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Kevin Barrett on Muslims for 9/11 Truth. An interview with Kevin Barrett, co-founder (with A.K. Dewdney) of Muslims for 9/11 Truth and author of QUESTIONING THE WAR ON TERROR.

South Park covered Sep 11th. Now contrast this with what chess champion Bobby Fisher said, that he was glad Sep 11th happened to punish the U.S for being so horrible and sold out to Isreal. He echoes much of the left, that thought the U.S deserved what it got for foreign policy. Hey, quick question: If you think the United States is so horrible because it´s run by jews (Fisher), or whatever (Chomsky don´t drop the bombsky or Napmi Klein, ``I haven´t seen proof that Bush did sep 11th``), then why wouldn`t they attack themselves? If you really think the media is run by jews (like dead Bobby Fisher said) then why would you trust the official account?

Mensaje de David Icke sobre los nubes artificiales

Dr Claus Kohnlein was featured in the documentary film House of Numbers. Watch the entire film here:

When a couple years ago, Youtube banned RT German language channel, RT famously switched to another platform. In all the international news which followed, even including Vladamir Putin and the Kremlin weighing in, the silence as to what the original video was that caused RT to switch to Odyseey was deafening. The video was on a trajectory to reach one hundred millions views and thus make an earth-shattering, game changing event. Kohnlein was talking about the relationship of AIDS to the health circus of 2020.

My friends, I present Dr. Claus Kohnlein. Even in the talk about the censorship he was censored. The silence about who is this guy can be palpably felt. This is an old video. Yet one so brimming with humor, on this very important subject of AIDS, that we reproduce it here. (On one of my Youtube channels!)

Of course, Kohnlein is co-author of Virus Mania with Torsten Engelbrecht and now, thanks to an updated version, Dr. Sam Bailey as well.

Knowing the truth about Sep 11th, moreover....the WORLD knowing about it, would have to make us radically redo our theories about empire and globalization, neocolonialism, and being participants to tyranny. No field of the social sciences would be left untouch. It never ceases to amaze me that it is those who are most critical of empire and globalization, from the peace movement to the European new right, who are the most willing to believe the empire´s readings of events; unquestioningly, thus serving as unwilling gatekeepers and participants for tyranny. It´s sad that those, some of them quite well-known in academia, have no idea about the massive evidence that points to official orchestration, while parroting an official account for which we have been offered zero evidence and that which has been served up on a platter has proven to be a complete load of dung. So for you Noam Chomskys and Ward Churchill and Neomi Kleins out there, change with the times or you will cease to be relevant. I deal with intellectuals, Ph.Ds, people at the top of their field who won´t even touch this issue. Now that so much time has past, a lot of the great research has been forgotten about, but I just want to mention Dr. David Ray Griffin and Jim Marrs, to authors who had a huge influence on me and, of course, David Icke and Alex Jones, still pushing for the truth of Sep 11th and still writing about it after all these years. Of course, Dr. Kevin Barrett is one of my all time favorite researchers on false flag events and we try to promote his speeches here on this channel!

Disclaimer: not everyone in academia is like this, but there hasn`t reached a critical mass yet so that people around the world know of these events in the way it happened enough for policy to be influenced. The attacks are usually presented as being blow-back for American foreign policy. It´s a totally unexplored trajectory, the inside job false flag area of media research and neocolonialism/globalization, so much so that you can feel the screaming absense as something that is so thick you can cut it with a knife.

Dr. Claus Köhnlein being interviewed by Dr. Sam Bailey

Dr. Peter Duesberg shares some thoughts on why HIV is not the cause of AIDS and what it means. for a more detailed speech by Duesberg.

Although Duesberg has been helpful in opening a lot of people´s eyes, and a good introduction to this theme, he was rightly described as a gatekeeper who pushed the viral hypothesis. He never turned his massive intelligence towards polio or measles or what was going on in the test tube. Moreover, his cancer research totally overlooked discoveries that were made at the time by other Germans, Dr. Hamer, for example. I honor Duesberg because he opened my eyes some years ago, although with this disclaimer -- that we categorically reject his idea of viruses as unhelpful and cancer as something that attacks the body. Viruses do not exist and, in that sense, Duesberg just avoids the real issue. On the other hand, the fact that you have this very orthodox doctor, at the top of his field, questioning the HIV equals AIDS hypothesis, and who has been censored and kept out of the medical journals, says a lot and, if ever his ideas gained mainstream attention, the storm that would follow would be unlike anything we can imagine. ´´Science used to be democratic´´ that one statement, he overlooks others like him who were polio dissidents. He, obviously, had no idea about the polio dissidents and that much is clear after reading his book. On this channel, we promote the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka, especially when it comes to measles and everything that was revealed about measles in the German High Court through the activism of Lanka. Even still, it is amazing to me how nobody has heard of Duesberg and we promote his work with the idea that hopefully we are helping the world totter slowly, however haphazardly, in the direction of truth and scientific accountability.

