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She has Abused and demeaned partner for years in fact. Grossly and Publicalky disrespecting him at ever available opportunity #Ageism?. Like not blocking Andrew Edge or going #London in the first place, as Dad of her kids pleaded several times.
Her entire family network, from brother Grandma even Cousins sponging money off her family and lying for her constantly.
One of these gullible Women has a child with 'problems' and others.

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I kyself spoke to ex leaser #Trump RT Jayda Fransen a few weeks ago. I have her number.
She stated "they ate fake Christians and untrustworthy very bad people". I hope i git that right Jayda, pretty accurate i think. BritainFirst #USA #Trump, #UK, PaulGolding London , #Manchester, Tommy Robinson, GOP

The old photo is as you might guess my old Fathet. He like vast numbers of others Volunteered to fight for my land in WW2. He was also a bit of a small Hero as he was mentioned in despatches not once, but twice for valour under fire.
He warned me all about Islam and how ot wiped out the advanced but naive Christiann Middle East.
How Arabs men do often prefer boys to women.
Also how Prophet Mohzmmad was truly a filthy Murderous Monster in truth.

Andrew Edge was ringing me screaming Abuse as Paul Paul Golding was planning her payments and false Arrest with Lisa Bosworth . I sipke to Jayda Fransen just 3 weeks ago. She informed me they did cit off her wages as soon as she was Arrested over the 555 kent rapists then Paul Golding proceeded to steal all the bank accounts and payment methods to get every penny for him and ex EDL BNO Tgig#AndrewEdge.
Paul drives a Gunmetal Grey Kease Land River, so please send him a brick or x3 to him or his car please. Dave CRUSADERMAN 🇬🇪🇬🇪🇬🇪👍😉😁😂
I can hardky bear to look at her now, let aline risk a dise by fucking her as we used to like to do, very sad with three kids, including a dependent for life disabled Emily.

The Telegram messages to married with two Sons Craig were very bad indeed.
Saying "dont talk to that Dick Head i will suck you off soon" simular to that.
I believe she spread them to everyone herself ( she has been Abusing my trust like this for years) as did Dannielle to Hundreds of people.
The ex a 29 year old who contrived with Convicted violent Criminal Andrew Edge ro have the Father Arrested over a Text, the same women who issued similar threats to our family and me ligged with Cheshire Cinstabulary on 9 September.
David is twice her age,. She had no consideration for him, or the future of their Disabled daugher & other two kids .
The Disabled child is finished at her special School as she was dependent on David Dad ( Andy her call a Dick Head) to take her to and back everyday.

Andrew Edge uses Paul Goldings Scam orofits rmto sponsor his drugs dealing weekly attacks on silly attention seeking ir bired womrn.
He sent over £130-£200 to enable one mum if three pictured to attend.
Plus git him arrested for a bullshit ' get him outa the way' charge.
Dirty Andrew Edge has Sexual offences, Assaults viokent disorder and malicious communication under his belt.
Also see https://youtu.be/9FtWHYRyPVc

Dushinest fake Christian Paul Golding sent this women £60 probably some cash in hand got her husband of 12 years setup for criminal charges ( with her hrlp) & paid Callum present Crusader 'got no job's Crusaderman £60 train fare.

NoneBritain First Jewish Scammers

I think they have definately sent her more cash recently to buy her loyalty again. She is such a crafty devious one.
Refuses ever to admit anything publically, have caught her talking to other cheaters dodgy men on audio even in our Daughters bedroom months ago.

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The town is called Huddersfield in Yorkshire . If you look on map it's about 1/2 way up on the right, near the coast.


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The future for my kids, and all Britain's loyal white populace is not looking bright at all. If present Demographics Birth trends continue as now. We shall become be a Minority in out own land in 30-40 Years as London today. Do you think USA will tolerate an ICBM Nuclear Armed Sharia dominated England Britain?, I do not think so. The Master Race are told they can Rob Loot Rob and Rape all "Dirty Kuffar" Scum Animals as they do call us. Muslims are Officially "a protected group under Law" a Master class or Race. Our forgotten and betrayed Sons and Daughters have no such "special protection".