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Does an inscreased resolution result in
- a larger visible area?
- better visual quality?
Advantages and disadvantages of 8k

This video shows that Tomb Raider II - patched with Carlmundo's Automated Fix -
a) can be upscaled up to 8k, while some newer games cannot even reach 4k
b) has an increased visible area, while most games show the same visible area regardless the resolution

8k 8192 x 4320 resolution scaling with Nvidia DL-DSR Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution - Tomb Raider II
Game: Tomb Raider II - Starring Lara Croft - Dagger of Xian, released 1997
Patch: Tomb Raider II (2) Automated Fix, updated Jul 31, 2020
Patch Github repository: Carl Norton - Carlmundo
Change resolution by pressing F1 / F2
OS: Windows 11
Nvidia driver: 528.24
Recorder: Nvidia GeForce Experience 3.26 Shadowplay
Native resolution of monitor / Windows desktop resolution: 4k (4096x2160)
Activated DL-DSR Deep Learning Dynamic Super Resolution: 1.78x DL (5461 x 2880) / 2.25x DL (6144 x 3240)
Activated DSR Dynamic Super Resolution (old scaling): 3.00x (7094 x 3741) / 4.00x (8092 x 4320)
With 32-bit - True Color - the highest possible resolution was 1.78x DL- DSR (5461 x 2880)
With 8-bit - 256 colors - the highest possible resolution was 4.00x DSR (8092 x 4320) - 8k

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Predigt 30.10.2022 - Christkönigsfest

Windows 10 OS on a 65'' TV with 4K resolution and 120 Hertz

Predigt 07.08.2022 - 9. Sonntag nach Pfingsten

Predigt 17.07.2022 - 6. Sonntag nach Pfingsten

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Predigt 27.03.2022 - 4. Fastensonntag

Teaser Trailer for the third Plandemic movie of Mikki Willis

Der Freund und Helfer der Regierung

Der Freund und Helfer der Regierung

Corona - Regime, das jetzt gesetzlich scharf neu gestellt ist.

Freund und Helfer der New World Order

Der PCR-Test ist bedeutungslos und dient als Mittel zur Tyrannei. Jeder kann Widerstand leisten.

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