Gybing is a more delicate maneuver than tacking. If the wind is strong, an uncontrolled gybe can break things. This video shows how to gybe when sailing single-handed.

A video I've made almost 2 years ago, sailing from Riou to Porquerolles and back, with a nice surprise on the way back.

The autopilot is a critical piece of equipment for a solo sailor. This video shows the basic use of the autopilot with examples of autotacking.

A few thoughts on the insanity of trying to stop sailing because of the coronavirus...

It's possible to steer a sailboat without changing the rudder position, just by trimming the sails in a certain way. This video shows how the sailboat keeps the same heading just by properly balancing the fore and aft sails, without any action on the steering wheels. On a philosophical note, this can be seen as an application of the wu wei principle (doing by not doing) or as Alan Watts put it, the principle of "not forcing".

A quick way to estimate the wave height when sailing. Does not require any instruments or measurements, just paying attention to the movement of the bow in relation to the horizon line.

The cleat hitch is certainly one of the most oftenly used knots. This short video shows how to do a nice cleat hitch, even with one hand !

Benjamin Franklin once said that "if you fail to prepare you are preparing to fail" and it's true for sailing too. In this brief video I discuss the importance of planning your sailing trips. Once you're out on the sea, you must have everything you need with you. You have to know in advance where you will go, for how long and what are the foreseeable obstacles. You also need to be aware of the weather forecast for the duration of your sailing adventure. Then you'll be able to fully enjoy sailing.


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