None4305 Christians were bombed shot executed in 2018, far more than #NewZealand.

I am always struggling for better production, equipment costumes Fuel tripods and need a proper Camera Green screen etc.
If you want to help me keep Exposing Evil Islam Jihad Hate Mosques in Britain you can help me via link here below.

Just as the old BNP EDL now Britain First Robinson Hopkins honestly try and tell USA UK NL DE.

This guy is a fired Crap History teacher. Cocaine or Paedo offence its rumoured.
Pro Jihad anti Democracy groups, supporting extremist LabourParty Sharia Raoe #FGM Law and deleting Tommy Robinson or #BritainFirst hiding Paedophile gangs at every opportunity.
Antifa Hate pro Jihad takeover groups here.

Muhammad was a Gangster Warlord Looter Slave dealer & mass Killer all through their Savage Quran.
Photo of one of Millions fully Castrated(Emasculated) Dick and Balls sliced off with knife Eunuch. It increased their value, so the 70% that died were worth killing in agony.

And so we still see Human Slavery endorsed by every page of the #Quran.
They are the masters of the Earth and all its Invaded Enslaved peoples.
Donations pay for fuel to film ongoing events in my Britain Memory cards Video cameras etc.

Its all in the genuine Quran, how Prophet Muhammad personally sliced the throats of Jewish Village leaders, older boys and other Civilian captives.
The Quran does in fact describe him (the Prophet of Islam) enjoying boys and girls Sexually. He was seen "kissing the Penis of two boys called Hassan and Hussein, but they forgive and hide his many, maybe Scores of Innocent captive men.
Castartion Immasculation cutting Dick and Balls off masses of boys were a normal occurence, as it increased their value x12 times.
Girls boys and Women were always sold as Human flest.
First lighter skinned Spanish Greek Turkish girls Blondes Blue and Green eyed Virgin kids were worth a huge sum.

Pubs name is tge Jolly Tanner now boraded up with them help up in Siege situation at the flat at rear of pub.
The Nazi Brewery is cakked John Smith, samuel sniths in #Tsdcaster Yotkshire. Drop them a comment or e mail i have lots of them on twitterūüėĀ

If you want s decent future for our kids as i do, for Gods sake support Britain First before the Islam ignorany politicians have made us the Mislims slaves in future in future very likely Death Camp victims.
Turkish Nazi Muslims murdered 1.5 million "beasts" #Christians in 1915 Google the Armenian Genocide images, see the beheaded head dead kids.

I am the guy who wears the Crusader outfit at Britain First demonstrations.
Here I show a few of the violent Quranic verses and dates of Massacres raids proving Islam has always been violent, aggressive, warlike and slave dealing
Values terrified girls and boys were Muhammad's favourite in fact.

The G4S private Gestapo insisted we tool no photos or video, but we did anyway. Great response from local people with many saying "keep it up lads" Thank God someone is saying something about islam. Only 2 degrees and a biting wind, but 4 layers of clothes helped.

The leaflets were telling of the awfu pizza uber man pedofile gangs gangs and Sharia compliant media Labour Islamisation erosion Brits rights. .

Many locals gave encouragement and thanks. The local Church of England volunteers provided hot coffee at £0.60p a cup.

Very positive response, with most people accepting our flyers many "well dones" were offered and merry Christmases. We went to church, for a nice cup of cheap Christian Coffee.
A cold drizzling day with a cold wind.

Made by Sargon of Akkad I recognise him.


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The future for my kids, and all Britain's loyal white populace is not looking bright at all. If present Demographics Birth trends continue as now. We shall become be a Minority in out own land in 30-40 Years as London today. Do you think USA will tolerate an ICBM Nuclear Armed Sharia dominated England Britain?, I do not think so. The Master Race are told they can Rob Loot Rob and Rape all "Dirty Kuffar" Scum Animals as they do call us. Muslims are Officially "a protected group under Law" a Master class or Race. Our forgotten and betrayed Sons and Daughters have no such "special protection".