the harbor I made sure that I was able to start the engine and that my backup VHF was working.

The gennaker is a cross between a genoa and a spinnaker, an asymmetrical sail used mostly for reaching or downwind sailing. Easier to deploy and control than a regular symmetrical spinnaker, the gennaker is often preferred on small ships with shorthanded crews. I'm showing how to setup a gennaker and how to sail with it singlehanded.

The Cras rule is a handy tool to quickly perform navigational tasks on a paper map. In this video I'm showing the basic use of the Cras rule, first to determine the ship's position on the map from two bearings and then to find a heading to steer the ship to in order to reach a certain place from the current position.

When you have people onboard, as the skipper you have a responsibility to keep them safe and bring them back unharmed. So what do you tell them to prepare them for the journey ? Here I'm discussing the four main things I say to my crew before sailing away.

I'm discussing challenging the limits and restrictions, imposed from outside or even self-imposed, that stifle our freedom and diminish our active participation in the world. The documentary that I'm referring to in the video can be found here:

Few things are nicer than spending a couple nights at sea, anchored in wonderful places, with nothing but the seagulls and fish around.

A few thoughts on the benefits of practising some outdoors physical activity and how to go about it step by step.

The latest news from France are not good. We're facing another month of lockdown and we're basically subjected to medical communism where everybody, even the young and healthy, is forced to stay home like in a dystopian nightmare...

Don't you love how everybody wants to make the world better, or even build it back better, after they try hard to break it ? Well this is my take on the subject...

A few laid back thoughts on the outrage culture as a sign of the growing intolerance in today's society. You're welcome to share your take on the subject in the comments below.


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