He thinks he's sooo multicultural because he holds a Glass of Beer when we all know that Beer & Gammon eating are Halal.
What's with the Silly Queef? hasn't he heard of Minoxidil or is that Haram too? Silly Ignorant Fart Ha Ha.

Jihad on Britons. Paul #Golding. #Manchester #Lindon #Refugees #Tommy #Robinson

https://youtu.be/OJsKPyBwp18 #Paul Golding. mOcktheright. #iamsoldierx. GOP.

Many of the smaller Jihad raids were very likely never recorded plainly, but 548 vs 15 or so when Crusaders were trying to re-take liberate previously Christian towns. See what #CNN #Fake news can do. Hide truth and promote our subgetation under cruel for 1450 years #Islam.
#iamsoldierX #helpourlads #Trump Patriots. #USA #MocktheRight #Antufa #London #BritainFirst #Jihad.

Islam is a totally Nazi Cruel Supremacist Slavery running Warlike Ideology. This is where Adolf got death camps and blitzkrieg ideas from. #iamsoldierx

Yes a refugee somali Islamic man.
Britain First. Paul Golding. Mock the right. Islsm hatred. Islam genocide. USA Refugees .Manchester bombing.

Jeremy "the Rat" Corbin who says he will import vast numbers of foreign 'none Christian' savages into Britain, whatever the people #Brexit vote said.

I should also have included those Go mamma Acid freaks that often abandon their offspring to get with master race shit shag and shit soldier Musrats/ Zombies

Photos of Nazi Islam's killing 1.5 Million innocent Christians Turkey 1915. Copied by Adolf Hitler.

Didsbury mosque. Paul golding. Mock the Right . President Donald Trump. USA

Salman Abedi the Manchester Arena suicide bomber attended this Mosque and likely listened to the jihad war hatred regularly preached here. #Didsbury #Mosque #Manchester #Arena bombing.

Labour Party Refugee ambassador for Migrants. Gym rat thug heroin dealer convicted Looter and he snashed a Prison officers face so badly it needed metal plates put in.


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The future for my kids, and all Britain's loyal white populace is not looking bright at all. If present Demographics Birth trends continue as now. We shall become be a Minority in out own land in 30-40 Years as London today. Do you think USA will tolerate an ICBM Nuclear Armed Sharia dominated England Britain?, I do not think so. The Master Race are told they can Rob Loot Rob and Rape all "Dirty Kuffar" Scum Animals as they do call us. Muslims are Officially "a protected group under Law" a Master class or Race. Our forgotten and betrayed Sons and Daughters have no such "special protection".