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Another name for this song could be, Freedom, Peace, and Unity. It is a reminder that we all bleed the same color blood.

Song by The Ojays

The name of the song is actually, Doo-doo, but I couldn't bring myself to list it as that, lol.

"Fool"d you! This is a music video, lol.

As sharp and loud as I could get it,, enjoy!

Space Oddity

Song by Wings.

Song by The Detroit Spinners.

Welcome to the Machine

Reggie at his best.

The documents that gave birth to the federal government.

Color episode of the classic 1950s series

Wife of the 4th U.S. president, and author of The U.S. Constitution, James Madison.

Sarah sings the classic 1960s Freda Payne song.

Sarah doing her impression of Gladys Knight. Really nice backing track.

Reggie helping us celebrate the Bicentennial, and enjoying his freedom here in the U.S.

Reggie & Adorable Kiki

Sarah sings a Patsy Kline song.

Sarah sings a Detroit Spinners song.

German drummer girl Sina (the human drum machine) lol

Jefferson (biography)

Sarah singing the classic 1960s Lulu song.

Sarah proving she has soul!

Sarah singing Earth, Wind, and Fire video quality not that good, I will redo it again later.



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