Las Cinco Claves Para Entender La Macro-Estafa del SIDA


¿La cultura de la cancelación está borrando el feminismo y el marxismo? Al menos esas teorías estaban ahí y a veces servían para responder a necesidades históricas reales. Ahora la izquierda ha sido secuestrada. La agenda posthumana quiere deshacerse de las mujeres. Hitler dijo que primero había que ir a por las mujeres porque sabía que controlaban lo político, la mayoría silenciosa. Las mujeres y los hombres ahora pueden tener igualdad de esclavitud. (Del mismo tema)
La intubación de pacientes en Ecuador en 2020 provocó muchas muertes de las que se culpó a Covid. También dice algo sobre el tipo de sociedad en que vivimos que debería alarmarnos a todos. Al principio nos dijeron que era porque los pacientes no podían respirar, después, y comenzando en EE.UU., admitieron que habían cambiado los protocolos por miedo a que los empleados del hospital respiraran el mismo aire que los pacientes y, por esta razón, querían a los pacientes en circuito cerrado, usando drogas que venían de EE.UU. que eran para inyección letal.

La intubación fue sólo un ejemplo de tratamiento que provocó la muerte. Hay muchas pruebas de que la hidroxicloriquina, los antibióticos, los antivirales y muchas cosas más provocaron la muerte de muchas personas, incluido un estudio que la OMS estaba llevando a cabo en momentos clave de 2020 y que hizo que parecieran olas que iban de un país a otro. Nuestro amigo el Dr. Claus Kohnlein lo ha dejado claro en su libro Virus Mania y la conexión hidroxicloriquina que sirvió al propósito de hacer parecer que el virus iba en oleadas de un país a otro. (En este vídeo de aquí también hace un resumen).
Oímos mucho en la prensa, incluso al presidente Trump: ''Tenemos que permitir la hidroxicloriquina''. Sin embargo, esta droga de malaria, que también tiene una conexión con el control mental y los experimentos MK ULTRA y se ha utilizado para torturar a prisioneros en la Bahía de Guantánamo Cuba y realmente hacer que se vuelvan locos, contribuyó a cimentar en la mente de la gente en 2020 la idea de la alta muerte que va en oleadas de país a país. Pero como Claus Kohnlein señala, en este video y en sus escritos, se detuvo en los países que no estaban participando en el ensayo clínico de la OMS de la dosis leathal de hidroxicloriquina, que luego fue retirado en silencio después de haber servido el propósito psicológico. No puedo dejar de reflexionar cómo esta droga, que tiene efectos similares al LSD, que están bien documentados, un halucinógeno, en realidad tuvo el efecto de zombificar el mundo entero. picazones recorrentes tiene otra explinación además que un virus
´´El medico que fuiste te dijo esto que contagiaste de tu pareja. Esto es un tema que me da mucho dolor porque a veces estas palabras de un medico puede llegar hasta el nivel dejar una nena sin papa...para él ella ha sido infiel porque ¿como vamos a no creer un medico?´´

Aviones Militares filmados dispersando Aerosoles sobre Nashville, EEUU. ¿Qué hay detrás del fenómeno de los chemtrails? Nos dicen que sólo son cristales de hielo. Surgen preguntas profundas. Una de las preguntas es por qué se ponen estas nubes falsas en el cielo día y noche en zonas muy rurales. Los únicos aviones que tienen permiso para hacer bucles en el cielo todo el día, arriba y abajo, por todas partes, son los aviones militares. En segundo lugar, hay imágenes de la fumigación comenzando y parando. Hay días en los que no hay ni una sola nube en el cielo y entonces empiezan los aviones y por la tarde cae una niebla sobre donde vives, una niebla completamente tóxica, hecha de metales y microplásticos, una mezcl
a de brujas que incluye productos químicos destinados a matar árboles. Si están matando árboles, ¿qué le están haciendo a nuestros cuerpos? También hay preguntas sobre la propia admisión del gobierno estadounidense de controlar el clima, de armarlo, como instrumento de guerra. El nuevo espacio de batalla ha sido definido como el pueblo estadounidense. El gobierno está en guerra contra el pueblo. No sólo en Estados Unidos, sino en cualquier lugar donde haya tratados de la OTAN. Uno de los mejores recursos sobre este tema en lengua española es el periodista chileno Cristian Contreras (Dr. File). CRISTIÁN CONTRERAS - OBRAS DE ARMAS CLIMÁTICAS ``ARMAS GEOLÓGICAS CAMBIAN EL TIEMPO``. CRISTIAN CONTRERAS RADOVIC

