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The concept of Forgiveness is very important in both Christianity and Buddhism. We already know the Our Father is an extremely high frequency prayer (it's source) and Patrick wanted to see if any Buddhist prayers were as powerful.

There are many internet companies that were created with very dark intentions. Here Patrick measure divine light to expose the intentions of these companies. The basic intentions, dowsing reveals, is hidden from the user in these companies.
I dowsed that both Yelp and Zillow will target a business or home to artificially taint the price and reputation. There is no government agency monitoring these platforms.

Watch Patrick charge a dirty cup into a high vibration grail!

Sedona AZ used to be special. A group of dark individuals have taken over and running it into the sewer. The soul of Sedona will fight back and do away with this influence. Through divination and dreams and visions Patrick sketches out Sedona's future.

Dowsing Reveals 9 out of 10 top USA banks are in Severe and Critical condition.

This video was deleted by Youtube due to revealing CIA nobody's name. So I put it here.

I recoded this back on Sept 28th and uploaded to Youtube. I just say there is a extremely strong probability, according to my dowsing, that Kavanaugh will be confirmed. The Democrats , again according to dowsing, will lose an additional 4.5% of popular votes due to their conduct at the Senate confirmation hearings.

Patrick dowses which dog food in America is the highest vibration, therefore, healthiest. The winner was the same brand 2 1/2 years ago but even better. 90% of the commercial dog food has a vibration that is too low and therefore not edible for dogs!

Patrick dowses the vibration of a few Hollywood movies to discover the arch types at work in the collective American subconscious. Donald Trump clearly represent the ancient Grail King and the Holy Grail that every human has a right to but fails to see. Using divining rods Patrick dowses Trump, High Noon, and the America but the struggle of the Masculine and the Feminine out of balance. Will they come back together.


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Divining and Dowsing the World About US. Dowsing Christ Light.