The Zoology of Zombies: Mind Control in Post World War 2 America

The medicine I refer to that wipes the mind clean for a twenty-four hour period´s pharmacology is well-known. It has some therapeutic uses, including for rape victims and those suffering severe trauma. The exact pharmacological mechanism is described in Dan Brown´s wrote novel ´´Infierno´´. Brown researched this ´´amnesia´´ drug and wrote good description of it. If anyone finds the quote, please leave it in the comments. However, this is just a beginning in terms of MK ULTRA, just an example. We´ve seen the MO of the patsy time and time again that it really now has entered into the annals of history and is uncontroversial. It´s just that where I live, there are examples all around me of those who have been victims of this ´´zombie drug´´. Because we have a judicial system, though, which assumes the guilt of those who have been put forward as culprits, while simultaneously denying a-priori any involvement by the intelligence services, they do not have to do much in order to put away a Sirhan Sirhan or John Hinckley Jr. (who supposedly shot Ronald Reagan) or James Earl Ray (who we are told shot Martin Luther King Jr.).

I ran into this woman -- Camilla, in Quito. She was a good sport about being interviewed!

What can we affirm about classical feminism that could help us fight the boys in Davos and their transhumanist agenda? What does the AIDS hoax tell us about the actual rights women have in our societies? Is the use of the mask just as intolerant of women as Western commentators claim the headscarf and hijab is in Muslim society?

Even though many of us might not have agreed with classic feminism or classic Marxism, at least it was there as something to be studied, as a reference point and a part of philosophical history. Now cancel culture has done away with these, and, ironically, it's done away with these in the name of environmentalism and sustainable development. I used to report on Bilderberg, but that has been eclipsed by the World Economic Forum who openly push a transhumanist agenda. The left's silence in the face of the Covid 19 atrocities lets us know that workers' rights are now a dead letter in terms of anything remnant of Marxism. This is the cancel culture that is carving out the post-human space.

Is English a Pidgin (or Creole) Language?

Our Magnificent Bastard Tongue -- Middle English Creole becomes Modern English as a combination of Germanic, Norman (French), Norse, and Celtic. I tend to say yes, if not pidgin at least creole. Otherwise, how do you explain one of the most complex systems of inflection, 40 plus possibilities for noun conjugations, that has been so reduced to the point where verb conjugation is minimal if all but non-existent? You explain English simplification as a rapid historical response to four or five languages living side by side that needed to find a way to communicate with each other. This exactly mirrors the process known as pidginization or creolization. It starts as a pidgin but gradually the next generation forgets the original language, sticks with the pidgin and the creolization is complete.
Lo que cuenta el Dr. Robert Giraldo en su estudio me recuerda a cuando el gángster científico Robert Gallo inventó el Western Blot. El 30% de la población estadounidense dio positivo. La compañía farmacéutica se indignó. No podemos permitirlo. Así que trabajó por una mayor dilución para que sólo algunos cayeran en la red. Es totalmente anticientífico porque no hay ningún control para decir qué cantidad de dilución es necesaria o incluso por qué esta prueba tiene dilución cuando la mayoría de los análisis de sangre no la tienen. Dado que no se realizan pruebas aleatorias a la población, no tenemos forma de saber cuál es el número real de personas que darían positivo, pero sospechamos que es triple, por lo menos, a los 40 millones de seropositivos en todo el mundo. Tal vez 200 millones. Esto pondría en juego nuestras ideas sobre la transmisibilidad de dicho 'virus'. ¿Son falsos positivos? Nunca lo sabremos. Ni siquiera sabemos qué aspecto tiene un falso positivo, ya que no existen criterios normalizados para interpretar estas pruebas y nunca se han comparado con una norma objetiva. Según la ortodoxia, no importa si se trata de falsos positivos o no (amas de casa y niños pequeños y tribus en el Amazonas) porque entonces simplemente no desarrollan el SIDA. El problema son los protocolos, legales y médicos, que se ponen en marcha cuando alguien da positivo y que hacen difícil, si no imposible, resistirse a los antivirales que dicen en el envase que provocan inmunodeficiencia.